__________ was here

We were supposed to meet up on Sunday morning to just spend time together. When he called Friday evening and said he couldn’t make it because Magali needed a bit of company, we let it be. I know Magali spends most of her time alone in that house, when their parents aren’t in and that seems like most of the time. Élodie seems to never be home and Niall has his own apartment somewhere out there, more than likely with our sister living with him, unknowing of what kind of an asshole he is.

He said that instead of Saturday, we’d meet up Sunday, exactly where we’d decided we would for Saturday and that if the weather wasn’t all that it should have been, we’d go in and watch a movie at the theatre. It had sounded like a wonderful plan really.

So far to this point, Cyrille has never been late. Most of the time he’s actually been on time, so after nearly an hour spent sitting on the park bench, waiting for him to show up and worrying about where he might have been and what might have happened to him, we got on the bus.

Of course, I was aware, and so was Mira, that there were some chances that he’d have been on the way as we’d have been be on the bus. We tried calling him and we couldn’t get an answer and while it didn’t prove anything, we still decided that we were best to check on him.

It’s at times like these when I wished I actually had a number to call to get in touch with Magali. I imagined that if he didn’t pick up and we really were worried about him, she might have an answer on his whereabouts. I was sure that some people might have been tempted to believe it was worrying too much about some people but at times there just were no other options. There was that gust feeling that something might just have happened and going over was really the only answer.

The bus took longer than we wanted, it didn’t take longer than usual but it took longer than we wanted. When we got off, we jogged all the way to the right house and we were met with another issue. The closed and locked gate. Usually we always came with Cyrille and he was the one who would open it up and that would be that. Now we were dealing with a bit of an issue.

It didn’t last long. A few moments after we came up to the gate, it started to slowly roll open, we took our cue, hid just around the corner of the nearest wall and watched a car with someone drive out. We waited just until the last moment before we were running for the sliding gate and we slipped inside seconds before it clicked shut behind us.

“What that Niall?” Mira’s voice was quiet, subdued and I looked over at him as something uncomfortable blossomed in me. It had looked like the guy but there wasn’t much we could do about that. He’d lived here all of his life until he’d moved out so maybe he’d just visited Magali, maybe that’s why Cyrille hadn’t been able to come out and meet us yesterday. I didn’t know how Niall acted around his sister and maybe Cyrille just was trying to protect her.

“Let’s just head inside.” I made my way along the side of the house, we were more used to moving in from the back than the front. I couldn’t honestly recall, at that very moment, if we’d ever been in through the front door. The thought almost made me laugh but I choked it down, I knew this really wasn’t the time. The closer we got to the back, the more a sound I hadn’t noticed before became clearer in my mind, there was some sort of low whining coming in from somewhere out in the yard.

Mira started running before I did and the motion startled me, I made to follow him.

There was Ophé, leaning over a semi-still form and looking closer that form turned out to be Cyrille. He looked in bad shape but he still was breathing so I took that as a good sign. At least, as good a sign as I could considering how beat up he’d been. This could only have been the work of his brother and I wanted to set him on fire for that. If that was the kind of guy Zora wanted to be with, it was her own decision and I wasn’t going to start weeping if he hit her. She’d either hit him back or leave, at least I hoped she was smart enough for that, I wasn’t so sure but I didn’t care at this point.

Mira was kneeling next to him, trying to lift his head to rest it against his knees. I could only take my phone to call the hospital or the police or whichever, he needed care. I stalled when I recalled the gate, I have no idea how they’d get in but I recalled Cyrille just pressing on a button once we were inside to get the door open, so code outside and button inside, it made things easier. “You stay with him, Mira, I’m calling for an ambulance.”

I was trying to stay as calm as I could be but the sight of my friend lying there, battered and beaten was making it hard. I ran back to the front of the house as I made my call, vowing to stay by the gates to get them open when I saw the vehicle come up.

I knew we wouldn’t be able to ride in with him, at least I was pretty damn sure we couldn’t, they more than likely wouldn’t let us and that was something we’d have to deal with when it happened. We could just take the bus and head downtown again and hope that by that time he’d have been already seen to.

“Hurry up Agni!” Mira called out from the back and fear tightened in my chest a little more. I was doing what I could, the call had been placed, it was a waiting game at this point. Not such a long one however as I heard the sound of the vehicle before I saw it. When it approached I instantly opened the gate and it idled for a moment before it was slipping through. I directed them through the back, Mira kept a hand on Ophé’s collar to keep her away from the men in the uniforms so they could work and I excused myself so I could let Magali know what happened. I even offered to stay with her but she said she would be fine, to just bring Ophé inside and up to her.

I was back outside as they were taking him in on the stretcher into the ambulance and I took Mira and Ophé inside so we could lead the beast upstairs for her to keep company to her owner.

Magali gave us an extra phone number, told us to call in when we knew how he was doing and when he was being released so she’d have news. I promised her I’d call her as soon as we knew something.

We ran back to the bus stop, nearly it as it came to pick us up just moments after we’d made it to the stop. While on the way downtown, it was Mira who thought to call Eoghan to tell him about what had happened and when we made it to the hospital, the sportscar was parked not far, waiting for us.

Having an adult with us made things easier, we could see Cyrille almost right away and they told us that he’d be out, with a script for painkillers and antibiotics in a few more hours, they just wanted to make sure he was okay. He didn’t look okay to me but they were the doctors, they knew better.

Didn’t stop me from wanting to maim Niall though. I wasn’t about to forget this.


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