a beautiful choice

“You think he’ll like those?” I look up from where I had been trying to find some sort of card, feeling several shades of corny and I have to blink at the bouquet of flowers he is holding up. They are beautiful, I give him that, a great choice but they still are flowers and it feels weird to be giving a guy flowers. Every room around his own are filled with flowers and plushed toys and balloons. When I asked Alexis, he said that it was a common human thing to do when someone was recovering, to gift them flowers and toys and get-well cards were good too.

“Well they’re nice, it just feels corny to be getting him flowers.”

“They’re prettier than the ones in the gardens and I could hardly save them, I think this would be better than handpicked ones.” Well he’s right on that, I guess. I look back to the cards and I shake my head. The bouquet will have to do. Everything in the cards is even cornier and sappy than I wish they were so this is my last and only choice. I don’t want to go with flowers but we’ll have to, I don’t want us to go back to his room empty-handed.

They decided, last night, to keep him overnight just to be sure. He showed signs of concussions and other medical stuff that I didn’t recognize. All I could see was that he was in bad shape and it reminded me that humans are achingly fragile. I’m not walking away from him because of that though. We talked with him, Eoghan talked with him. He tried to get him to press charges, whatever that meant and Cyrille kept on shaking his head though eventually his shoulders sagged and he caved in.

Eoghan is the one who asked the nurse if she could get someone in from the police folks for the charges and he specifically asked that it wasn’t Niall. She looked a little dumbfounded by his request but after about half an hour, a slightly bulky man in uniform stepped into Cyrille’s room and we made ourselves sparse. I don’t like people in that uniform though I know that it’s not fault of theirs, what really happened.

When the officer was gone, we spent a bit more time with Cyrille, watching him finally drift off before Eoghan took us back home. I wanted to stay but he said that it was best if we went home and if we visited the following day.

So we left and here we are now, in a small boutique just a block away from the hospital, looking at flowers and teddies and card. Mira is the one to pay for the flowers and I know I’ll be paying for our lunches for the next couple of days. It’s how we usually work and I hardly mind, we haven’t encountered any issues.

Bouquet in tow, Mira looking at it from all the angles as if he might find something wrong with it now that he had paid for it, we head into the hospital and we stop at the front desk. Eoghan told us last night that there were chances Cyrille would be moved into another room come morning or during the night, once they were sure he was well enough to not need constant care.

We ask and she directs us to a room on the third floor. He definitely has changed room since he was on the ground floor when he came in yesterday. We follow the directions as best as we can and we come to a quiet room in which there’s a single bed. On that bed is settled Cyrille, an IV in his arm. He’s staring out the window, looking bored as can be.

His face looks black and blue, there are bandages around his chest. It makes me mad to see him this way but I know I can’t really do anything about. I hope they’ll take care of his brother considering what he’s done. I think that if they don’t take the charges seriously, Alexis might get involved. Not that he should though if it gets things moving, I don’t see why not.

Mira clears his throat gently, just barely and Cyrille blinks before looking our way. His face brightens and he tries to sit up though he winces and stops with a soft grumble. Mira steps closer, setting the flowers on a clear dresser next to the bed. There’s nothing in the room and I think that’s sad. I guess we’re the only ones who will visit. His parents might just be too busy and I know Magali might want to but she won’t, she’ll see him when he gets home.

I move to stand on the other side of the bed, just looking at him a moment before I have to look away. The sight of him this way really makes my blood boil and that’s not such a good thing. I didn’t know I could feel so protective of someone other than my brother. It’s a strange sort of emotion that courses through me.

Mira reaches out, touching Cyrille’s cheek. Someone he manages to find the one, mostly safe spot and Cyrille manages the hint of a smile. “I’m glad you guys came, I was bored out of my wits here and they refuse to let me go home for a few more hours. Guess I’m taking the bus home.”

He laughs but the sound is short lived, replaced by a low groan and he curls his arms about his waist. I shake my head with a sigh, he really is going to have to be careful. I’m going to be worrying about him to no end, I swear.

“I bet work is going to try to call me to tell me I’m fired because I won’t be able to show up for a while, not much of a loss, I’ll find something else.” His voice is quiet and thoughtful. He looks between the two of us and smiles lightly. He’s trying hard to be strong, it’s all I can get from him just then.

“Those flowers are absolutely beautiful, thank you.” Mira looks from the flowers to him and he smiles before sticking his tongue out at me. Cyrille lifts one brow in question and I shrug with a soft chuckle.

“I keep on thinking that they’re pretty corny, I can’t help it. I was looking at the flowers, the teddy bears, the get-well cards, everything was sounding really corny so I let Mira pick a bouquet instead and I thought it’d be good for us.”

“It’s nice, they’ll bring a little colour to this place. You guys are staying for a while, right? At least until I get released, then I bet you’ll want to go home. I need to see Magali, make sure she’s fine. I’m going to change the codes on the door, or at lease erase Niall’s one, I don’t know why I didn’t think of that when he first started coming around to ‘check on’ me.” He shakes his head again with a sigh as Mira settles in a chair and I lean back against the window.

We have nowhere to be at this point. I know Eoghan might not appreciate if we spend the night over with him at his place though I’d feel safer for him if we did. I’ll call him later, maybe he’ll even come up and pick us up so Cyrille doesn’t have to take the bus. That might actually be a good sort of option.

“We’ll stay a while.” It’s all I have to say before he’s smiling again, his eyes bright and pleased. This place is pretty gloomy, I’m glad I’ll never really have to be here or spend a whole lot of time here. I don’t know how I’d handle it.


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