It feels strange to be home. It feels foreign, like I no longer belong. I know it’s just my mind playing tricks but it’s still there. I jump at shadows and Magali has noticed this so she’s brought me in to her room so we could talk for a while. The police have decided that they couldn’t do anything about Niall because I didn’t have any proof that he was the one who had attacked me. I took his code out of the gate system so I know he can’t come inside but he very well could slip inside somehow and I’m just not comfortable with that.

“Your friends, you’ve slept over at their place before, how about you go and live with them for a little while, I’m sure that wouldn’t actually be too much of an issue, would it? I have Joana who’s offered to let me spend some time out in the country with Ophé for a while and I told her I’d think about it. I didn’t want to leave you here on your own but I think that maybe, just maybe, you could spend time with your friends. The caretakers can come in and clean things up as they need and head back out, they don’t need us in the house for that.”

The idea is interesting. I know I could call them, tell them I’d need a place to stay while Magali was with her friend in the country, resting and just being away from everything. Ophé loves it out there and there’s a huge yard to run around in. “I’ll call them to see what they’ll think of the idea.”

I don’t even know what I did call, really. I called Mira though he put me on hold and before they were running up the stairs to go and talk to Eoghan. It’s his building, I wasn’t completely sure on who owned the place. They said they were more than willing to let me stay with them but they felt better for asking Eoghan if they could and how it might worked out.

What did surprise me though was when he took the phone and I was off speaker for a while. He shooed the twins away and said he’d give Mira back his phone once he was done. He asked to know how I was doing, if my request to stay with them was because of the charges that had been dropped. I felt no shame in telling him all I had told Magali, I told him of her desire to spend time out in the country and how I’d probably be safer out of the house for a while.

He agreed to it all. He even said that he’d come and pick me up, would drop me off and I could give Mira his phone back. At times I feel like these guys really are strange but there’s not a lot I can do about it. They’re nice in their own way and that’s all there is to that, I don’t want that to change. They’re different and as they say, if you’re not different, you’re boring, it’s all good with me.

Here I am, packing most of my clothes into a duffle bag. I don’t know how long I’m going to be living with them. Magali usually goes for a couple of months at the very least and a couple of months right now will put us in the middle of December, I don’t know if she’ll come back for the holidays or not. Since the youngest of us are eighteen, our parents have suddenly decided that they didn’t need to be in the house as often as the used to be, I suppose it’s why they’re never home.

The phone rings next to me, I had the line from the security buzzer transferred temporary into my room since that’s where I am at this point and I can’t run up or down the stairs right now. I pick it up and there’s Eoghan, already outside. I stare blankly at my clock for a moment, noting it’s been all of about twenty minutes. The guy must have rushed to get here, it’s insane. I let him in, watching his car slide into the yard and the gate closing behind him.

I look around my room, stuff my favourite Poe book into the top of my bag, grab my little travel bag with my bathroom necessities and I head down the stairs. I step out just as he’s getting out of his car and I find myself feeling several shades of awkward, even moreso as I notice his boyfriend—I’m pretty sure they’re together—stepping out from the passenger side. I’ve only met them a few times but they seems absolutely nice, it’s just odd, for me, to be picked up by them at this point though, especially together. This is the one thing I don’t get.

As I approach his car however, I think I realize why. Alexis has wandered over to the garage and my mind clicks on one small detail. I do get around better in my car and if I need anything it will be helpful but I’m in no shape to drive it right now. It seems as though these guys thought of details I hadn’t myself. I blink, smiling sheepishly and I leave my duffle out for a minute before I step back in, stop by the side of the door and pick up my keys, getting the garage door to open as I do. There’s my old, slightly beaten up car.

I head back outside, handing my keys over. All of this feels so surreal, like I’d fallen in a dream and I wasn’t really all there. Eoghan smiled down at me and I looked down to pick up my duffle, it was gone. Already in the trunk. These guys really are something.

“I can imagine you have half a dozen question and I promise you that you’ll get all of your answers. When you called, I thought about simply coming to fetch you but I remembered the twins saying you had your car now and when you didn’t mention that you could drive your own to come to us, I figured you might not be in shape enough for that but that eventually you might be. I asked Lex to come along so he could drive your car back while I have you with me.”

I nod as that does clear up at least that. “It’s not in great shape but it’s a good old car and I don’t think it’ll give him any problems.”

“If it gives him any problems, I’m not worried that he’ll be able to fix them.” He chuckles and the almost cryptic words confused me though I let them be. “Go on and get settled.”

I do, I move gingerly and I realize that I’m grateful he offered to come pick me up. I don’t think I could have been able to drag my duffle all the way to the bus stop. I ache too much still. I’m surprised I made it to the bottom of the stairs with it.

“I couldn’t help but notice, your duffle wasn’t actually completely zipped shut, you’ve packed in a Poe book?”

I nod as I carefully buckle myself up. He eases the car closer to the gate and presses the button just on the edge so it will slide open so that we can all get out of here.

“Any particular story or poem you prefer over the rest?” He’s just making small talk but I think it’s relaxing in its own and I shrug lightly, looking back to the house as it disappeared slowly in the distance. I know Magali will be picked up by her friend in the next hour or so, she promised to call me when she leaves. Eoghan hands me a phone, Mira’s and I chuckle.

“I think I like The Raven better than most every other of his works.”

“Quoth the raven, ‘Nevermore’.” He chuckled and I grinned slightly. He takes care of the twins, they trust him. They trust everyone they live with. I want to trust them too and I know that in time I might just.

“We’ll be there soon and you can settle in. If nothing else, depending on how long you stay, I don’t mind if you take the apartment across from theirs. It’s empty but it has all the stuff you might need, bed, dishwasher, table, all of it.” I blink at his offer but I nod. This is something I’ll think about though I know that for now I’ll feel more comfortable being around the twins.

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