soap bubbles

I still was missing my phone, Eoghan had taken it to discuss with Cyrille when we’d brought it up to ask him that favour and he said he’d give it back later. I heard the elevator twenty minutes ago and that was that, so Eoghan took off with my phone, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to make of it. I mean I get it, he did buy it and he’s the one covering most of the costs though I do pay him back for the monthly fees attached to it so he can keep the phone if he wants, I have nothing to hide but I wish he would have told me he was going to keep it. It was easier to let it slip my mind at that point though I was wondering what he had decided about Cyrille’s visit and hopeful stay with us.

When the knock came on the door, Agni went to answer it since I was in the process of finishing up laundry for the two of us. At times I can’t even tell our shirts apart so I don’t know why we do shared laundry but it doesn’t matter much considering we wear what’s in our closet, even if it belongs to the other. Underwear aside, that is.

“Mira, come get your phone back and help me with this bag!” He called out and I blinked before I was stepping out of the laundry room and towards the door. I couldn’t understand why there would be a bag anywhere needing my help with at that point, if my phone was back then all the better but the bag was a confusing moment for me. At least until I spotted Cyrille standing in the doorway. I ran to him though I stopped a few paces away so I wouldn’t hug him as I wanted to. I knew his ribs still were bound to be sensitive and I didn’t want to chance hurting him. Humans healed very slowly, is something I learned early on.

He smiled at me, a slight but thankful smile. Agni was trying to drag a duffle bag further inside and I moved to his side to tug it in. It was heavier than I had expected but it gave me a little hope. I could only imagine that for the weight of it, Cyrille might be staying a certain while.

“You can have my bed for the first while.” I shook my head as he opened his mouth to counter my mock-order. “Cy, you’re in pain, my bed is more comfortable. You can have my bed for this week and you can have Agni’s the following week, or depending however long you’re staying. After that if you’re well enough you can have the couch for a week and then we start all over again.”
It was the best option, in my mind, the only one, honestly. The couch was comfortable but there was little to no privacy in the living room when we were all out and about and I didn’t feel comfortable with the idea that he could sleep in Zora’s room.

“It makes sense and he’s right. I don’t mind taking turns on this whole splitting who sleeps where thing. I mean, we could set you up in Zora’s room but I don’t know how you might feel about it.” Agni shrugged and I sighed, this was the very thing that had crossed my mind. Cyrille shrugged gently before he was looking at the two of us in turn, a smile to his lips.

“Switching every week sounds fair. Usually Magali stays two to three months with Joana, that would put her in the middle of December or January and I don’t know if she’ll be coming home for the holidays. I don’t imagine out parents will so I hope you two can handle having me around that long.” He paused however, looking thoughtful. “Though Eoghan mentioned something about how I could settle in the apartment across from this one if I felt the need to so I wasn’t in your way too long. I guess I’ll give it a thought, it’ll depend on you guys.”

It did depend on us in the long run but I wasn’t sure what to think or offer at this point, two to three months was a good chunk of time and I can’t imagine that we’d mind though that would maybe change the shared supper. Then again maybe not, we didn’t go around discussing our gifts or showing them off while we were all together so I couldn’t imagine it would be a problem.

“We’ll figure things out. Anything you want to do in here you can do.” Agni tugged a bit more on the bag and stopped when it was finally settled out next to the couch. “We can bring out one of Zora’s empty dressers though, so you don’t have to live out of your bag while you’re here.”

Cyrille’s eyes warmed and he smiled before he was finally stepping further inside. “I’d offer to help with moving the dresser but I figure neither one of you would let me and my ribs still hurt too much to even think of offering, I’m sorry.”

I rolled my eyes and shook my head. “Nothing to be sorry for, you’re the one who’s hurting and we’ll take care of you. The bathroom is at the end of the hallway if you need anything.”

The dresser fit just nice and comfortable in a spot in the living room, we found the perfect area for it. While we were getting it out of our sister’s room and checking to make sure it was as empty as it should have been, Cyrille disappeared into the bathroom and we let him be. We figured that we didn’t need to be around him during every second of every day. We didn’t want him to feel as if we were too worried that he couldn’t do anything for himself.

He stayed in the bathroom for almost an hour but when he came out it was with a towel about his waist and his clothes carefully cradled in his arms. The sight of him made me suck in a breath, he was black and blue, I wanted to beat the crap out of his brother and I’m a pacifist more than anything else so it really was bad in my eyes.

Agni on the other hand, took a quiet look at our guest and he started laughing. Cyrille, confused, looked at him, a questioning look in his eyes and Agni stepped closer, gently wiping some left over soap bubbles away from one of his shoulders. Cyrille blinked and chuckled, the sound short and soft. I sighed but let it be.

“We got you a dresser up here and we emptied most of it in already, the stuff for the bathroom we left on top of it since we didn’t want to bother you and everything else we left in there. My room is right over there if you want to take some clean clothes and change into it. I still have some laundry to finish getting into the wash if there’s anything dirty in your things.”

He smiled, oh it was a grateful sigh and I knew we were doing the right thing. It’s not as if we would have turned him away. He was our friend and he was in pain. He needed us and that was all there was to that particular discussion. All I wanted for him was to get better, I wanted all those bruises to be gone, I wanted those cuts to heal up, I wanted him to be better, no matter how long it might just take.

“After that, well you can decide on what you want to do for the rest of the day, it’s all up to you.” It was. We had nothing else planned.


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