your policy

“What’s a policy?” One thing that had slipped my mind about coming to stay with the twins was that whatever mail I still was going to receive was going to end up at home. So I did the only thing I could think of, I went to the postal office and had my mail temporarily forwarded to their place. I didn’t want to have to drive all the way home to get my mail and come back. I still wasn’t even in shape to get into my car to drive over there anyway.

The first bit of mail that came to my name, the twins were baffled to see mail at all, as if they weren’t even sure of what it was, was my insurance policy, they send me updates every single year and I suppose I should be grateful to be kept updated though I’m pretty sure it’s an automated system anyway.

So when I did take that envelope inside, the twins ever curious almost at my heels, I went to sit on the couch to open it up. Mira sitting next to me, just adorably curious and Agni over my shoulder. I swear these two, it’s adorable really but so strange.

“It depends really, there are insurance policies, things like this here,” I held up the few bits of papers, “is in case something happens to me. Like I lose a limb or I die. They’ll pay money to my parents, though I need to get that changed, I’ll probably have it paid to Magali.”

Their blank looks amused me more than they should have and I shrugged gently. “Essentially it’s a bit of paper that says that if something bad happens to me, someone else—my family—will get money, usually to help pay with funeral fees and the rest, it’s pointless honestly though I suppose it’s how my parents see it. It’s not like they’d need the extra money to pay for anything.”

Agni was the first to go, he shook his head and I could tell he still was confused but I let it be. I sucked at explaining these things and trying to better explain wasn’t going to help me. I knew that if he really wanted an answer he would either try to look it up online or he’d ask the guys.

Mira still was settled next to me, looking at the papers, murmuring away. I think he was reading from what he could see on the papers though I couldn’t imagine he might understand it any better than his brother had.

“So in a way, it’s a protection thing, sort of?” I tilted my head to the side briefly before I was nodding. In a way that was mostly it, I guessed.

Finally, I put the papers away, back to their envelope. I found a spot at the bottom of one of the drawers on the dresser I didn’t really use at this point and I figured that this was where I was going to put the mail I got. I usually didn’t get much but what I did get was pretty important most of the time.

“How are you feeling today?” They’ve been reluctant to leave me alone in the apartment every morning when they head off with Armin to get to work. It’s only been a couple of days and I don’t mind the quiet. It’s not much different than when I was spending my time at home, the place is just slighter, it’s actually comforting.

“I can stand to be up and about for longer periods of time though I think I overdid it yesterday when I went to get my mail forwarded it. I spent the rest of the day sleeping.” I laughed softly though it was short-lived. That too still made me ache in pretty bad ways. My ribs were killing me though little by little I was feeling them less.

He frowned, one hand lifting as he reached out and touched my cheek. For a second I thought he was going to reach out for my ribs to feel for them and I’m glad he didn’t. “You’re not taking your medication.”

His words were quiet, matter-of-fact and I felt my face heat up. That’s hitting the nail on the head. I’ve seen what medication does to someone when they get addicted and I don’t want that. I can’t stand the idea that I might somehow, eventually, get addicted to medications and it scares the hell out of me. “Cyrille, they’re supposed to help you. You’re in pain and it hurts to see you this way.”

I did find some slight irony to his choice of words but I only sighed and closed my eyes. His bed was as comfortable as it could be, I felt nearly no pain when I was settled there and that’s where I had spent the rest of my day yesterday. “I’ve just seen bad things happen to people who took their medication and I don’t want that to happen to me. If I don’t move around too much I’m good.”

He didn’t look convinced and I couldn’t blame him for it. I was healing up though it was rather slow but the pain was still pretty much there. I had taken a pill before I headed off to the post office though, otherwise I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have made it.

“I swear Mira, I’m taking things slow and carefully. Yesterday’s trip to the post office was just a one-time thing. I mean, I’ve been staying here instead of going to the library with you guys despite that I really would want to. I’ll be okay, I swear.”

Swearing, I’ve learned, doesn’t work really well with them. Still he sighed, his shoulders sagged lightly and his hand dropped from my cheek. The sudden chill made me blink and I realized that I had appreciated that warmth more than I had realized. “Okay. But you’re staying in my bed until the next week.”

That wasn’t part of the plan, I’d been supposed to switch to Agni’s room while Agni took the couch but I suppose Mira is the worrier right now though Agni may just try to change his mind. “For now, I’m going to stay right here and read a book.”

It was the easiest method when it came to changing the subject at this point. The idea that I might just sit still and just read appeased him and since I was in the apartment it couldn’t hurt though I did blink as an idea drifted by. “Though, and please don’t just dismiss it as a bad idea, but I’d really love a swim and I know you guys said the pool up top was kept at a warm temperature and the solarium kept even the air warm, could we?”

I turned on the puppy eyes. He stood there still, frowning at me thoughtfully before he sighed and shrugged gently.

“I guess we can go up for a swim though no heavy swimming, you can waddle around some but that’s about it, yes?”

I nodded, my eyes brightening and I have to assume that was it, that brightening of my eyes because his own features softened and he rolled his eyes a little.

“I swear, you and Agni both are going to be the end of me.” His words held a light hint of amusement as he briefly disappeared into his room to gather his swim suit. I took that cue to head to the dresser to locate my swimming trunks. I knew I’d packed them up. I hadn’t known for certain or not whether I’d have a use for them at all but it seemed as though I would.

I slipped into the bathroom, changing out of my pants to put on the trunks. I kept my shirt for the time being since I knew the sight of my bruised sides bothered Mira, it made him worry. When I stepped out, Agni was heading into his room, more than likely now aware of the plans for a brief swim in the darkening sky and Mira was already at the door, waiting.

“We’re taking the elevator and that’s that.”

I wasn’t going to complain.


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