an apprentice

That puzzled look on his face amuses me in ways I know it shouldn’t but I can’t help myself. It’s not even so much that he looks puzzled, it’s just that he looks a little bit confused and flat out surprised, though maybe he’s more amused. It’s hard to tell but it still amuses me in the long run and I think that’s the only thing that really matters at this point.

He’s been staring at this one particular piece of paper for almost an hour. At first I let him be. It’s his mail and I don’t go snooping around in his mail but really, there’s just something about the way this one bit of news, whatever it is, is bothering him and it’s unfair of me to let him just sit and stare there while I could, maybe, try to offer him some help.

So I do finally move to his side, trying to peer over his shoulder to find out what it’s about. The whole thing looks like scribbles to me but it might also be the fact that I can only see part of the paper. “Lex?”

Finally, he looks away from the paper and to me though it is absolutely short lived as moments later his gaze is right back to where it was and he’s muttering softly to himself.

“Okay, that didn’t really work and now you’re starting to worry me a little. Lex?” I try again, this time as he looks up to me I reach for the paper and I snag it from him. He blinks, stares at his hand and then stares at me again. I wave the paper lightly in front of his face.

“Now tell me what this is about.”

He stays quiet for a moment more before he seems to focus on the present and I roll my eyes slightly. This isn’t really a first, I recall there being nights when he was so focused on his case of the moment that he’d lose track of everything else but still.

“Some girl wrote, saying she’d, and I quote ‘loooooooooooove to learn how to make chocolate with you, teehee’ unquote.” He twitches slightly and I laugh, the teehee was more than likely on that paper because he never quotes wrong. At least I’ve never known him to quote wrong.

“Okay, I admit that’s a little frightening and I assume she can’t be too old if she’s using ‘teehee’ in her written letters, I don’t really see the harm though.”

“You don’t see the harm. I do all my chocolate work here in this apartment. I don’t need an apprentice, especially one of the more than likely mortal kind who might or might not try to put her nose where it doesn’t belong, plus. I do all my work alone, if she wants to learn the ways of the chocolate, she can find someone else.”

I suppose he might have a point. Finally I look the letter over and I do have to blink at what’s inside and how it’s all written. It looks like some kind of love letter more than a request for apprenticeship. She dots her i’s with hearts and I find that absolutely creepy. It’s too lovey-dovey to be right.

“I think I can see where you’re coming from. I think we should invite her over though, interview her and I can forget you have an interview and come out of the kitchen wearing nothing but an apron.”

He blinks at me, as if confused before his mind processes what I’m offering and he laughs, a low, amused sound. He shakes his head and takes the letter again. “Wouldn’t that just be flat out cruel to think I’m giving her a chance?”

“She seems to think you’re available, she’s practically inviting you to have sex with her, that’s what I get from that letter, I swear. Why not let her see that you’re for one, not available and two, that what she has to offer wouldn’t really satisfy you even if you weren’t available?” It’s a really simple thought really, that’s how I see things. He’s mine, I’m not sharing him with the world and that’s just that, really. I can be one very possessive asshole as needed.

“Another option is to call her and ask her to meet up somewhere public and you can come with. You can wear that one ring of mine that no longer fits me. I know you know which one I’m talking about, you’re always eyeing it and almost drooling over it.”

I know exactly which ring he’s talking about and my heart flutters a bit. I don’t drool over it because it’s absolutely gorgeous though it is. I eye it almost constantly because it’s his, because it fits me and because my wearing it would just make us so much more permanent. I don’t dare ask him for us to be more permanent than we are now, that he agreed to move in with me and not leave again is a damn good thing and I don’t want to push my luck though I know he’d more than likely let me. In time, I’m sure.

“Well I suppose I can go with that.” It gives me an excuse to wear the ring, to get a feel for it. “I would have preferred the apron option but I suppose you might want to spare her my awesome physique and you don’t want her to start ogling me instead of you so I don’t mind.”

He rolls his eyes with a laugh but I grin. It could have happened though I know I’m pretty plain next to him.

Sitting here at this café, sipping from a warm cup of coffee with a name I can’t really bother to recall though it has a really sweet undertone, I wait. Lex sitting next to me, looking the letter over and I nearly want to set it on fire so he’ll stop looking at it. I’m not jealous, I know he won’t stray, at least not while together. In our time apart he strayed but that was part of our agreement. I could never strayed but he did and I forgave him every time.

There, a slight woman comes our way, her hair loose and flowing lightly in the breeze. She’s wearing a blouse that needs to be buttoned up at least two buttons more and a skirt that I’m pretty sure she can’t bend over while wearing. Her heels click as she walks and I’m pretty sure this isn’t her usual attire.

Lex clicks his tongue next to me as he looks her over a moment and I see recognition in his eyes. Probably the friend of one of his recent client, maybe a bridesmaid to one of the wedding he’s had commissions for. I sit still at his side, shoulders not quite touching but close enough that I can feel his warmth. It makes me wonder just how cold she might be, I can see her nipples through her blouse, it’s chilly outside and her coat is unbuttoned.

She comes up to the table and as she comes closer and notices he’s not alone, her features change, first she’s confused but then I think I see interest being piqued and I can only groan inwardly. Please let her not think she can have both of us in bed, that’s just gross. I have nothing against threesomes or women, they just don’t do anything for me.

She holds her hand out, wrist limp, as if expecting Lex to take it and kiss the back of her hand but he only lifts one brow and motions her to sit down in front of her. She frowns but sits.

“I’m honestly not even going to ask any questions, I’m just going to make one thing very clear. I’m not in this business to score bed partners. I have my life partner and no one even comes close to comparing to him. I’ve never done this job as a side thing and it isn’t because you think some man might be handsome or a ‘hunk’ that he’ll turn to you for sex because you’re asking.”

I look up to Lex a moment, eyes wide and almost hopeful. He chuckles faintly as he takes my ringed hand and kisses the back of it lightly, his ‘go ahead’ as it stands.

“You look fake, you walk weird and your breasts don’t even look like they were done by the same doctor. I’m sure some guys might find your plastic looks interesting but we don’t and if you so much as come near us, I’ll make sure that you understand why you shouldn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not even threatening you, I’m just reminding you that you’re better off staying away.”

And that’s that. She got up with a huff, not even managing to get a single word in. She wobbled on her heels a moment and stomped away wobbling every few steps. I could have laughed. I didn’t. It wasn’t worth it.


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