five thousand dollars

I’ve been looking for something to put up on the wall of my office for some time now. Yet everything I looks at just doesn’t call to me. Nothing I’ve seen has screamed ‘take me home!‘ and I’ve started to think that maybe my wall might just prefer to be completely bare. I know, really. Walls don’t have a mind of their own but now and again I feel as though the walls in our home plot against me in an effort to remain absolutely bare, as if covering them was a sin.

It was while I was touring the library one last time before the higher ups decided on its fate that I noticed the stained glass windows, I mean really notice them. I’d seen them before but I had never really paid them any real attention, never looked at their details or taken note of what work might have gone into them.

I noticed how detailed they were, how beautiful the work that had gone into them and it clicked. I didn’t want something for one of my walls, I wanted to change one of the windows.

It took some digging around, it took making several phone calls but I finally found someone who knew what I was talking about, someone who would find what I was looking for and if it could not be found, it would be made. I was in heaven. The price was steep, five thousand dollars for a window of stained glass seemed rather expensive but I went with. It wasn’t that expensive for my bank account but I still was feeling as though I was being taken advantage of.

I turned to Yael for a sketch of what I was looking for, in that piece of art that I hoped would stay with me forever. A lot of things in this home will be coming with me, with us once this planet goes to shit and we move back into the realms. I’m not a materialist kind of person or the kind of soul who needs objects, who needs tangible things but there just are some small bits and pieces that I’m just attached to and I must have them near me no matter where I am.

He provided me with the perfect sketch and I was happy to hand a copy of it over to my potential seller. He looked it over, told me it was feasible but said it would require to be made from scratch. That’s what explained the price, he said. I still had a hard time believing him but there wasn’t much of anything I could do about it at that point, I knew what I wanted and I would get it.

I was told that the time to make it would vary on the rest of the orders though considering the size and price of it, it was made a priority, it was made clear, however, that I would receive at least one call before the end of the day to give me an estimate of how long it might take, after that I would be called once it was done. It was down to a waiting game and I could be patient, I had other things to focus on at that point in my life as it was.

When I told Lex about what I’d found and what I’d ordered, he only asked to look the commission information over and said that was almost in the price range, that the prices were a little high but he figured that so long as I kept that information with me and that the piece came in, in one piece and stayed in one piece for as long as possible, then it was more than fair. At least for the prices of things as they are sold today.

I am not impatient by nature though when it concerns certain things, my patience is short-lived and waiting, day in and out, for a call back about my eventual window was killing me. So when the call did come in the early evening to tell me that it would likely take several weeks due to the detail in the requested piece, I was rather put off. Still, I would like to believe that I played it cool and thanked my caller for the information and that I’d be patiently waiting for the next call to tell me that it was done.

Who was I kidding though? I knew I couldn’t stay patient until it was done but I did my best. I knew I would have to focus on other things and more or less forget I had ordered it to begin with. I try to be good, I try to stay calm and not rush life because that’s just now how things go but at times it just can’t be helped and it frustrates me.

Lex joined me moments after I had put the phone back down and I whined, a low, childish sound and he chuckled. I pouted at him and he shrugged, wrapping his arms around my shoulders. “It will take the time it should. You can’t rush art, you should know that. Look at how Yael works. He takes his time and he produces beautiful masterpieces. Much the same goes with Quentin, I’ve seen that curtain he’s made for their bed, that is gorgeous and Yael said it took him a couple of days. It’s simple work but it is worth the wait.”

I sighed, shoulders sagging slightly beneath his hold and I leaned back against him. I didn’t want to be patient, not when I found something that really caught my attention the way this one idea had. I couldn’t help myself.

“How about you come help me with supper, we have a meal and if you manage to not whine, complain, sigh or do anything that might hint that you’re thinking about your new window, I’ll see about keeping you so busy for the next few hours that you’ll completely forget about the rest of your day?” His words were whispered in my ears and I shivered in delight. He always kept to his words though it was rare that we didn’t do this kind of thing on a daily basis, still, if he was offering this way, he was more than likely planning something more than our usual fare and I could only look forward to it.

“I’ll do my best.” I would, too. He smiled against my cheek and kissed it before he was releasing me and turning to head back towards the kitchen. I turned and moved to follow him. Preparing a meal together this way wasn’t new, we tried to share cooking duties despite that our means and methods were drastically different and we rarely prepared the same kind of food. It was interesting to see what we did come up with when we really did prepare meals together.

I managed, much to my surprise, to actually keep my mind off of my eventual stained glass project while we were having our meal, sitting along the edge of the table, he on one side, my sitting at an angle to him so I could rest my legs against his. Any chance I have at touching this man I take, he makes me feel as if I’ve been blessed in ways I never should have deserved so I take any chance I indeed have to touch him.

He chuckled now and again as we ate, his eyes twinkling, as if to remind me of the promise he’d made me should I manage to keep to my end of our bargain.

When we cleared our plates and put everything away, he was quiet and I wondered if I somehow I had failed on my half of things. Once everything was put away however, he literally swept me off my feet, without a single warning. I cried out, a startled sort of sound and he laughed as he carried me off towards our bedroom.

I could only assumed I hadn’t failed.


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