for the planet

I can understand why people are cutting down trees, why they dig up the ground for whatever it is they need down there. What worries me is that they don’t seem to really understand the cost of doing what they do. How much is this hurting the earth? I don’t mean it in a way that would state that our planet has feelings though I believe that everything can feel, I mostly mean it in the way that they’re destroying the only permanent thing they have had all along and don’t seem to realize it.

Every day they cut down more and more trees, we need trees, they provide us with clear, breathable air. They dig through the ground for oil, for minerals, they fish through the oceans, through the rivers and lakes and they hunt their way through whole animal populations. What will happen when this is finally extinct and when there’s only a few left of that where they won’t be able to scramble to try to get their population blooming again?

When I think like this, I think I might understand how Yael feels about these things. He’s so tuned in to nature that the sight of deforestation and the extinction of species, the destruction of land, it’s pointless. It’s one of the reasons I know I will eventually have to return to the realms. Humans have broken off more of this planet in the past few centuries that they ever had in the millions before. Not that I’ve been around for those ‘millions’ of years but I’ve been around for about a little more than two thousand years, so I’ve seen the damage happen over time. It’s heartbreaking.

I suppose it’s why, when I was building myself up in these places that weren’t already overflowing with houses, I was careful, I tried to find a place where I wouldn’t need to tear trees down, where I wouldn’t need to really dig anything out of anywhere. It’s why I appreciate that this building was already up and its foundations were solid, I don’t feel as guilty for fixing it up.

After all, I tore no trees down, I didn’t have to move anyone out of their natural habitat and I’ve even planted a few trees to fix up a hole I was seeing in the area. Should the world still be standing, I might even set up a row of tall poplars between the properties, as a sort of mock-fence. I’m not trying to keep Yael or Quentin out, I’m just adding to nature though I met set up the poplars from the side out and see if they don’t want to add some in on their ends. I bet they wouldn’t mind blocking the view on the street where the old apartment building is.

It’s strange, where my mind goes at times of quiet like these. Eoghan is busy as can be now that the paperwork for the library has come in though I know it’ll mostly just be a few days up to a week while he figures everything out. After that it’ll be a matter of going in now and again and making sure the work is being done right.

I’ve had no commissions this week and I’m not all that surprised, it hasn’t even been a year since I’ve switched from law back to my chocolate roots so everything is still mostly quiet. I know that before too long things will pick up. It’s given me a lot of time to just think and focus on things I normally don’t give much thought.

Earlier, I went looking for our landscaping plans so I could figure out the poplar idea. I know why I’m thinking about this at all. Yael came by with his usual basket of fruits and vegetables, he looked so lost in thought that I asked him what was on his mind and his eyes just went absolutely wide, as if I’d startled him out of something.

He blinked at me, blushed and shrugged his shoulders before dropping his gaze. I’m aware that he still finds me intimidating on most days though I try not to be, it’s a little difficult due to my height and build along with my gift. I’m just imposing, I can’t help it. I told him I wouldn’t bite him and when he looked up to me, his eyes were wider. I laughed, I couldn’t help myself. Another expression he hadn’t really heard to this day I told myself.

I walked him to the couch and I told him that if there was anything bothering him he could tell me. I might be a little strange most of the time as I prefer to keep to myself but I’m open to discussions and I like Yael, he’s calm most of the time and his affinity with nature and art both make him a good and interesting person to spend time around.

He told me that he’d recently watched the news (somewhat different from his usual, I know he doesn’t much like watching any of that) and he’d found out that a lot of the forests out in the world were being cut down for paper making and it had just hit something in him. Not surprisingly, I’m not saying this in a bad way but he’s an absolute softy when it comes to things relating to nature and everything hurts and worries him.

I guess that might just be why I’m thinking about setting up poplars on the properties and just finding means to be good to this planet. We have solar panels on the side of the building and around the solarium on the roof, we gather a lot of our electricity ourselves and now that the generator is finally installed, we shouldn’t have to worry about blackouts, I need to have a talk with Eoghan about making sure Quentin and Yael have something similar setup, especially for their garden, it would be a terrible loss if anything happened to that.

We recycle our water, we compost, we use and reuse stuff. Our trash usually takes up to a month to be filled enough to be dropped on the curb for trash pickup. Recycling of course gets filled in much faster and I’d like to think we’re doing some good for the planet. Of course it’s not much, just our little group doing what they can but it’s all we can offer anyone at this point.

When Eoghan comes out of his office, much later in the evening, I bring him to date with my idea for the trees and the buzz that went through my mind to remind me about the fact that our generator’s energy doesn’t reach as far as next door for the guys. He stares blankly for a moment before telling me that I think about the oddest of things in my quiet moments and I swat him lightly, playfully. He laughs and disappears off into our bedroom to step into the bathroom and have a long bath, I bet. He takes a lot of baths when he starts in on a new project. I guess it gets his juices flowing. I could get his juices flowing too but I don’t think he’d appreciate it as much as a bath at this point, at least not right now.

While he’s in the bathroom, I roll all the plans back up, putting them away where they belong so I don’t lose them or destroy them in any way. I’ve seen it happen too often: paperwork out on the table and bam, either a coffee spill or something quite that simple and I have to either get new copies of the stuff or work with what I have, it’s not always pleasant and I work with what I have. These plans are the only copy I was able to find of the warehouse and the landscape before it was transformed up into our home so I don’t want to lose track of it.


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