bewildering experience

The day had started like any other, though I suppose I shouldn’t really put it that way because it didn’t. The twins were getting ready to head out to buy some groceries for us and I managed to convince them of letting me come along. Of course it took some arguing and I took one of my pain pills, else Mira wasn’t going to let me come at all, but I changed their minds, my pain was nearly non-existent and I wasn’t drowsy. That’s one of the reasons why I was uncomfortable with the idea of taking my meds at all, most of them conk me right out and I didn’t want that.

Once I managed to convince them however, things went by a lot more easily. I got dressed, I put on my shoes and I found my keys. That was the main reason why I wanted to go with them, I even offered for them to stay in the car and wait but I didn’t want them to lug around their groceries by bus. They were buying enough food for three for at least a week if not two, it was too much stuff, in my mind, for them to take the bus with and manage easily.

In the car, Agni settled at the back and Mira up front at my side. I thought I could teach them to drive but I didn’t know if they’d even want to. They were still focusing on studying for their diploma for schooling since they told me they’d never gone and Eoghan was helping them learn all they needed to, to at least have that for themselves.

I drive them to their regular store, I’ve only been here once before, with them and it seems like a nice place though it is a little out of the way for me so I don’t really think I would spend much time here while I am still living at home, which I’m not at this point but still. I’m about to let them head in themselves when Mira shrugs gently and tells me I might as well come along so we can be sure that what is being bought will be eaten by the three of us.

I take the cart, leaning against it slightly. Mira moves somewhat ahead, looking through the aisles and picking things up, turning to face us to show us what it was and we more or less vote on things. Grocery shopping never has been much fun before but this is a different sort of method and I find myself enjoying it to a point.

At this point, they still refuse to let me help them pay for the food so when we come up to the counter, I let them unload and get things bagged up, I move to the other end of the area and settle out of the way to wait for them to be done.

The cashier is smiling ever brightly at them, making small-talk. When everything is bagged and in the cart to be brought into the car, the cashier hands Mira his change back, including a small piece of paper. He looks at it, up to the cashier, then back at the paper again before he is carefully moving away. The cashier waves at them, bidding them a good day and we step outside.

“So what is it?” Agni asks the question before I can wrap my mouth around the idea. I open up the trunk so we can load the bags in but again step away when I’m shooed somewhat. I don’t mind, some of these bags are heavy and I know I couldn’t lift them.

Mira unfolds the paper as Agni begins placing the bags carefully into the trunk and he blinks. He stares at the paper, looks back towards the store and the paper again. “It’s a phone number.”

He sounds absolutely confused and I can only chuckle softly. “Well I guess she thought you were pretty cute and hopes you’ll call her.”

“But I don’t want to?” I look at him a moment and he honestly looks like he can’t wrap his mind around the whole deal, I suppose I can’t blame him. I look back up to the store and I can make out the cashier still looking our way, her eyes wide and bright. I laugh softly.

“Here’s an idea, I can pretend to get offended at the sight of the paper in your hand and the number and I can stalk up to her to tell her that my boyfriend isn’t interested, how’s that?”

He blinks at me, his eyes wide and before long his cheeks take on that red colour that comes with blushing. “It’s just an act, Mira, it’s what friends do and I honestly think she might not get the hint unless we do something like this.”

Agni looks between the two of us as he closes the trunk and he shrugs with a chuckle. “It’s not the first time she’s tried slipping you her number, Mira and you have this reaction every time, I think Cyrille might have a point.”

Well hell, even more of a point if it’s not the first time she’s done it. “So what do you say?”

“I guess so?” He still sounds so uncertain. I take a look at his hand again and I lean closer to him, kissing him on the cheek before I take the paper.

“Don’t worry, the worse that’ll happen if she starts ignoring you so you take your stuff to another lane in the future.” He’s still blushing and I suppose it might be the kiss, still.

With the paper in hand, I walk back towards the store and I step inside, she looks at me, her face curious, gaze slightly startled by my appearance. I hand her back her paper with a snort as I stand as tall as I dare, not wanting to stretch too much for my aching muscles.

“Look, my boyfriend is getting sort of tired of you trying to slip him your number every time you see him, so how about you stop before we decide it’s too much of a hassle to shop here and go elsewhere?”

Her eyes widen and for a moment I can’t really read what’s on her face, but then her sight clears and she blushes deeply. I grin at her as understanding dawns on her and I just walk out. She reminds me of Élodie and I think that might very well have been the issue here. Mira is too sweet to say no to anyone though I know he’d hold his own against my sister for what she tried to do to Agni.

I walk back to the car, rubbing a hand over my ribs ever lightly though I chuckle. “I think we’re all good, she ought to leave you alone now. Though who knows she might try to go after Agni, maybe she doesn’t quite like red the way she likes blue.”

I snicker gently as we settle into the car and I drive us back home. At least, back to their place. It feels nice to spend time with them and I don’t feel too much out of my zone of comfort.

When I park the car, I offer to take whatever is the lightest bag up and I’m handed the bag containing nothing but the bread. I chuckle and wait for them to gather the rest of everything before I close the trunk, lock the doors and head towards the front door so we can head inside and put these things away.

My life is changing, I don’t know which direction it is taking, exactly, but I’m just going along with the paces, I’m heading forward best I can and I’m handling things one day after the other, I know there aren’t really any other ways of going about this, after all.

After the food is put away, I excuse myself back to Mira’s room and I settle on the bed. The pills might not make me drowsy but I admit that today has been one of my bigger days since the hospital released me so I think a nap might just do me good.


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