a dark and stormy night

The day had been as dark as the previous night, as if the sun had forgotten to shine and its following evening was just as dark as it settled upon them. Morning had come along with a thunder’s clap and the harsh slap of rain against the windows it could find to splatter on. Not a single cloud was willing to move aside to give the sun some shining room.

Early in the morning, Yael, looking outside because he most certainly couldn’t step outside in this weather to get their usual fresh-baked bread, noticed Eoghan’s car easing out from between the buildings and heading off. He assumed it was the usual, in-case-of-bad-weather transport. He tended to drive Armin and the twins to the library on days where it didn’t seem right to be outside in the kind of weather they were having, waiting for the bus.

He leaned his head against the window, closing his eyes. He listened to the rain and imagined it falling on his face. Usually he loved stepping outside to feel the rain on him but right at that very moment he wasn’t interested, they were a little after the middle of October and the weather was definitely turning out to be exactly what autumn weather was meant to be like when it wasn’t bright and sunny.

Quentin stepped up to him, a steaming mug in both hands. He offered one over and Yael took it with a light smile and a murmured thank you.

“I don’t think we’re going much of anywhere today or tonight, weather reports say we’re supposed to be getting this rain all day and well into the night.” Quentin’s voice is quiet, almost thoughtful as he sips from his tea. The warmth and steam of his tea-cup cling to the window, fogging it up lightly and Yael chuckles at the sight of it as he leaves it be, not wanting to wipe it off to not leave a smudge on the window.

“I guess we can just keep busy inside, it’s not all different from usual though I was looking forward to more orange cranberry bread for breakfast.” He laughs again, a soft sound and he moves to kiss Quentin’s cheek gently before he straightens and steps away from the window and towards the kitchen to see about preparing something for them to have for breakfast, tea wouldn’t really hold them until lunch.

Quentin follows him, keeping just a pace or so away to not be walking on his heels, always careful of where he steps because the kittens still seem to take every chance they can to try to trip them up while they’re walking about. “This whole storm and the fact that if I didn’t know better, I’d think we’re already in the middle of the evening or even still at night, makes me think of that old story-starter, you know, the one that goes ‘it was on a dark and stormy night’?”

Yael tilts his head as he brings out a container of jam along with some bread and peanut butter, the simplest of breakfast, it would do but it would also give them the energy he needed, he had plenty of work to do up in the garden though he didn’t really feel like it, not with this kind of weather, it was a cuddle and sit by the fireplace kind of weather.

“I know the saying, I just can’t really recall where I might have heard it or read it before.” He prepares each of them a simple toasted sandwich of peanut butter and jelly, not much feeling like anything else. Tea along with peanut butter and jelly was perfect for this stormy morning.

Each with their light breakfast, they head back towards the living room, making an exception to their rule of never eating anywhere but in the kitchen. The fire is warm, its heat licking at their toes as they settle on one of the couches, shoulder to shoulder and simply savouring their little bit of life before they went anywhere else.

“I had in mind to transplant a few small growths in the garden today, think you’re up to helping me?” Usually, Yael mostly takes care of the garden on his own though Quentin has done plenty over time to help in small ways. “They’re trying to sprout fully under the lamps but I’m realizing they’ll be better off in the shade, I’d just move where the spotlight hits them but the whole flower bed there needs full sun.”

To Quentin, at first, all that came out of Yael’s mouth when it concerned the garden, was non-sense. He couldn’t understand a single word of it though at this point and where he was now, he understood most of it, even when his companion spoke new terms he’d never really heard before, he could put them in context and mostly grasp their meaning.

“I have no weaving to do and not much else to busy my hours but to help you so I’ll get my pair of gardening pants before we go up and I’ll help you.” He rarely said no when he was asked if he could help. Yael never gave orders, he always asked and it was a rare occurrence when the answer was ‘no’.

Finished with his light breakfast, Yael sets down his empty cup on the low table and he shifts his weight, moving to simply nestle lightly against Quentin’s side. He closes his eyes and relaxes. He knows the plants will be fine to be moved even if it was just done in the afternoon, the stormy weather really seems to sap him of most desire to do anything at all during the day.

A few moments later, Quentin curls his arm about Yael’s waist and breathes out a low sigh, a soft, quiet note of contentment. “I guess we can delay the plants for just a little while, a few hours.”

The very words Yael has been thinking but hasn’t really uttered. He’s fine where he is with his toes warm and some food in his belly. He isn’t usually the kind to laze but it just is that kind of morning.

When the mail comes, a couple of hours later, the pair untangles with soft yawns. They stretch, rub their eyes and slowly ease to their feet. Quentin takes both cups and heads back towards the kitchen to rinse them out and set them away. Yael walks to the door, closing the foyer one behind himself once he’s certain he has no cats with him, then he braces himself against the storm and opens the outer door to reach for the mailbox. He opens it up, grasps all he can curl his fingers about and brings his arm back inside with the mail.

He looks at his soggy sleeve with something of a blink and he shakes his head as he closes the door and locks it, for good measures, the wind is howling.

He steps back inside, moving to the kitchen to set the mail down before he disappears into their bedroom to change his shirt. Of course he still would have changed it before heading up to the garden but now seemed like a good time considering how absolutely soaked the long sleeve was.

Digging through his wardrobe, he pulls out one of his older shirts and tugs it on. He looks down to his pants and nods to himself, those would do just fine while digging stuff up in the garden, they were already old and worn so it didn’t much matter if he got dirt on them after all.

Moments before he steps out of the shared bedroom, Quentin joins him to change into some older clothes that he doesn’t mind seeing temporarily dirty. “Nothing much in the mail, magazines, bills, the usual. I guess it could have waited until the storm passed though I know you’re waiting for that one package.”

Yael shrugs and moves to drop his soaked-sleeved shirt into the dryer. “I’ll wait for you upstairs, don’t take too long or I might think you don’t feel like getting dirty.”


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