in the shade

He was used to working while the sky was still dark but Yael couldn’t remember the last time there actually had been a storm this bad. The splat of the rain against the windows is closer to a beating drum than anything else, he can barely hear himself thinking and talking seems almost moot.

Having found his gardening shoes, he walks up the stairs, half-listening to Quentin as he changed into some proper gardening clothes. He doesn’t often ask for help because he knows he can manage the whole two floors by himself well enough but at times he knows that a little help can go a long way and that is what crossed his mind that morning after he realized he needed to move some of the plants.

It only takes a few minutes before Quentin walks up the stairs and into the garden area. The wooden door is left open though the screen door is closed as usual, it allows for a floral sort of breeze to flow through the house. “You’d think we’re in the middle of the night, it’s even more visible from up here.”

Inevitable as it is, with a roof of glass and nothing but glass for windows, the darkened sky is much more visible from the second and third floor than it is from their spot on the first. He looks around as if amazed at how dark it all seems, even with the lights offering warm glow all around.

“So where are these particular plants that need more shade than sun that we need to move around? What are you going to set up in the empty spots when those are moved?”

Yael blinks at the second question. It hadn’t actually crossed his mind. “The plants are over here and I honestly don’t know. To be honest I only just figured I’d get them moved and that would be that but they’ll leave pretty big gaps. Well maybe not the astilbe but the lady fern will for how big it has surprisingly gotten. The sky pencil holly is still tiny too, surprisingly.”

Perhaps not all that surprisingly as most of those plants are at most a week or so old though Yael has proven a master of plant growth and growth spurt is not unnatural when he is around.

Quentin nods, as if he understands anything at all of what his companion has uttered. He can wrap his mind around most information when it comes to gardening, at least the basic kind, but plant names are just too much for him at this point and he tends to leave it to the other.

Yael leads them to an area that looks as though it was indeed freshly worked on. Quentin blinks at the size of the fern, that much he recognizes and shakes his head. That will leave some hole indeed when it will be moved but if Yael says that they need to be moved then he will believe those words and he will do what is necessary to help. That really is all there is to his mindset after all. Yael is the plant-master and he knows best.

After plenty of grunting, groaning, muttering, digging, digging some more and planting, the three plants that had required a move have been moved. Yael is now staring at the three holes left in his garden and he seems uncertain, as if he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to put there.

“I guess for now I’ll just fill them back in, I have nothing to transplant and nothing new to set out, I usually don’t even know what to plant at this time of the year so the holes will stay empty until next spring or at least the middle of winter when I get some sort of genius idea about what to set up here.”

‘Here’ as it stands to be stated, is where he starts most of his plants, it’s a slightly off the path area where he sets seeds of all kinds and waits to see what will grow, once something grows, usually he decides on what he’ll do with it, be it transplant it or merely let it grow further. So even if the area is left untouched for a while, it hardly seems to change much.

Bags of earth are dragged closer and the holes are filled in. A few hours have gone by and still the sky is as dark as it could be, the rain has yet to let up in any way and Yael wonders just how much water they’ll get. He hopes it won’t be enough for any riverbeds to overflow though he knows it isn’t really something he should worry about since there are no rivers anywhere near their properties at all.

“I think we’re all done, unless you want me to look around to check if I find anything else that could require our attention?” He quirks a brow, a playful smile to his lips and Quentin groans, whining lightly in the back of his throat. Yael chuckles and shakes his head. “Okay, all right, we’re done, let’s head down though we’ll need to bag these clothes before we step onto the stairs.”

While not a clean freak, Yael appreciates being able to keep his home in a fair state of cleanliness and that usually means getting out of dirt-covered clothes before they go anywhere. “So I hope you put on some boxers, not that I’d mind otherwise.”

His grin speaks volumes and Quentin only blushes somewhat. Even though they have been together for some time now, their relationship has yet to really take a turn towards the physical side of things. Of course there were shared pleasure, they’ve seen one another bared more often than not but things simply have not stepped beyond that one particular line yet, so implications are always bound to bring forth a blush from either party.

“As if I’d forget to put on boxers when I know I’ll be getting filthy up in the garden? I know how you think and I’m not giving you that satisfaction.” With a laugh, Quentin steps towards the main doors, shrugging out of his filthy clothes as he went, down to nothing but his boxers. He gathers it all into his arms, shoes on top of the pile and starts on his way down those stairs, to drop the clothes in the washer and to head for their bathroom where he’d get the shower going.

“You should have stayed a minute more, I think I forgot to put on any underwear!” Yael calls out after him as he undresses in turns, also down to his boxers and gathers all of his things though he leaves his shoes up there. They are the only shoes he uses for gardening and he leaves them up there on the second floor for his use instead of bringing them up or down, it saved him from having to get them dirt free every time.

He drops his clothes in the washer, along with Quentin’s own and goes to join the somewhat older demon in the bathroom where steam already is fogging up the glass doors of the shower. Yael chuckles and stretches with a low note of contentment. “Thank you for helping me move these three, I know I could have done it myself but I probably still would be digging up the new holes at this point and I wouldn’t be anywhere near done.”

Quentin smiles at him, offering his hand. Simple contact, shared between them, is natural, it seems to be the one thing they cannot be without. Most of the time it is little more than a brush of hands together but it does the job perfectly well. Slipping from his boxers, Yael curls his fingers about that open hand and joins his companion under the steamy warmth of the shower. He lets Quentin have the front space under the spray, knowing that the other isn’t as used to the ache of muscles as he is.

Today, weather aside, has been a good day.


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