plastic wrap

“Mira! Come and get this devil thing off of me!” I had to yell, I didn’t know where my brother was and I knew Cyrille was in the shower. Plus it didn’t seem quite right to bother him for that kind of thing but bothering Mira was something else altogether, we were brothers and we were born to bother one another. Okay, I don’t really believe that but it didn’t feel right to ask Cyrille for help with this.

“Miraaaaaa!” I knew how whiny my voice sounded at that point, absolutely childish but I was stuck with this plastic wrap piece of crap and I wasn’t even sure of where it had come from how or I’d managed what I had managed at all. I’d just been trying to cover this one particular dish and I just, I don’t know.

I’m not even sure on why we had plastic wrap in the house at all. We’d never used it before, we have enough containers for everything we might want to put away but here I was, absolutely stuck and wondering why we’d bothered with that thing to begin with.

Eventually, Mira stepped out of his room, his cheeks lightly flushed and seeming slightly out of breath. I grumbled at him, holding my wrapped hands together. He took a long look and I knew by his face that he was trying hard not to laugh. I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised, it looked like someone had tried to tie my down with the stuff. I tried to tear it up from the inside but it wouldn’t budge.

“Why did you try to burn it off?” He murmured the words as he stepped closer to me, trying to find out where it ended so he could unwrap it.

“Have you ever had to smell burning plastic? It’s not much different and I don’t know, it didn’t cross my mind, I’m trying to behave like most folks out there, you know that’s how we’re supposed to.” He nodded, looking the wrapping over again and he shook his head. He went to look for the scissors, coming back with our slightest pair.

“Now don’t budge, I know you won’t but I prefer to tell myself I told you to, in case you do.” He carefully slipped the blade near my wrist and snipped the first cut into the wrap. He pulled the scissors away and I gave it a little tug, still no go.

He put the scissors back along the first cut and he carefully started snipping away at the devil plastic. That was how I was going to call it from now. Eventually, he made it to a point where he didn’t feel confident he could snip without hurting me so he pulled the scissors away and set them down.

I gave my hands a tug and felt a bit more room. It was a start. I started trying to part my hands, I wiggled them, I twisted them and eventually I managed to work one hand free, then the other. Once loose, I crumpled the wrap together, muttered at it and threw it in the recycling bin since I knew it wasn’t the kind of stuff that went into the trash.

“Why do we even have that stuff?” He shrugged at me and I sighed, rubbing my hands somewhat together.

“What were you trying to do anywhere? We have covers for just about everything in this kitchen except the regular dishes.” I sighed and motioned towards one container as it sat there, just open as if in accusation. Inside, I’d put a mix of cheese and grapes, preparing snacks for our next day at the library.

“I know what you’re going to say, this one has a cover, the other two had covers and they’re in the fridge but I looked high and low to try to find this one’s cover and I couldn’t. I didn’t really want to transfer it into another bowl since I’d already dirtied this one.”

He frowned and bent to look in the cupboard where we kept our covers, he pulled out the large container and dug through it, looking left and right, under over and everywhere and, much as my own search had turned out to be, he came up empty handed. “That is so strange.”

“What’s so strange?” We both looked up, startled by Cyrille’s voice, I had thought him still in the shower but I guess he wasn’t, not that it was a bad thing, really.

“We’re trying to find the cover for this one bowl, I found the other two for it but the third one seems to be missing.” He looked over to the bowl in question, one hand holding the towel about his waist. It was good to see the bruises fading from him though it seemed to take forever.

“Oh.” He blinked and actually blushed somewhat, smiling sheepishly. “Have you looked in the dishwasher? I did notice you guys tend to wash dishes as you go but I guess it might have slipped my mind, when I used it I ended up putting the top in the dishwasher.”

I blinked, first at his answer, then at him and at Mira. My brother looked into the dishwasher and there, lo and behold, there it was, the necessary cover I’d been missing, looking as clean as could be.

“Yeah, we don’t really use the dishwasher and I suppose it might explain why we didn’t think to look in it.” I looked him over, mostly to see just how well he was healing. He must have caught me looking because he blushed, ran a hand through his hair and excused himself to go back to his room, Zora’s old room, to change.

Finally I looked at Mira, my curiosity finally getting the better of me. “Why were you out of breath when you came out of your room? It’s not like you were out running a marathon.”

He blushed, oh how deeply he blushed and he ducked his gaze, avoiding my eyes. I didn’t push for an answer, I figured that in time he’d feel like telling me what this might have been all about and I was in no rush at this point.

“Oh fine, you just keep it to yourself.” I laughed, having a fair idea but still leaving it to him to decide on when he might want to tell me about whatever it was that left him breathless when he joined me to help with the devil’s item.

I looked at the box of plastic wrap on the counter, then to him and the box again. “Do we really have to keep this stuff?”

He shrugged, looking at the box for a brief moment. “It could have its use, if not in the kitchen. I mean, I figure it could have its uses, I’m just not sure what those uses might be. Might as well leave it there, I don’t even know how it got there in the first place.”
It was an option, I figured. He was right though, it might just eventually have a use of sort and it would be pointless to throw it away now that we had it, even if we currently really had no use whatsoever for it.

“All right, well the snacks for tomorrow are ready, Cyrille has had his shower, you’ve had whatever it is you were doing, I think it’s my time for a shower and now that my hands are free, I can at least try to appreciate that time to a point.” My words seemed to bring out his blush a little more and I did wonder about that. Maybe it was the mention of ‘alone time’ or that my hands were free, I didn’t know, I didn’t ask, but I did wonder.

“You two decide on what to prepare for dinner since I prepared the snack.” He quirked a brow at me and I merely stuck my tongue out to him before I was wandering off towards the bathroom. I felt I deserved that shower, really.


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