pizza delivery

As they quietly walk, side by side, one bag each and hands held between them, Yael looks around at their surroundings. It isn’t that he doesn’t know what the neighbourhood looks like but he always seems to discover something new nearly every time they stepped out to get a few more groceries to fill in their pantry. Not that they needed much, of course, not with the garden on the second and third floor of their home.

A car drives past them as they continue on their way and Yael looks at it a long moment, trying to make out the sign that sits atop of it. He stops walking as he does, following the car with his eyes until it stops a few paces away from him, parking in front of a slight apartment building.

Quentin stops with him, more interested in knowing why they had stopped over what the car might be, with its strange roof decoration. Yael tugs on his hand to gather his attention and Quentin looks over. He chuckles and shakes his head somewhat. “Just a delivery man,” he looks at the design on the door a little closer, “pizza delivery to be more precise.”

Yael blinks and frowns before he starts walking again, his curiosity mostly sated. “But why would anyone want pizza delivered when it’s so easy to just prepare it at home?”

The irony is somewhat ever present as for tonight’s meal, pizza had been set on the menu. Quentin chuckles at the thought and he shrugs lightly. “I don’t know, love. Some people just don’t have the cooking skills required to make pizza. It’s not much different from the people who order take out of any sort, chicken, fish or even sushi. We might not take it on delivery but when we go and buy sushi, it’s not all that different from the person who ordered pizza tonight.”

Thoughtful, Yael continues walking though he shakes his head after a few moments. “We only got sushi once, since then I buy the ingredients and I make them myself.”

That as a whole, was a truth. Yael’s habit was to try things he didn’t know once by getting it from the restaurant, then he tried to prepare it at home as best as he could. Not everything came out as it should but it was the thought that counted and that he was willing to try it.

“You wonder about the strangest of things, love.” Quentin laughs softly, tugging on Yael’s hand to make sure they keep on walking. They’re just a few blocks away from home and he does want to get the preparing of their meal. While Yael prepares the dough, he tends to keep to cutting up whatever they’ll be putting on the pizza and shredding their mix of cheeses.

“We’ve come a long way, if you think about it.” Things are put away in the pantry to others are pulled out as they work side by side, Quentin starting on the three different cheeses they bought, shredding them finely.

“How have we come a long way?” Around his ankles, one slim feline roams and meows for attention, wanting some of whatever it is they are preparing. Yael laughs and shakes his head as he works the dough by hand though he knows he very well could use the mixer. He doesn’t like the idea of not preparing his dough himself.

Quentin shrugs, looking down to Izar as he weaves between Yael’s leg and then moves to his own. He’s learned to not move around too much in the kitchen unless it is a necessity and then, well it seems as though the cats know that they need to keep away. “I didn’t much know how to prepare fancy meals when I first met you and I know you didn’t even know how a kitchen worked.”

With a slight shrug, Yael sets the dough into a bowl and covers it to let it rise. “Well, living in the streets was just one of those things and I guess you had a better mind than me. I never could find a job and hold it long enough to get enough money to get me anywhere. I’m just glad we’re where we are now.”

They continue to work in quietness. While the dough rises, Yael helps with the vegetables and Quentin turns to slightly sautéing their meat, the thinly sliced sausages that might need more than just the required time in the oven for the dough to cook and the cheese to melt. By the time the dough has risen, they have all of their ingredients set out in separate bowls, ready to be dropped haphazardly on the dough.

The pizzas come out beautifully golden from the oven and they are set out on the counter where they are cut and set to plates for serving. “We should totally try to get Eoghan to do one of the next suppers here, we could make several different pizzas, with toppings from all over the world, I think it could be interesting.”

“Or we just bring all the ingredients over and prepare them there.” Yael laughs softly, taking a bite with a content note. Home made always does taste better to him though it might be bias and he knows it. “We could do it a bit like a buffet, a small dough base for everyone and they decide what they want on it. Then we set them in the oven and everyone has exactly what they might want and we probably had tons of leftover.”

“You and leftovers.” Snickering, Quentin rolls his eyes as Yael sticks his tongue out.

“I can’t help it, I love preparing meals out of leftovers, it gives me a chance to discover new things and new tastes and you’ve never complained about anything I might have prepared before.”

“True, you win.” Not that any of the discussion is about winning but it tends to change the direction in which it was going.

The rest of the meal goes by in relative quiet, only a few comments exchanged on how this and that goes well together and how they should keep notes of it.

Once all the dishes are cleaned and everything is put away, the pair move off towards the living room where they settle, side by side, to relax and digest their meal. On the way, Yael takes the catnip container and gives it a shake, a relieved sort of sigh escaping him when all seven of them come running their way. Since the incident with Astra being caught up in the garden area and up that tree, he’s made it his job to shake that container at least once a day and make sure all of their four-legged friends come running.

He still has yet to really understand how she managed to get up int he garden but he tries not to focus on it too much, knowing that turning back time is simply not a possibility though it would be a nice touch now and again.

He drops catnip here and there, enough for all seven of them to enjoy and then left his feet off of the ground, folding his legs besides himself on the couch. Cat teeth and claws on his toes is less than pleasant and he learned early on that catnip made them very playful and very likely to take a gnaw at whatever is closest to them. Quentin does the same, chuckling as he shifts, looking down at the mess and almost tangle of cats as they bat about to try to get the most of the catnip before it was all gone.

“I think, once they calm down, that some tea might be a fair idea. It’ll warm us up just fine.” Quentin’s words are thoughtful as he keeps on looking down at their cats. Yael nods, shifting to lean closer to his shoulder. Quentin knows he can’t really ask for anything else in this world, he has someone to share his life with, a roof over his head and food three times a day as might be necessary, he’s luckier than a lot of souls out there.


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