Settled into Zora’s old room, I’ve emptied the rest of my bag. I know and I recall them saying Eoghan had offered for her to move back in whenever she felt the need but I don’t know if that’ll ever happen. If she really is dating my brother, he’s good at getting them to practically eat out of his hand and not really realize they’re doing it. Unless she’s really smart about who she dates, she might just not realize it for a while yet and it’s her decision at this point. This room is comfortable and while I’d move out of it if she moved back in, I have no real desire to go anywhere just yet. If she comes back, and that might make me selfish, she can use the apartment next door. This is like a roommate switch, she moved out, I moved in, I’m not moving out because she might decide to come back, that’s just not how it goes.

In unpacking my things, I located my laptop, bundled between thick blankets. I have no carry-on bag or anything to really move this guy around since I was mostly using around the house so I packed it up snuggly between blankets to make sure it wouldn’t get bumped around.

I set it up on the little desk that is against one wall and I plug it up to charge the battery since I have a feeling it probably is completely dead at this point. While it charges, I look through the few emails I’ve received since I last was able to get on the computer, I look through a few different sites and I head over to one particular site an old pen-pal of sorts keeps on pushing me to try. I’ve never heard of it and the name just sounds odd. Though I know I can’t judge a book by its cover, or a game by its name, so I decide to give it a try.

“What is that exactly?” They’re both standing over my shoulders, one on either side as I play through this game, or at least I try. I haven’t really gotten anywhere yet and I don’t know the point of it. It’s not really appealing to me at this point either.

“I’m not sure, it’s called Minecraft and I suppose it has to do with mining but it’s just not something I’m getting into and all my congratulations to folks who like this game, I bet it’s great when it’s your kind of thing but it’s just not mine.” I shrug as the twins study the screen from above my shoulders, each trying to make sense of it.

“Can I try it?” Agni’s on my left, I’m not really surprised since he’s the one who usually shows more interest in games than Mira. I shrug and I carefully move back and out of my chair, the twins leaning back to give me room. Agni flops down in the chair and I chuckle as he looks at the screen for a long moment.

“Try not to wander anywhere else. It’s not that I don’t trust you with my computer but it’s old and might not react well to most sites you may usually visit.” He nods and I stretch carefully before I’m stepping out of the bedroom, Mira not too far behind me. It felt so strange moving in with these two just two weeks ago. I suppose it might mostly have been because I felt abandoned in a way. I couldn’t blame them, they were working and I knew, I still know, that Armin needs all the help he can get.

I’ve since adapted, that’s what I believe in any case. I help them almost every day at the library though I still tire out pretty quickly. Yesterday, I went with Eoghan on whatever errand he wanted to run. It was strange to be with the man one on one but it wasn’t such a bad thing in the end. When he started talking about my old car something squeezed in my chest but I didn’t focus on it much. I knew he had a point, it was dangerous to drive that thing around. Though it hadn’t happened recently, it had before and I’d ended up stranded in the middle of nowhere because it had just stopped.

I looked, I looked and looked. I didn’t know what I was looking for but eventually, when my eyes settled on this midnight blue four-door ones with the sunroof and all, I think I’d found the perfect one. I looked it over, checked it up and then, just then, some sales guy came out way. I found that one to be a little weird, they don’t usually just let you decide when you feel ready to do anything, they’re usually always right there, hawking in on you and staring hard at you until you decide you’ve picked what you want.

“This thing makes no sense!” Agni suddenly calls out from my bedroom and I laugh softly though I don’t really bother to go and check on him. I know he can take care of himself just fine and he can close the game if he doesn’t like it. It really is that simple in the end.

Mira looks down the hall a moment and then back to me. I shake my head, he shrugs and goes back to his book. There is such a drastic difference between them but it’s mostly visible when you really get to know them. I’m glad they didn’t decide to shun me after what my sister did to them. It happened before, she put her moves on a few of the rare friends I’d had before and they walked away after that. Somehow I was blamed for not controlling her. That made no sense.

“Cyrille, that thing makes no sense!” He whines again, loud and clear even through the walls and I snicker again.

“If you don’t like it, just turn it off, Agni. No one is forcing you to play the game.”

“But it makes no sense!”

“Well stop playing you idiot!” Mira’s answer to his brother’s complaining makes me snicker again and I shake my head.

I don’t want to lose their friendship, it means more to me than I realized at first. I want out friendship to last and they’ve already pulled through the first test though it hadn’t really been my intention to ‘test’ them in any way. After all, I met them after the Élodie thing so I think I’m mostly in the clear as far as that is concerned.

I rub my eyes somewhat, looking down to my book before I bookmark the page and I close it. Mira looks up to me briefly, concern flashing in his eyes but I shake my head, smiling at him lightly. “I think I just slept a little poorly last night, that’s all. I’ve been thinking a lot about Magali and she hasn’t really been answering any of my questions about her stay with Joana so I might just have to call Jo. I know she won’t keep anything from me.”

Magali has this bad habit of keeping things from me when she thinks I might not be ready to hear them or to accept them. It makes me worry twice as much about her, which seems completely counterproductive to her trying not to worry me by not telling me.

Mira nods but I know he’s only doing it to let me know he grasps the basic idea behind the situation but that the rest of it is muddled for him. It’s not all that surprising when I consider how they grew up and how their sister more or less cut them off when she moved out to live on her own so they don’t really understand my need to keep up with Magali and her well-being. I don’t hold it against them, I never will. We grew up in different ways and we deal with things in different ways, that’s all.


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