apple pie

They’re everywhere on the counter.

We’ve had to somehow find means to keep the cats from getting up on said counter to get to them as that would turn out to be a disaster and we’d, well, he’d have to start all over again. He’s the one who’s been baking these pies all day. Of the three apple trees he has up in the garden, two have decided that now was the time for their apples to be ready and that they needed to be picked now.

So we did. We gathered apples, baskets after baskets and we had so much that even after giving a lot away, we still had more than we knew what to do with. Yael decided it was time he started in on baking and he’s been at it since.

Apple pies, applesauce, apple jam, apple butter, you name it. He has several different baskets set out and in those he has a couple of everything he’s prepared. We’re just waiting on the last of the apple pies to cool down so he can wrap them up, put them in the basket and play delivery-fairies.

It’s not all that strange to have too much of something when we get started on the garden, when all the fruits or vegetables from a particular area decide that now they’re ripe and all. I have to admit that it’s the first time we’ve had quite that many apples and we’ve had to find means to do something about them that didn’t involve eating too many a day and giving away most of them, which we’ve done anyway. We even dropped a huge basket off at one of the shelters.

“You sure you want to carry them this way? We do have this little cart-thing Eoghan got us last time we came in with all the baskets of fruit and veggies.” He shrugs gently, looking at the baskets. There only are three but they are filled to the brim and I’m more than a little certain that they’re too heavy to be carried without us holding onto the bottom so the weight of them doesn’t break through.

Eventually, he sighs but nods, caving in for the time being. I know he likes doing the work himself, he likes carrying the baskets back and forth but at times like these, the wagon, as it’s more a small child-wagon than anything else, is a necessity.

We gather the basket, one by one, setting them into the wagon carefully. We put a blanket on top and secure that down since it’s gotten windy outside lately.

We step into the foyer, make sure we have no cats with us and close the door, we then step outside, close the second door and we start on the short walk to get us to the other building. I know he usually also takes the stairs but that might just be asking for a broken back and he walks towards the elevator with a gentle huff and grumble.

We stop at the top floor first. He knocks and grins brightly at Eoghan’s slightly surprised face. I don’t blame him, just yesterday we dropped off the apples. He gathers up the basket carefully into his arms, holding onto the bottom to make sure it wouldn’t come apart in his arms. Eoghan takes it with a puzzled look though he looks over the basket and laughs softly as Yael takes a step back.

“Careful with it, it’s so filled that we’re not sure whether or not the bottom will hold, so it’s best to hold it this way. I think it’s the usual for everything, you know what to keep in the fridge and what not to, I hope everything is to your liking.”

“Yael, everything you do is always to my liking.” He grins, that playful but shit eating grin as Yael blushes and ducks his head. I roll my eyes and tug the wagon back towards the elevator where we stop to drop the basket off. The twins hold it up together, a completely baffled look on their face and Yael explains about the apples, about what should be in the fridge and what can be kept on the counter before we’re down to the first floor.

This time I take the basket inside myself since I know Armin wouldn’t have been able to. I set it down on his counter and we bid our goodbyes before we’re back outside and crossing to our home once again.

“I’m absolutely exhausted.” The wagon has been put away, Yael is stretched out on the couch and he’s been rubbing his face slightly. I’ve gone to the kitchen to put away what little was left. He’s done most of the baking and cooking since he decided on the apple thing and I’ve put most things away as he no longer needed them. I don’t mind doing my part, it’s part of living together after all.

“Well you’ve worked long and hard to get everything done and I’m amazed to tell you the truth. Apple pies, apple butters, candies, syrup, jam, sauce, it’s a lot to do and we’ve gone through just about all of the extra apples we had too so I think you can congratulate yourself on a job well done.”

He laughs but the sound is tired and I step back into the living room to look at him a moment. “How about a cup of tea to relax you? I bet a nap would do you good.”

“Apple tea?” It’s my turn to laugh. He grins, his eyes bright but tired. I brush my hand over the top of his head and disappear back into the kitchen to see about some chamomile tea. I know it’s my best option to make sure he gets at least a little bit of rest before we go anywhere else or even do anything else at all.

I get the water going and join him back into the living room. He lifts himself up slightly and I settle, he drops his head to my lap and closes his eyes. I know it’s likely he’ll drift right off before the water even has time to be brought to a boil but I don’t mind. He needs the rest and I’m not going to keep him from that.

He does drift off before the water beings to even bubble up properly. I carefully move his head from my lap to turn the water off before I’m back at his side. I lift him up, cradling his head against my shoulder and I walk him to our bedroom where I set him on the bed. I slip his shoes off, undressing him down to his underwear before I pull the covers up and over him to keep him warm.

With a sleepy sigh, he rolls over to his side and curls somewhat in on himself, huddling a bit for warmth. I know that before too long, he’ll be deep asleep and nothing should wake him. I check the bedroom twice over for cats and I close the door to give him the peace he needs. He’s really worked himself almost raw to get all those apple delights prepared and ready so I’m not surprised at how exhausted he is.

I look through the house, making sure I have all cats out and about with me before I settle back on the couch with a book and some quiet music. I don’t need much to keep occupied. I could be working on some woven pieces but I don’t really feel like doing that just now so a book will do just fine.

Before long I have two cats next to me, one on my lap, one at my ankles. I chuckle but leave them be. I know they’re not used to the bedroom door being closed but at times it’s a necessity and that’s just all there is to that. They’ll be fine.


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