I could have gone to the hairdresser, I usually do. I would have, too, but Eoghan mentioned he thought my hair seemed a little long (I was constantly pushing it out of my face) and he offered to snip it up gently. I figured it might not hurt, really. The worse that can happen is it gets snipped a bit too short and I have to grow it back out. That’s hardly the end of the world.

Consider me rather surprised when it was Alexis who came knocking on my door this morning. He said that the one thing Eoghan had forgotten to mention was that he wasn’t the one doing the snipping. I blinked, I laughed and I let it be. I trust Eoghan and I do trust Alexis.

I’d even set out a few things, a small, thin-toothed comb, the only pair of scissors I owned though I couldn’t imagine they’d do much of a good job.

Alexis has a small bag in his hands and it leaves me wondering. Of course I don’t wonder too long. The moment he steps inside, he opens his little bag and out comes an old towel that he sets down, once that is down he sets one of the bench I’d brought out on it and he tells me to sit. I do. The sun is shining brightly outside and it is pouring inside, I am right in its spot.

He set a hairdresser’s cape around me, making sure the buttons are secure and he asks me how much I want off and how much shorter I am hoping to get it.

I admit, all I can do was shrug somewhat. It has been some time since I’ve last been to the hairdresser and usually they just snip some off until the bangs no longer are in my eyes and that is mostly that. He looks at me for a long moment and the amusing thought that drifts through my mind brings forth a chuckle that pulls a questioning note from him. Again I shrug, cheeks warming up and I duck my head somewhat.

He settles his fingers under my chin to get me to lift my head again and I blink up at him, still feeling several shades of sheepish. “I was just wondering if you’d ever done the hairdressing thing. Eoghan talks but not a whole lot. I know you’ve mostly done law-jobs and chocolate making over the years but it just seems as though you might know your way around hair.”

He is the one to laugh this time, a gentle sound, one not at my expense, I can tell. He shrugs as finally he moves behind me, taking his own scissors and comb to begin shortening my hair just enough. “I haven’t but I’ve been around long enough and I’ve cut Eoghan’s hair often enough that this is almost natural.”

Well, that does make sense.

I close my eyes as he moves forward to snip my bangs. I try to breathe mostly through my nose as I’m used to getting hair in my mouth because I admit I tend to breathe with my mouth open now and again, it’s not pleasant. The hair in mouth that is.

“You can relax, really.” I almost blink at his words but I wait until the snipping stops and he’s brushed most of the hairs from my face.

“I tend to breathe with my mouth open with I’m focused on something or trying to figure something out. I’ve had cut hair in my mouth on countless occasions before and it’s not exactly pleasant so I was trying to make sure I kept my mouth shut.”

He chuckles, walking around me a little more to make sure he is happy with the result and he nods. “Your hair is a bit like weed, I’d say. Now it’s back to being about the length it was when we first saw you in the other building.”

Not even a year ago that was, if my hair is weed, I suppose I might have to get into the habit of checking into a hair salon twice a year or so. I like my hair the way it is, it’s not in my face, it’s not too hard to wash and that’s just the way I like it. “Thank you, Alexis.”

“I wish you’d call me Lex but I know you won’t and I won’t force you to. I suppose it’s just one of those things.”

I blinked at him, laughing lightly. “I was raised to respect my elders, what can I say?”

This, coming from the guy looking up at another guy who looks younger than him. I know he’s older than me, by a lot more than I can even imagine but it feels strange because he looks at least four or five years younger than me when he’s wearing relaxed clothes. I remember seeing him wearing his suits and tie, he looked a little older than.

He shakes his head, amused, and he packs his things up, including the cape and the towel he’d used for the floor mat. I offer to shake it off for him but he tells me he’ll get to it when he gets back upstairs. I don’t mind.

I have a look at my reflection in the small mirror I keep by the door and nod, just short enough and I can tell the difference at my nape, no more hair tickling me. I smile up to him and thank him before he steps out and heads for the stairs. I wish I could take the stairs like him.

I watch him until he’s completely out of my line of sight and close the door as I turn back to my own apartment. I head off to gather my scissors and my comb, putting those back where they belonged for the time being. With that done, I step towards the back area, just looking out quietly.

The leaves have begun to change, the colours are beginning to shine through. Eoghan hasn’t yet decided to put the swing up in storage in the new shed. The table and chairs are still out too. The trampoline is uncovered and I imagine that before too long that will go along with the rest, it’ll be covered in some ways and it’ll spend its winter in relative safety.

I rub a hand through my hair, marveling at how different just a small cut can make. It has taken a lot less time than I had expected to spend out there however so now I’m mostly stuck inside, just wondering what I’m supposed to be doing with myself. I could go for a walk but to head where? I haven’t gone back to the park since the almost accident with the kid crossing the street when he shouldn’t have. It’s cooler out so I don’t know how many parents will bring their kids to the park at this point. I could head up to the top floor though. I still don’t swim so well but Eoghan has helped me gain confidence.

Maybe the twins are up there though, swimming with Cyrille. I know not a single one of them is bothered by my legs but I’m not confident enough to be uncovered around them just yet. I shake the idea off and look around my little home again. Of course it’s not all that little but it is definitely home.

There is that new book the library received, something I’ve never read before. I could start in on that. Or I could read the old book sitting carefully in my bedroom. No, I think that reading the new book might be interesting, I don’t know what I’m in for and I could do with a new sort of adventure in my life.

With my decision on the new book, I make my way off into my little study, where I keep all of my books except that one old book I cherish more than anything else—that one is in my room—I locate the brand new library book, its cover clean and untouched, I set it under my arm and I head back into the living room. That’s still where the sun is shining and that’s where I’ll get swept away in my new adventure.


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