After Agni finally gave up on playing Minecraft, still not understanding it any better than I had in the bit of time I’d given it a try, or really caring to learn more, I settled them down in front of their television and looked through their small movie collection to pick out a movie for us to watch. I was aware I very well could have let them decide on something, anything on their own but on some days I just felt the almost urge to teach them about these things, teach them about life in general and some times, using movies, was just one of those useful ways though it wasn’t all that common.

I looked and looked but nothing really stood out to me so I did the second best thing I could. I checked their player to make sure I actually could do what I had in mind to and I went back to my room. I found my USB drive and poked around my computer to find one of the few older movies I still had on there. I’d done a major clean up just a few months ago, had only really kept the ones that I still appreciated.

With the movie on the drive and the drive then plugged into their player, I got them started in on the movie, not really knowing what to expect. I wasn’t sure if they’d watched black and white before and I was ready to explain at least that much when the movie started.

They didn’t ask about the black and white, I didn’t know whether that was a relief or not. I wasn’t very good at explaining things but I always tried my best. They did start asking about the gags though, since this was an old comedy. Not quite old enough to be the silent-movie type but still old enough. Most of the scenes they asked about where from the perspective of the guy who was on the receiving end of the gags, too.

“This guy must really like being humiliated to go through that and still have a smile on his face.” At my left, Mira was looking at the screen, almost seeming to study it more than he was watching the movie as a whole. I didn’t know if it was his usual way of watching movies since it usually was too dark in Eoghan’s movie-room to be able to really notice.

I shrugged, Agni laughed at my right, he was paying attention to the movie as a whole, not so much trying to look through it and understand what was going on, he just found it hilarious when the guy was smacked in the face with the pie. “I don’t know, Mira. The general point of the movie is to amuse its watchers. Recent movies are different, the gags are more sophisticated and there’s more of a story around it but back then, this was enough to get people laughing.”

“I still don’t get it.” His reply was quiet but honest and he sighed, rubbing his eyes lightly. At least he stayed to watch the whole movie, not really wandering off at any point because he lost interest though I knew he’d lost interest after I failed to really answer his question. I felt bad enough about it but I didn’t know what to think at that point.

After the movie, I reminded Agni that the gags were for the screen only, that he shouldn’t get any ideas about trying those on either one of us because it wouldn’t really be all that funny. I knew, Mira had told me about Agni’s random desire to try Parkour after he’d see it on the television, that Agni had a habit of desiring first-hand experience in most things he discovered.

Mira wandered off, heading to his room and more than likely his computer. Where Agni often wanted to discover things first-hand, Mira preferred research and I didn’t fault either of them for their ways of life. They both were learning, they were gathering information about the world, they were growing up.

I let them be. I unplugged my drive from the player and went back to my room to drop it off there so I wouldn’t lose it. It was small enough that I’d nearly ended up putting it in the wash before and that hadn’t been one of my better moments. I still remember Magali going through my pockets before I put my stuff in the wash, one of those habits she’d picked up recently, after she’d forgotten a small handful of change and it had gone clang clang clang in the dryer, it had been a learning experience.

When I stepped back out of my room with a book in hand, Mira still was at his computer but Agni had somehow disappeared and I tried not to fear for the worst. I tried telling myself that he might have gone upstairs to see Eoghan, I recalled them telling me that while he had a really extensive collection of movies in his hard drives, he also had a fair collection of them on DVDs and Blu-ray. Maybe Agni had gone up to get another comedy to look at. At times I had to tell myself that he was easily amused. Not really a bad thing.

I settled on the couch, book in my lap though I listened to the quiet of the place for a moment. All I heard was Mira’s clicking keys. That was good enough for me. I turned my attention to my book and forgot the outside world existed as I got sucked back into its reality.

The sound of the door opening and closing is what pulled me away from my reading and I looked that way. There was Mira, a handful of movies in his hands and I laughed. I had a feeling he’d end up watching most of those in his room, on his laptop unless somehow he managed to sweet-talk his way into being allowed to watch them on the regular player. I wasn’t sure about Mira’s take on this and while the sight of him with all those movies amused me, one movie a day was enough for me and I really preferred the idea of reading my book.

I didn’t really get a choice. He walked up to me, dropped the movies on the couch and that was that. I looked them over, not all of them were comedies. Maybe I had underestimated him, maybe his interest was in the black and white more than in the gags, that was something of a relief. Still, I didn’t really feel like watching a second movie so I got up to my feet with a stretch. He looked at me, confused for a moment and I mussed his hair, he batted at my hand.

“I think one movie a day’s good enough for me, Agni. I won’t stop you from watching these two, maybe you can convince your brother to watch them with you, so long as they’re not really comedies since it seems as though he doesn’t care for them much.” He pouted at me then and I shook my head.

“Pouting won’t work with me, Agni!” I called out gently, seconds before I stepped into the bedroom that was now mine until I went back home, if I ever did. I felt more as though I belonged out there and preferred the idea of actually moving into another building instead of going back home, when that time came. It was an odd sort of sensation.

For a moment, I stayed near my doorways, listening to the apartment, wondering if Agni would go ask his brother to watch the movies with him. I heard some shuffling followed by a grumble. Agni looked through his movies, seemed to pick one and set it to the player. I didn’t know whether I was supposed to feel bad or not though I didn’t feel much at that point, else than I just wanted to get back to my book.


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