the solution to all problems

I can hear him stomping around as he comes up the stairs. Usually on most days he’s so quiet that he startles me when he closes the door to our home. He’s stomping up now and I’m sure everyone can hear him. This is a bit unusual but I suppose it isn’t all that strange. I’ve known him to stomp about before when he’d had an exceedingly bad day. Those have been so very far and few in-between since I’ve moved back here—though I know it isn’t my moving back in that did that—that I’d almost forgotten he could get mad.

He slams the front door and I can hear a few of the wall-hung trinkets rattle a bit from the force of it. He seems pissed in a bad way. Stomping is one thing, door slamming is another altogether. I know he was out to meet a few different contractors about the library. A few days back, he received one particular phone call telling him that the building’s foundation were in such poor repair that they didn’t think it was actually possible to fix it up, that in a few more years it was likely the whole place would come crashing down.

That left him more than a little unhappy and I know he’s been looking to try to find another place, preferably in the downtown area of course, that could serve as a library. There is one building in particular I’ve seen that I thought could do well and it has been on sale for some time but I don’t know of its basic condition, I haven’t had time to bring it up to him yet. I will soon though maybe not today, by the looks and sounds of things.

He comes stomping into the bedroom and now I hear him muttering away to himself. A really bad day, it seems. I move to the bedroom, leaning on the door frame, just watching him as he undresses, clothes being thrown everywhere as he does. He’s yet to see me and I don’t much want to startle him, that might just get a bad reaction out of him.

Once he’s nude, he stomps to the bathroom. The sight of him this way pulls a smile to my lips. I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help myself, it’s amusing, really. I shake my head, listening to him for a moment or two. He gets the shower going and the stomping stops when he steps inside.

Finally I follow him, first leaning against the frame of that one door and then I step inside. I knock lightly on the shower door and I settle on the floor a few paces away. “HUMANS ARE STUPID!”

Bad day indeed. I shake my head, a wry smile to his lips. I don’t join him in the shower. I usually would but I think he needs to cool down a little first. “Humans can be stupid though they aren’t all that way. How about you tell me what happened?”
I speak calmly but just loudly enough for him to hear me in the shower. For a while I can only see him scrubbing himself, the steam from the heated water fogging up the glass panes of the shower. That’s personally a shame as far as I care because I love the sight of him nude.

“They tell me they can’t do shit, that even if they fix up the electricity, the heat and everything else, the foundations are too worn and too weak to hold the building for much more than a year or two, that it’ll fall apart. So I ask them, can’t you guys move the building? I mean we’ve both seen it be done, they lift the building up and they move it elsewhere. They could set up new foundations and set the building down there but no, the foundations are the only thing holding this old hunk of shit up and they try to move it it’ll just all collapse, ARGH!”

I suppose it’s reason enough to warrant anger. He’s been working so hard to get control over the library so he could get it fixed up. “What about other buildings?”

I know he’s thought about it and I know he’s not really found anything else but I need him to just talk, to get it all off his chest. It’s the only way to get him to calm down.

“Not a single godamned building big enough to serve as a library for the number of books there are and not one of them on sale anyway!”

He’s starting to deflate a little now, I shake my head, a faint half-smile to my lips as I get back up to my feet. “I’ll be waiting for you in the bedroom, I have information that might interest you.”

With that said, I step from the bathroom and back into the bedroom where I settle on the comfortable chair we keep in one of the corners. Usually we drop this and that on there and it rarely is clear of stuff but at this point it is so I know I can make good use of it. I close my eyes, just staying where I am. I listen to the sounds in the bathroom, the shower still going for a few more minutes though before long the water is off and I hear him step out. I can imagine he’s wrapping himself up in his towel, scrubbing his hair dry a little before he steps out with a sigh.

He still looks miffed and I can’t blame him for that, I don’t blame him for it. He looks at me and he just looks as if his whole world was falling apart. I shake my head, hold out my arms and he steps closer. Without needing another kind of invitation, he sits on my lap, his arms around my shoulder and he hides his face best as he can against me.

“I know it’s not completely downtown though it isn’t far off. Remember this old church they set up for sale almost a year ago? It still is in pretty good shape, the foundations are solid, the roof is solid, you’d probably have to make sure the crew added in a few heating elements but the electricity is in good shape. I think it’d mostly be a matter of changing the windows, setting up better lighting, new, sturdier shelves and I think you’d have yourself a pretty good library and for less effort than you’re putting now into this seemingly doomed project.”

He breathes a soft note against my neck, a ‘what are you talking about?’ kind of sound and I laugh softly. He frowns at me as he leans back, blue staring into green and I lean closer to steal a kiss from his lips. “That church just a few streets away from what they consider downtown. They’ve been trying to find someone to buy that place for almost a year now. I looked at it while the warehouse was being renovated into our home, out of curiosity more than anything else. I think you’d have more room than you’d need and it would just be beautiful.”

“Maybe.” His first mostly calm world since he’s come inside. I smile at him, hugging him closer to me. I relish in the sensations of his bare skin against my clothed one.

“For the rest of today, we rest. I wear you out so good you don’t even remember what happened today. Tomorrow, I’ll take you to see the church. I think you’ll like it.” I’m not big on being in churches, at least when they’re used as churches since I know the truth behind that one particular religion. To change that church into a library though, I think it would be one of those ideas that really last, the one solution to all his problems right now.

He grumps again, a soft little huff as he presses up against me again and closes his eyes. I don’t mind just holding him for now.


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