out to dinner

“So you thought we were overdue for a lover’s meal together?” Yael’s words are amused as he fixes me with his ever-pale eyes. At times it slips my mind that his sight is as good as mine, they’re so pale. People tend to not make much of it but some people seem to believe that he’s absolutely blind and cannot understand how he wanders around so well without any cane or anything else. It makes me laugh though I try not to laugh publicly. I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

I shrug gently, offering him a grin over the candles, over the fancy schmancy stuff that’s all set out on the table. I honestly think they tend to go overboard with it all but I figured that one meal together outside of the house, without everyone else, was long overdue indeed. “I wanted to appreciate the beauty of your face as the candles offer it a warm, inviting glow?”

He blushes and I grin, offering him a playful sort of shrug. I mean it though. I’m well aware that we have candles at home and we could have had this meal at home but the cats have been bounding about with energy lately and I was afraid that any candles we might have might get batted at and end up on the floor and then, well who knows what might have happened.

“But yes, I thought we were long overdue for a meal out, just you and me, somewhere quiet and calm and absolutely romantic because you deserve the best of everything.” He smiles, oh he smiles and he still blushes lightly and I just sigh because this is so absolutely perfect, it’s wonderful. Any time I spend with him is perfect and wonderful but at times I suppose romanticism takes a step up and I need to give it all the room I have to offer.

We order things that come on platters, meals meant to be shared and instead of staying seated across him I move to sit next to him. It might not be as romantic but this isn’t all about being romantic though it partly is. There’s nothing romantic about burning your hand over a candle’s burning flame while you try to feed your lover something, so really, moving to his side is so much better and I get to feel the heat of his body next to mine.

We share, we feed one another, we talk about pointless things though we honestly don’t talk all that much. I think we’re both too busy just enjoying the moments as they drift and pass. The food is delicious and it’s hard to not want to stuff it all down my face without slowing down to really taste it all it’s so good.

Just before we head outside, we’re putting out coats back on, I make sure his scarf is secure at his throat, the breeze is cold and the air has lost whatever little bit of autumn warmth there was left to it just even a week or so ago. He mimics the motions on me, tightening my scarf and offering me my gloves.

Once we’re both wearing all we came in with, we step outside. He reaches for my hand and I offer it more than willingly. The wind is at our backs, pushing us along as we head for the bus stop. Taking the bus isn’t exactly romantic but we both decided that it was a lot less complicated to take the bus than to try to hail a cab. They’re not all that common at this hour though you’d think they were.

When we get home and we’re safe inside where it is absolutely and deliciously warm, we leave our coats, scarves and gloves in the foyer and step back inside.

We’re greeted by an army of purring and I laugh. I don’t pick any of them up, in my mind, my outing isn’t quite completely done and over with just yet and my focus still is on Yael. The cats act as if we’d been gone for a decade almost and I admit the sight is rather amusing, not that it will deter me from keeping to my plans, nope, not one little bit.

With careful movements so no cat gets hit with flailing limbs, I sweep Yael off his feet. He laughs, startled, and wraps his arms about my neck to keep himself up. I walk us further inside, careful of my steps since not all the cats have scrambled away yet. I make it into our bedroom but instead of stopping there, I move into the bathroom and I close the door. This is as private as it’s going to get and I know we’re bound to hear some pawing against the door. I just want to get my plan in action before I let any of the cats into the bathroom.

I set Yael down on that little bench we keep in the bathroom and he still laughs softly, his eyes bright and amused. I move to kneel by the tub, getting the water started on just the right temperature. Not lobster hot but still almost steaming. While that is filling, I offer him my hands and he takes them, easing back to his feet.

I take my sweet time undressing him, sneaking glances up at him all along. The blush on his cheeks deepens with every brush of my fingers. I’m not trying to be indecent, I’m just memorizing the feel of his skin under my hands. Once he’s bared, I turn to the tub and I turn the water off, knowing it would be more than enough for the two of us. I offer him my hand again and he takes it. I walk him to the tub and he steps inside, settling in with a low sigh of contentment. I open the door, just so, not even leaving it ajar, just unlatching it. I know that if any of our cats want in they’ll come in.

I undress, stretching as I go and I move to the tub. He eases forward slightly and I move to settle into the water with a low note of pleasure. He leans back against me and I close my eyes. Just hot water and the two of us together in the tub. I don’t even need fancy oils or rose petals or anything else, This is perfect for me and I can’t imagine I would ever really want for anything else.

We stay in the tub until the water cools, the door still unlatched but closed and I’m grateful that they let us have some peace. Yael leans somewhat away from me and I follow his motions so I can reach around him to pull the plug on the tub. I hug him closely as the water begins to drain before I step up and carefully out. I wrap a towel about my waist and once more I hold my hand out for him.

He takes it, easing to his feet carefully and stepping out. I wrap the second towel around him, helping him dry up. Once we’re both sufficiently dry, I open the door from bathroom to bedroom completely and we step into the bedroom. I pull down the sheets from the bed and we both simply settle, nestling up close and comfortable.

Before long, Yael curls up against me, his head against my shoulder and one arm draped across my waist. I really don’t need a whole lot to be happy though I suppose that one romantic outing now and again certainly can’t hurt. It does wonder. I know we’ll both be relaxed as can be come morning and that might just be for the best.

He mumbles something against my shoulder, wiggling to settle closer and I laugh, shifting my weight just so, giving him more room. At times I think he’d try all he could so we could be just one, he presses up so close that if it weren’t for our slightly different skin tone, I don’t think you’d really be able to tell who is where. I’m perfectly fine with that.


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