ready for anything

“So if they were to attack right about the moment, I think we’d have a good chance of survival.” Agni’s words were thoughtful as the trio walked back down to their floor and then into their apartment. Mira was one step behind and his face was clearly stating that he wasn’t sure he understood the discussion at this point.

“I’m still not sure I get it. What is the point of zombies?”

Laughing softly, Cyrille shook his head and stepped back, wrapping his arm around Mira’s shoulder once they’d stepped back into their home. The movie had been interesting though he’d seen it before but the twins’s reactions, as always, had been enough to keep him entertained. “It’s not all that complicated, though it’s all just science fiction, really. Zombies are folks that have died but are somehow still alive. They’re out to eat everyone’s brain or infect them, it depends on the person.”

“But what’s the point of them?”

“There isn’t much of a point, Mira. It’s like most any other monster story out there.” Shaking his head, Mira sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

“Well I still don’t get it and I don’t understand what they’re supposed to be useful for.”

“They’re not, that’s the whole point of them. Stop thinking about it so much, Mira, you’re only to keep on hitting walls. With my gift and yours though, I’m pretty sure we’d be ready for anything.” Agni grinned at the idea, rubbing his hands together a little almost as if he were looking forward to a zombie invasion so he could prove his point.

“I don’t know, Agni, in most cases, zombies tend to only stop moving when you blow out the brain and unless you can do that with your fire, they’re still going to keep coming.”

“I hadn’t thought about it that way, huh.”

Throwing his hands up to the sky, Mira muttered and left the other two to their discussion. He really couldn’t grasp the point or interest of zombies. Then again, most movies where monsters of the sort were concerned, he couldn’t really find an interest. He knew it was fantasy, science fiction, make believe really but he still couldn’t bring himself to care about any of it. He preferred things he could touch, things he could wrap his mind around and understand, things that made sense in some way. Zombies were in no way, any of those things.

Watching his brother go, Agni rolled his eyes and stretched before he flopped down on the couch with a yawn. “He’s just annoyed for some reason because he didn’t like the movie. He’s been cranky lately, such a spoilsport.”

“He’s also been sick for a few days and I think that might have been a first for him. You’ve had your cranky days, Agni, and no one has complained about it and I’m pretty sure no one’s talked about you behind your back during that time. I know I haven’t at the very least and I can’t imagine Mira talking to himself about your crankiness.”

With a huff, Agni crossed his arms and stared ahead, as if those words had completely ruined his mood.

“Don’t be childish, all I’m saying is that everyone is entitled to having bad days.” Cyrille’s voice quiet, thoughtful as he shook his head with a sigh and left one twin sulking and went to see the other one, just to be sure he was okay. He didn’t much like the idea of the brothers fighting though he knew there wasn’t much he could do about it. Fights were inevitable and no one was always a hundred percent happy.

He knocked on Mira’s door gently, waiting to hear an answer of any sort before he stepped inside. It took almost a full minute before there was a sigh on the other side of that very door and a quiet ‘I don’t even want to talk but whatever, just come in’ was offered. He shook his head and carefully pushed the door open, closing it behind himself once he was inside.

“They’re just make believe, Mira. It’s not as though anyone has to have the last words.” Cyrille shrugged and Mira echoed the motion, sitting somewhat hunched over at his desk.

“I don’t really care.”

“If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t be reacting this way, it’s almost as if you’re taking this personally.”

Mira’s shoulder tensed but went lax moments later. He shrugged again and dropped his head into his hands. “I don’t even know why it’s bugging me that much. I don’t want to care, it makes no sense.”

Cyrille stepped closer, his hands moving to carefully settle on Mira’s shoulders where they gave a gentle squeeze, followed by a rub. Giving massages wasn’t something he excelled at but he tried to tell himself it couldn’t hurt. It helped that Mira wasn’t tense beneath his lightly working hands. “It’s just one of those things, at times the weirdest of stuff is going to set us off and we won’t even be able to understand why. Maybe you should try for a shower to relax you and read a book on one of those subjects you’d rather your mind focus on.”

Mira mumbled, his words inaudible but he was growing lax under those hands. Cyrille assumed the mumbling was closer to mindless uttering than anything that could hold any true meaning. Eventually, he pulled his hands back but leaned down to kiss the teen’s cheek softly. “Go on and have a shower, read a book, I’m sure you’ll be able to manage some rest after that, it’s late.”

With that, he excused himself from the bedroom and slipped back into the living room where the other half of the twinset still was sulking. He rolled his eyes, mussing Agni’s hair before he was stepping around the couch to sit down next to the other.

“I think we’ve managed to avoid a war being started.” Cyrille kept his voice light, trying for amusement and Agni rolled his eyes lightly though he sighed moment later and sunk a little deeper into the couch.

“We all have bad days, this is just one of them, don’t worry about it. How about we watch another movie before we sleep?”

Agni’s eyes brightened at the idea and he was on his feet within seconds. He walked to the small collection they had and dug through it. He huffed as he went through the pile once and then looked at it a bit more carefully. Obviously, he wasn’t really finding what he was hoping for as a movie but Cyrille let it be. He knew there were no zombie movies in that collection and he figured it was for the best. Zombie discussions could be had at a later date when bad days were a thing of the past.

After a few more moments of looking, Agni picked up one particular box and set the disc into the player. From where he was crouched, he moved to turn the television on, put the box down and wandered back to the couch where he flopped again, almost bumping into Cyrille as he did. He laughed softly.

“Couldn’t find what I really wanted but this one is good too.” From the dvd’s menu, Cyrille couldn’t really make out what the movie might have been and he didn’t ask. If it was something Agni was wanting to watch, then they’d watch it and that would just be that, in the end, that was all he cared about at this point, a little bit of peace.

“So long as we keep the volume to a decent level so as to not bother your brother, I know he’s probably going to be reading for a while before he sleeps.”

Rolling his eyes, Agni reached for the remote, checking the volume to make sure it was just so and then pressed play on the movie. He didn’t much care if it bothered his brother right now but he wasn’t all that cruel and he could try to be nice.

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