it’s futile

They had been walking together, side by side, bundled up securely, a paper bag of freshly baked and still warm bread inside their reusable bag when suddenly the rain started to pour out of absolutely no where. They took refuge, as best as they could, under an awning, looking out to the sudden downpour, not really able to understand where it had come from.

“The sky was clear and bright when we came out, where the hell did this come from?” Quentin looked out from his huddled spot, knowing he was still getting somewhat wet as the awning wasn’t exactly that big though it did some of the job it was supposed to, that was keeping them from getting soaked to the bone in this more than sudden pour of absolutely cold rain.

Yael, standing next to him, shrugged but stepped back a little more to move away from the edge of the awning, his pants were already beginning to get wet, this hiding out thing was going to be futile, he had a feeling, they’d be wet one way or another. “I don’t know, it was chilly but clear out just moments ago and now we’re just- we can’t stay here, Quentin, this place isn’t even staying dry. We’ve got hoods, we’ve got out coats, the only thing we can really do is run home. We’ll be wetter but we’ll be home sooner and we can have a hot shower to warm back up again.”

It did seem to be the only option, the rain was falling thickly, as if someone had really overfilled the cloud and had decided that this very particular spot was where it was supposed to pour out. As he tried to look off in the distance though he couldn’t make out much for how bad the rain was, he was sure he could see where it seemed to more or less literally stop. At least he assumed that this was what he was seeing, he wasn’t sure.

Quentin looked in the direction his companion was looking and he braced himself. He pulled his hood over his head, knowing it wouldn’t do much good but there was only so much they could do. The rain didn’t look to be about to stop and he didn’t really want to stay where he was for much longer. “All right, on three we just run. I can carry the bag, don’t let go of my hand, I don’t really want to lose you in this rain!”

Yael laughed, his head shaken though he pulled his hood up and slipped his hand to Quentin’s own. He could barely see across the street, he knew the rain was going to sting something bad but they had to get out from under that awning and they had to get home. They’d heal from whatever this rain would do to them, he just hoped their bag was waterproof enough to keep their breakfast bread intact.

His hand securely wrapped around Yael’s own, Quentin counted up and on three they took off at a run. He almost hit a pole but Yael’s sudden tug at his hand moved him just enough to avoid an accident that would have been more than a little painful. After a couple of blocks, they slowed down, just enough. The rain was letting up where they were at and they were already soaked to the bone, it was unpleasant.

“I wonder if Mira could have control over that kind of thing.” The bread was now sitting on the counter, cut into thick slices. Yael still had a towel over his shoulders and about the end of his hair. They had showered and dried up, their coats, pockets emptied, had been dropped into the dryer for some much needed help. They’d known that just hanging them up wouldn’t have done any good.

“I guess it depends on how well he controls his gift and how strong he is. I mean, think about it, that was a lot of rain and some heavy stuff, maybe he could, maybe he couldn’t I don’t really know for sure but I guess it doesn’t really matter. His gift is his to control.”

“Yeah I know but I mean, imagine if he’d been out there with us, you think he could have been able to keep us dry?” Yael took one slice of the bread, buttering it up just slightly, just enough. Quentin blinked, shrugging lightly as he did the same.
“It’s possible he would have been able to but he wasn’t with us, we got ourselves soaked but the bread still is a little warm and I think that makes up for it.”

With a laugh, Yael shook his head and gathered his plate of fruits and cheeses before he settled at the table with the bread and his glass of tea. They had been soaked to the very bone when they’d come back inside, their clothes absolutely wet. The reusable bag where they’d stored the bread had begun to be soaked through just the same but barely, the paper bag the breads themselves had been in still had been dry for the most part. Just a couple of wet spots but that had been it.

“What have we learned today?”

“We take our umbrella with us no matter that the weather is absolutely perfect and nice?” Yael snickered, shaking his head as he took a bite of his sliced bread with a soft sigh. This was good food though he still felt a little chilled inside. “Or we ask Mira to walk with us.”

“I don’t even know if our umbrellas would have held for how hard it was falling down. I had leftover bits of already healing bruises on my arms when we came inside, that was bad. Almost like hail but too wet and not solid enough though it felt pretty solid when it fell.”

“I guess it doesn’t really matter much at this point, we’re inside, it’s warm, we’ve got our food and while I’m still a little chilled, at least I’m mostly dry and I know that if I still do feel chilly I can take a bath later on. That or we push up the temperature in the pool and we have ourselves a long swim and dip.”

“Two very valid options, for now, food, yes?”

“Well I’m already eating, you’re the one who’s just talking and not eating.”

Quentin, rolling his eyes, took a bite out of his bread slice after having added a bit of jam to the very end. He knew there was nothing he could do about the strange bit of rain that had fallen over their heads but he still couldn’t really wrap his mind about the sudden rain, it made no sense, the sky had been perfectly clear when they’d stepped out and it still had been absolutely clear when they had stepped out of the bakery.

It baffled him, confused him really. He knew about freak storms but this hadn’t really seemed like it. Not that there was much he could do about any of it at this point so he tried to let it be. Focused on what was in front of him instead of thinking about what had happened in the past. “I’m eating, I’m just trying to understand what happened. I keep on telling myself that it just happened and that we can’t really change any of it but I still can’t really let it go.”

Shrugging, Yael offered him a half-smile, as if to let him know that there really wasn’t a whole lot they could do about the situation.

“What if it was someone who made it happen? What if someone out there is out to get us?”

“You’ve watched too many James Bond movies, Quentin. I can’t imagine why anyone out there would want to do that kind of thing to us, we keep to ourselves, we don’t bother anyone, why try to, what, soak us to death? I just don’t know. Try not to think about it, really.”

He did try, he would but that was as futile as staying under the awning had been.


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