your slogan

“Oh, oh! What about ‘Even your wet dreams are made of chocolate’?” Besides him, Lex groaned and rolled his eyes. Eoghan had been trying to find a new slogan for his chocolaterie. All of them were corny but every new one he uttered was even cornier than the last. He didn’t know how much longer he could last and not begin to shake the other to get him to stop. It had been amusing at first but now it was just flat out silly and it made no sense to him, none whatsoever.

“Eoghan, enough, everything you utter has a dirty side to it. While it might bring in the attention of some customers I’m pretty sure it would scare off the rest.”

“But Lex, you’re doing adult chocolates more than anything else later, I’m pretty sure most folks who order from you are consenting adults willing to hear that kind of slogan.” Lex rolled his eyes again, reaching out to lightly swat at his companion and lover.

“At this time of the year, yes, I seem to get more adult-shaped chocolate but during the rest of the year, that’s not the case. The few I get during the summer since I don’t really do bigger pieces are all normal things and-“

“You can’t want to claim that the requests you get for Valentine’s day are ‘normal’, let alone safe for kids.”

“Well no, of course not.”

“So why not something with a bit of a naughty feel to it?”

“I don’t really need a slogan, Eoghan. Information about me gets out through word of mouth. People talk about their good experience to their friends and those people get in touch with me. Then there’s the website and even that is a chore to keep up to date. I really should just set up different pictures of what I can do without custom information and set up the rest with a ‘contact me if you want anything else, most everything is possible for a price’ or something.”

“You’re boring, Lex.” Eoghan stuck his tongue out, knowing he was childish and Lex chuckled softly, a low, slightly tired sort of sound. There had been a huge disturbance in the air in the earlier morning and he hadn’t been sure what to make of it, it had woken him up out of a dead sleep, way early in the morning, earlier than he usually was up and about and he hadn’t been able to get back to sleep once it had passed.

Letting go of the whole idea for the slogan, Eoghan took a moment to look Lex over, a soft frown finding his lips as he did. “You honestly look a little like shit and you’ve been up earlier than usual, are you okay?”

Shrugging, Lex ran a hand through his hair before he was looking out the nearest window, off into the distance, as far as he could see. “I don’t know, I just felt something wrong this morning, as though a gifted person had pulled massive amount of energies into a single point. I don’t know why.”

Lips still to a frown, Eoghan scooted closer, looking up to his lover a moment, worry etched all over his face. “You’re saying that there might be someone out there who might be using their gifts for reasons they shouldn’t? On a big scale?”

Lex answered the question with a shrug and a sigh, rubbing a hand over his face again. He hadn’t liked the sensation of it though he hadn’t really felt anything evil in that energy shift, he’d just felt the shift. “It didn’t feel like someone trying to harm someone else, just like, I don’t know, it almost felt like an idiot trying to play a joke or something, I don’t know. I’m surprised you didn’t feel it, you’re usually attuned to these things more than me.”

“I usually am but not when it comes to someone with a gift like yours. I’m so used to the fluctuations of your gift that anything that might feel like that will go right on past my radar and I won’t know any better.” His voice was softly apologetic and Lex shook his head, managing the hint of a smile.

“Well, nothing seems to have exploded, I see no smoke, so no fire and nothing looks out of place, maybe I just imagined it.” It seemed more than a little unlikely but there wasn’t much they could do about it at that point.

“If it happens again, soon as you feel something you tell me and I’ll try to reach out in that direction to see what I might be able to feel, otherwise, I guess we’ll just have to leave it be. We’re all right, there’s no one out there in this city who knows about us or our gifts and who might be out to try to hurt us.” He was trying to sound reassuring and he didn’t feel as though his words held much strength in that regard. “We can bring it up to the others, see if they haven’t sensed anything themselves and if they have, we can try to find more information in whatever way is available to us.”

Lex nodded, trying not to think too much about whatever it was he had felt. He didn’t know what it was and focusing on it now wouldn’t really get him anywhere, he knew. He tried to leave it be. He even plastered on a smile of sorts before he turned his gaze back to his life mate. “So, how about you fling another slogan at me to see if you still suck at them?”

The rest of their day had gone without a hint. There hadn’t been another surge, there had been no news of anything unusual happening in the city though the weather folks had talked about a sudden downpour in one particular area of the city while there really hadn’t been any clouds in the sky.

There wasn’t a slogan picked yet and Lex still was of the mind that he didn’t really need one. Eoghan had stopped uttering the silliest of phrases that came into his mind and they had spent most of their days just relaxing and doing little more than what was absolutely necessary: rest, food, slight bathroom breaks, a check-up on Adela and that was mostly it.

The setting sun found them settled in front of the crackling fireplace, the tie-dyed green and black blanket set out over them. Words were not uttered, only the quietness of their breathing was present as they relaxed and appreciated the peace that was offered to them at that point. It was rare, as of the past while, for them to have a day where nothing was required of them. No commissions, no work to be done on the building. The paperwork had been written up, or was in the process of being written up for the church to be bought and eventually—quickly Eoghan hoped—fixed so it could be turned into the best library ever.

“Lex?” Eventually, Eoghan did shift, turning his head just so, barely. He didn’t want to move, he was too comfortable to move.

“Mmhm?” Lex’s answer was a simple little sound, he kept his eyes closed, his breathing slow and steady, he too was plenty comfortable and didn’t really feel like moving.

Above him, Eoghan chuckled and closed his eyes, settling his weight so he could press his face to his lover’s throat with a low, content note. “Love you.”

The words, not often spoken though they still were known, warmed Lex who breathed a sigh of content. He curled his arms tighter around the other, holding him as close as he dared. “And I you, lame slogan and all.”

“HEY!” Eoghan straightened up, their trapped heat escaping with his motions as he moved to pout down at the other. “I resent that, take it back.”

“Nope, I’m sorry but your slogans are lame, I love you anyway. If you don’t settle and keep more heat from escaping, I’m not giving you any tonight.”

That seemed to do the trick well enough and Eoghan huffed—a playful sound this time—before he settled back down again, tucking the blanket just so about them. “You play dirty.”

“You love me for it.”

“And I do, I’m screwed.”



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