growing love

“I think that what we have here is a case of love-hate relationship. Those always start pretty slow but the moment you get them going, they kinda grow exponentially until one side takes over. At least that’s my experience with that. I honestly hated tap-dancing when I started but eventually it sorta grew on me. Now I love it and I wouldn’t really want to go back in time and change my mind.” Cyrille shrugged gently, watching Mira a moment as the latter sucked on his fingers a little. The teen really was trying a little too hard with the harp, especially with no idea at all as to what he was doing.

At the very least he hadn’t tried to fling the heavy thing away, he’d merely gotten up from the little bench his brother had bought along with the instrument and he’d walked away. Agni had decided to retire to his room, put his headphones on and had turned to one of his games. It spoke poorly of his desire to ‘endure’ his brother as Mira discovered the secrets of the harp.

Cyrille simply smiled lightly at the younger teen, offering him a moist towel for his fingers. Mira took it with a sigh as he looked back to the instrument. “It hates me. I want to love it but it hates me and I don’t know how to make it love me.”

“Mira, it’s wood with strings, while a lot of people might want to claim it has a soul and I suppose it could, it just is an object, it has no mind to actually hate you. I’m pretty sure that even if it did have a mind of its own, it wouldn’t hate you. You’re too sweet and kind for anyone to hate you.”

Blushing, Mira ducked his head, wiping his fingers lightly on the soft towel.

“Just give it a few days, over the weekend I’ll get in touch with my friend and I’ll see if you can’t be taught a little. Just an hour or so every week to get you started. More than likely at the studio but I’m not really worried about that. They’re good with new folks who want to learn to play these instruments and they’re patient as can be.”

“I take it Agni disappeared off into his room because my random plucking got on his nerves and he preferred his music and his games?”

Cyrille offered Mira a wry smile as his only answer, a soft shrug touching his shoulders in that ‘Can’t really be helped, I’m sorry’ sort of way.

“He’ll hate having bought me this gift before long, I’m sure of it.”

“On the contrary, once you learn the basic, I’m sure he’ll just sit at your feet and stare up at you wide-eyed at how well you play. If he doesn’t, I know I most likely will. I used to do that with Magali, even when she was just beginning to play. I was so fascinated by the way she pulled music from what I used to call the beast. I was such a tiny kid when I was young, her harp towered over me.” He laughed and stepped out of the hallway, heading off to the living room where he dropped to sit on the couch with a stretch.

“Are you sure?” Mira followed him, fingers still holding onto the towel and he moved to sit on the floor, his head resting lightly against the older teen’s knee. “I guess you must be. Can you tell me about one of your trips?”

“Any in particular you want to know more about? There have been a few and I’m sure none of them are all that interesting but I guess that’s because I lived through them and they weren’t up to my expectations.”

Shifting his weight slightly, Mira closed his eyes, a soft humming escaping his lips as he thought long and hard—for all of about a couple of heartbeats. “What about your trip to the jungle?”

“There have been a couple of those. You want the one where we went on the water or the one where we all stayed cooped up inside because dad hadn’t really checked the season and we ended up going during the heavy-rainfall season? I think they called is monsoon season or something.”

“The water one.”

“One story about my trip to the jungle when we went on the water coming right up.”

“So when we got back to this place we were more or less renting to sleep in, we were all exhausted, drenched and had ourselves a few more bug-bites than we’d expected but oh, we’d had fun, we’d found fish and we’d just discovered so much.” Cyrille’s voice had dropped to a murmur halfway through his story as he felt Mira’s breath on his knee evening out to a slow, steady pace. It had been a long day and after the gifts had been opened and the cake eaten, Mira had tried for the harp, Agni had disappeared into his room and things had just led to where they were now.

Despite knowing that the other was fast asleep, Cyrille had kept on with his story, just in case that sleep was light and he would wake from it. When he was finally done, he stretched lightly, carefully and he moved his weight. He lifted Mira’s arms from his leg, got up and carefully put those arms back down on the couch cushion.

He kneeled next to the other and moved to pick up that sleep-heavy body, making sure to cradle that head along his shoulder. He carried Mira off to his room, setting him on his bed. He leaved his clothes as they were, not wanting to invade his privacy. Instead he merely tucked the youth into his bed, tugging the sheets up to his chin.

Cyrille pressed a kiss to Mira’s temple before he moved back to the door. He stopped in its frame, looking back to the sleeping one. He smiled. “You’ll do just great once you get a few basic lessons, I’d bet a lot on that. Sleep sweet, Mira.”

He turned off the light, pulled the door mostly closed, leaving it just barely ajar and he moved to the door across from it, knocking once before he stepped inside. The room was quiet, no lights on except the one coming from the computer. From the motion of the shadows he could see of Agni, he could tell that whatever game was on, it still was being played.

Cyrille stayed and watched for a few moments before he shook his head and stepped back out of the room. Cyrille knew that Agni staying awake too long would leave for one rather cranky teenager tomorrow but he knew better than to try to disturb him now to remind him that it was getting late and that they had work in the morning. There was no way he was reaching out and startling the teen. He’d seen gamers be pulled from their games only to get pissed off for one reason or another, he wasn’t chancing it.

He stepped into his room, stretching with a yawn. Today had been a good day, the meal had been delicious, they’d both had a slight taste of red wine—Agni had found it strange tasting and Mira had wrinkled his nose in almost disgust at it—and gifts had been given and received. All in all, quite a good day really. He felt good about his life, he felt as though, for once, he actually belonged somewhere, it was a feeling he hadn’t felt in some years.

Changing, he turned off his lights before he slipped under his covers. No longer did he think this room as being Zora’s. It was his though the colours still bothered him to a slight point. He’d thought about painting everything over though he’d have to discuss it with the twins. Maybe after the new year if he still was sleeping there.

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