A few final, high school grade exams had already been gone through. It seemed easier, for the twins, to learn about one particular subject for a while, go through a few exams to see how well they were learning and then ease into another subject to go back to that other subject a few months later. French they had gone through, English was nearly done (Eoghan stated that English was almost a necessity if they ever went to the states, where he’d lived most of his life). Math was coming along well enough, science. History though, that was another story altogether, at least as far as one of those particular twins was concerned.

“So, not even that long ago, you’re telling me that people had slaves? I can understand servants, folks you’re paying to help you around the house, like butlers and gardeners and stuff, but slaves really?” Agni looked up, a disgusted sort of look crossing his face at the idea of slaves. He’d heard of the stuff in story books but he’d never really grasped that it was real, that there really had been slaves. It all had seemed like some twisted form of faery tale and it hadn’t been right by his book.

“Ugh, this history stuff suck why do we have to study it?”

Mira rolled his eyes at his brother and pondered, again, the idea of closing his door. Ever since they’d first opened their history book, now looking into stuff that was well beyond cavemen old, Agni had complained about a lot of things.

Mira didn’t much care for what he was reading but he knew there wasn’t much he could do about it, if at all really. It was all in the past, none of them could turn back time to try to ‘make things right’. He also knew that trying to change the past could very well have terrible consequences.

Agni, on the other hand, kept on going on about how everything was absolutely heartless and it wasn’t right that they’d suffered, these poor people. “You’re a true knight, Agni. You’d save the whole world. You have to remember that all of this is in the past, even if you complain about it now, it’s not going to change anything.”

“You suck.”

Having had enough, Mira rolled his eyes, sighed and stepped to his door. He closed it gently, seeing no point in slamming it. He wasn’t angry, he had no reason to be angry. He just didn’t really want to hear his brother going on about how history sucked and how everything recently sucked.

He pressed his forehead to his closed door, breathing in deeply and holding it in. After a few moments, he exhaled and tried to not let it get to him. His brother was just having a rough time of life in general lately, it had nothing to do with him though he felt as if he was on the receiving end of most of those taunts and that anger. He hoped it passed soon.

Cyrille had told Mira, in a joking manner, that he thought Agni might very well simply be sexually frustrated, he needed a bit of release and might simply not have any idea of how to take care of it. Mira had blinked at him, staring blankly for a second or two before he’d managed a weak chuckle and a just as weak curl of his lips. Cyrille had hugged him and told him to be strong, that it would eventually pass.

“Magali told me that I used to be a real monster, I’d tell everyone to get lost and I’d slam doors and just, I was frustrated with everything that had to do with my life but I managed to get over it. I’m not saying it’s going to be an instant sort of thing but I think we just need to give him time.”

Time was all Mira could give at this point.

When he heard the tell-tale sounds of his brother’s game even through his closed door, Mira stepped into the hallway. He moved to silently close Agni’s bedroom door, startling when he saw Cyrille just a few paces away from him. Mira smiled faintly, rubbing the back of his neck. “Looks like he’s given up on studying for today and his gaming sound was just too loud for me so I just closed his door. You’re back now?”

Cyrille smiled, nodding as he walked down the hallway, turning when he went into the kitchen. “Yeah, I got everything I needed from the store and I came back. I didn’t feel like being out there, it’s so chilly, you’d think we have a foot or so of snow out there while we don’t even have that much at this point. I did get you guys something but if Agni still wants to sulk, I’m just going to end up putting his portion away. I think you deserve a break.”

Mira opened his mouth but closed it, figuring it was best not to bother his brother at this point, it was safer to put whatever the surprise was, at least that one portion, away, to wherever it was supposed to go.

“So what did you get?” Mira tried to peer into the bags but Cyrille tsked at him softly. Mira stuck his tongue out and stepped back out of the way.

“Careful, Mira. I might want to really see the two of you as my adorable kid brothers I’d do anything for but if you stick your tongue out I might just have to show you that you’re supposed to use it properly when you do stick it out like that.”

Blinking, Mira stared for a long moment, his gaze blank as he tried to wrap his mind around what he’d just been told. He shook his head, still not grasping it and Cyrille laughed, he leaned closer, his lips nearly brushing his friend’s ear. “Usually the saying is ‘don’t stick out your tongue unless you intend to use it’. There’s a few different ways for someone to use their tongues, most of them not usually shared between brothers. All of them really.”

He leaned back, laughing softly as Mira seemed to give this a bit more thought and eventually he blushed, as deep a red as his brother’s hair colour. “Okay, not sticking my tongue out again.”

“I’m hurt, don’t you want a kiss from me?” His voice still gentle and teasing as he put away a few things into the cupboard.

“I would, I think, but not if you wouldn’t want it, plus, I don’t know, I’d feel as though Agni might want one too—from you that is—and I don’t think it’d be fair and you’re the best friend I’ve ever had and I don’t want to ruin that and-“

Cyrille closed the gap, pressing just the barest of touches to Mira’s lips, mostly to quiet him down. “I’m a very affectionate friend. I’m not saying I’ll start French kissing you but you know. Whatever happens will and that’s not going to tear us apart, I promise.”

Mira, still tomato-red, ducked his head, his fingers brushing lightly across his lips. When he looked up, his eyes were wide, filled with wonder.

“Here, cotton candy.”

He blinked as Cyrille handed him the very bright pink bit of- he wasn’t sure what it was, it seemed almost cloud-like.

“You take small bites, it’s very sweet, it’s pretty much just sugar.”

He did tear off a small bit, putting it in his mouth, his eyes widening as it melted almost within a few seconds. “That is pretty cool!”

“I thought you’d like. Just a little for now, it’s pretty sweet and since I know you two aren’t really used to sweet things, I don’t want to feed you too much only to realize you’re really not digesting it well.”

“Thank you, Cy.”

“You’re welcome.”

“I mean- for everything. Thank you.”

“I’m your friend, Mira. That’s not going to change.”

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