ethnic food

“I don’t know where in the world we’re supposed to go for this week’s supper.” Eoghan was looking at the wide map of the world pinned to his wall. He had marked with tiny little pines, where they’d already ‘been’, that was, where he’d gotten his inspiration for their meal for their weekly shared supper. “I know that there is a world of different ethnics out there but it feels as though we’ve skimmed them all. I know that’s not true but I can’t help it.”

Lex, leaning against the frame of the door, studied the map from where he stood. The pins were scattered everywhere, that had tasted to most widely known food styles, maybe now it was time to pick an area and dig deeper into what came from these very people. At least, that’s how he saw it and he knew his companion was only looking for a simple enough answer.

He stepped deeper into the brightly lit room. The sky was cloudless but the air was cold, it was not a day to really spend outside unless absolutely bundled up. He eased up to the map, letting his fingers hover over the areas where there were some pins. There were none around the Russian area and this he understood well enough. It was an unspoken rule that they mostly avoided talking about the place and that included its food and the rest. Quentin still wasn’t all that comfortable with anything that had to do with Russia though Lex figured that eventually—even if it took a couple of decades or so—that discomfort would fade.

“It’s been some time since we’ve had some Spanish food though, I could help you prepare up one of these huge paellas that feed so many people we’re usually stuck with leftovers?”

Eoghan’s eyes brightened at the idea. He looked to Spain on his map and nodded. There was one pin in Portugal, there was also one in Spain but he knew it went back a certain amount of time since they’d ‘visited’ the culture and food of the place. It wasn’t such a bad idea. “You’re a life saver!”

Lex laughed, shaking his head as he turned to look the desk over, he located the pins Eoghan used to make where they were eating ‘at’ for that particular Friday and set the white pin there. Once the meal was had, the pin would be changed into another colour but white pins were for eventual meals.

“I don’t see how I’m a life saver, you’re just an absolute worry-wart. We’ve had our shared meal just yesterday, you still had a whole week ahead of you to fuss and fret about what kind of food you wanted.”

Sticking his tongue out, Eoghan turned his gaze back on the map, studying it with a soft sigh. “I’ve been to most everywhere on this planet. In a general sense that is. I don’t honestly recall where I felt more at home though. A house here and there, a summer home, it was all nice and dandy but I just feel a stronger connection here.”

“Well for one, you have friends here.”

“I had friends everywhere!”


“Okay, fine. I suppose I couldn’t really call any of them real friends. Half of them were trying to miserably use me for my money and the other half couldn’t have cared less if they’d found me dead in a ditch. Still, I did make some real friends over the years, we just don’t much keep in touch but when I visit they welcome me with open arms.”

“As I was saying though. For one thing you do have friends here, people you almost consider family. I’ve known you for a really long time and you’ve never done that kind of thing before. Befriended people, let them stay over, eat with them, share secrets with them but you’re open with our group here more than you’ve ever been with anyone else. For two, you’ve got these kids pretty much depending on you, I think that changes someone.”

He paused, looking Eoghan over quietly. The younger demon’s face was wide open, vulnerable, he would have gobbled up anything at this point, though Lex only spoke the truth as he saw it. He had no reason whatsoever to lie to his lover, after all.

“If I somehow still had it in me to be an idiot—I’m not saying I don’t—and I decided to leave this place because of my powers again, I wouldn’t even try to drag you with me, hell I’d probably try to convince you to stay here because here is where you belong. Now come on, you’ve picked your next supper theme, it’s time to do something else.”

With a soft laugh, Eoghan stepped away from the map and out of his studio, following the taller man into the living room where he took a quiet look about. This really was his life, it was how wanted it and how peaceful he felt about it all. He didn’t want to be anywhere else.

“I don’t know why you worry so much about the meal ‘themes’ as it is. Once the meal is over or while we’re serving it or even before they leave, you could ask them where they might want to ‘go’ on the following Friday, I bet you could get a fair few different ideas if you gave it a chance.” Lex, his arm curled about Eoghan’s waist, had nearly drifted off. They’d settled by the fireplace, its soft crackle and the barely there echoes of some classical music were the only things breaking the otherwise very peaceful silence of their home.

“I feel that if I don’t pick and wow them with the week’s choice, they might just decide that they don’t really want to bother coming again and we’ll not be able to keep going through with the meal and movie night. I think it’d be a shame.”

“Eoghan, they still came when you mentioned, during one of the meals, that the following was a ‘bring something from where you were born’ week. They all love coming up here, eating good food and then watching a movie. Plus, if the interest dwindled for any reason, we could slow it down and do it every other week or once a month. Nothing is forcing anyone to do this every week, you just do it because you want to.”

Shrugging lightly, Eoghan closed his eyes, listening to the fireplace, listening to the barely audible notes of classical. He figured it was the radio sitting at the other end of the room with the volume nearly down to zero, it was perfect this way. “I guess I’m just insecure and I don’t want these people to walk away from me.”

“They all depend on you one way or another, no one is going to walk away from you.”


“Agni is a teenager and he’s going through a thing. You told Mira the same thing last time he apologized about his brother’s behaviour. I’m pretty sure you were that way at one point in your life. I can’t really claim I might have been the same because life was pretty different back then but that’s aside the point. The point here is that they’re not going to walk away. Armin looks up to you to keep on helping him make progress with his gift.”

“He’s making really good progress.”

“Thanks to you. The twins look up to you as a sort of father figure. They need you in their lives and that’s all there is to that. I’m here too and I’m not going anywhere, if you think you’re getting rid of me that easily, you’re sadly mistaken.” He nipped Eoghan’s earlobe lightly, playfully. Eoghan yipped, his eyes wide and startled though he laughed, letting go, for the time being, of all his worries concerning his friend. He was so used to people who made use of him and then walked away that this was just a little different from the norm. He’d adapt, he knew.

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