a red blanket

Had this taken place in Quentin and Yael’s home, it is likely that there would have been red yarn scattered everywhere. Yael had tried knitting once, just once. It had ended up in a disaster. In several small, four legged disaster that had thought the huge ball of yarn for a toy and they’d gone at it. There had been yarn everywhere, knotted in all places and there had been several tangled kitties. He’d left the textile part of being artsy to Quentin.

This however, this was taking place in the second-floor apartment of the building next door where one particular teenager had thought that maybe, just maybe, he could try to knit a pretty red blanket for his brother. It had started well enough really, he’d managed a tiny bit of progress before things had seemingly taken a completely unexpected turn.

To the untrained eyes, that was, everyone in this building and the building next door as honestly, it may just be hard to find someone with an eye trained for these things, Mira looked as though he’d had himself the fight of his life with a huge ball of deep red yarn and he’d lost. The inanimate yarn had won the fight and it had won it easily.

At that very point in time, while his brother had wandered off with their friend to buy a few things they needed for their pantry, Mira had tuned all of his patience in, focusing as best as he could as he tried, mostly vainly, to untangle himself from his mess.

He was making very, very slow progress but he was making progress. Had he had his brother’s gift, he would very simply have set the thing on fire and called that a night but he wasn’t and he didn’t really want to ruin yarn that still could be perfectly good. He still could mostly wander around though he was well wrapped up in the mock spider’s web of red yarn. He’d found the ball that hadn’t been completely unravelled and he slowly did that.

Once it was fully unravelled, he wrapped the clear end around a piece of cardboard and he started rolling it up again. He hoped that by rolling it up, there would be less of it to get tangled and he could have a better grip of everything. When he finally had all the loose yarn rolled up properly and cleanly, he started, again, the process of trying to get himself out of that mess.

Mira heard the door click open and closed and he looked down at himself. He’d managed to get out of about half of the mess. He didn’t know whether or not he wanted his brother to see him in this mess, it might ruin whatever surprise he had been hoping to achieve for Christmas. Cyrille finding him this way might not have been as bad though Mira could only imagine he might end up being the butt of a few jokes if that were to happen.

Shaking his head, he turned his gaze back to where he’d been, trying to work out one particularly kinked up tangle. It had been troublesome. For a while, he’d put the slowly growing ball of yarn down to try to work on the other end of it, the end where he’d started at but he couldn’t even find it in the mess of everything so continuing with the rolled end of it was his only option at that point. Though he was rather growing exhausted about it.

He ignored the footsteps coming towards his door, not wanting to lose his focus on the task at hand. But the voice that spoke his name was soft, it held just a soft note of amusement, it was barely there.

“I suck at knitting, it seems. I don’t want to just trash it, I really, honestly want to finish untangling it, I know I can make use of it but just..” He shrugged, exhaustion finally catching up with him now that he wasn’t absolutely and completely focusing on his task at hand.

“Well for one, I’m thinking we could wiggle you out of it without getting any more tangles started or knots worsened, that might just be the first step. I’m curious as to how you’ve managed to get yourself tangled without any help but I won’t ask.”

“I wouldn’t have an answer for you. One moment I’m knitting, the next my ball of yarn rolls off my bed and to the floor, I go to get it and it just. I don’t know, it happened.” He stayed still as the taller boy stepped closer. He looked at the ‘mess’ from all angles before he nodded once, to himself.

“All right, I’m going to first get your shoulders out of the mess and the rest should mostly just fall off on its own, then we can stretch it out on the ground and I can see about helping you.”

“I can’t find the other end of the string but if you can, I think some help might be nice, I’m going crazy doing this but I want to get it done pretty badly.”

With a few tugs, Cyrille managed to get his friend free of the yarn. It was far from untangled but at least he didn’t have to keep standing in the middle of it while he worked, he imagined that this as a whole was going to be a huge relief.

Mira, once free, moved to sit on his bed, not even wasting a second. He sighed, closing his eyes as he rubbed his feet gently. “I don’t know how long you guys were gone but ouch, I’m not going anywhere for the next couple of hours, thank you.”

“No problem, let me sit here on the floor and see if I can’t get to the other end of that string. What got you interested in knitting?”

Mira shrugged, tugging lightly at the string that was stuck in the middle of his latest knot. “I think I was trying for holiday gifts that were hand made. I tried to think of what I could buy you guys and everyone else but everything I came up just wasn’t good enough. So I figured I’d try my hands at making stuff. So far, not so good.”

Cyrille laughed softly, fingers working on a knot on his end as he finally got his hands on the second end of the string. “I guess it’s one way of looking at things, Mira. It’s sweet that you’d want to make stuff for everyone else. If you figure out a good sort of gift, I think I might try to do something similar. This is going to be my first year where I’m not going to be on my own or just with Magali and I honestly don’t know the kind of gifts I should be giving to anyone. At least beyond what I’ve already given you guys for your birthdays. I found the other end, by the way.”

“Deal,” Mira looked over, exhaustion clear on his face though he was still as determined to keep working, “and that is great. I tried to find it a few different times but I just couldn’t manage.”

“When you’ve looked at this stuff for a while, it all starts to look the same and I imagine that it might have been like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I don’t mind helping you, by the way, don’t think I’m doing this because I think I have to. I want to help.”

“Thanks, Cy.”

“That’s what friends are for, Mira.”

Rubbing his eyes, Mira nodded and kept on working on his knot, a low sigh slipping from him when it came loose. It seemed that now that he was out of the mess, it all was coming undone much more easily than it had previously done to, he was more than a little glad for that. “I don’t know if I’ll manage food after that, I might try for sleep.”

“Once that’s undone, you rest, we’ll put your plate up for whenever you get back up, that’s all.”


“You’re welcome.”


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