bright lights

He suddenly found himself more than a little glad for the blackout curtains they had installed in their bedroom. While he usually didn’t mind staying up late into the night, there still were some limits, especially when he’d planned on being up early the following day. He’d almost been blinded just moments before he’d pulled the curtains shut.

“What’s with the lights?” Eoghan stepped into their bedroom, rubbing his eyes somewhat. He’d just come out of a hot, steaming bath, to wash away the stress of the day. He had made all the calls he’d needed to get the work started on the church and some of his contractors had proven to be a little temperamental.

He’d seen lights from the bathroom window, it had been what had pulled him out of his still steaming water though he knew he’d soaked long enough to feel a bit more relaxed than he’d been since coming back home after having had a long face-to-face talk with his hired help.

“I don’t know, I think they’re spotlights, they’re pretty bright. I hope the kids downstairs have good blackout curtains too because otherwise they might just not be able to get any sleep any time soon. I have no idea what they’re doing out there but it’s unpleasant. I can’t imagine they’re doing a red-carpet or something, not in this city. Maybe there’s just something special going on out there but it’s annoying.”

Lex moved to sit on the bed, looking to the window for a few moments before he shook his head. “We’re far enough from the rest of the city that we shouldn’t even have had that kind of issues, even with spotlight so they’re not even downtown. If the kids can’t sleep down in their apartment I’m sure we can set up the air mattresses in the movie room, darkest room in this whole building.”

Eoghan laughed softly as he finally turned the bathroom light off. There were soft lights in the bedroom itself, it was all he needed to see. “I think I’d been moments away from dozing off when this huge spotlight hit me in the face, I thought I’d dreamed it until it hit me again. Drained the water and here I am. Chilled to the bone.”

“Poor lover, how about you put on something comfortable to sleep in and we’ll settle into bed and try to warm you up nice and right, yes?”

They slept peacefully through their whole night. No visitors from the twins or anyone else seeking ‘refuge’ away from whatever the spotlights had been for. When morning swept about and Lex pulled the curtains up from their window, he looked out as far into the distance as he could, trying to see if there was anything at all left over from whatever it was that they’d seen the night before.

There was nothing.

When Eoghan joined him in the kitchen, latching onto a glass of orange juice with a soft humph, Lex shook his head with a soft chuckle. “I looked online, tried to see if I could find anything at all about celebrations or anything else and there was nothing. I’m thinking some shithead idiot found these spotlights and hooked them up somewhere, decided to shine them around. I suppose I could have stayed up to see how long it lasted but that wasn’t really part of the plan, you were more important.”

“I’d hope I’m more important than a blinding spotlight. I hope Yael and Quentin managed to get some sleep. I don’t know if their curtains were thick enough to block that out and they were even closer to the lights than we were. Whatever hit us must have gone through the glass windows of their upper floor.”

“More than likely. I’m sure we’ll hear about something or other before too long, I’m not too worried. Are you heading back out to the church today?”

Eoghan nodded with a sigh. He rubbed the back of his neck as he sipped at his orange juice. “Some of the guys feel like they shouldn’t be disturbing the church at all, I tried to find other folks but it’s like no one wants to step forward so I have to keep on reminding them that it’s just a building and that they’re not disturbing anyone and just, argh. At least all the windows are done for now.”

“Done windows are a good thing. You want me to come with?”

“No commissions today?”

Lex smiled, offering a bowl of cereal over as he shook his head. “None today and only a small piece due tomorrow and it’s already mostly done, I just need to finish carving in the details, that will hardly take long. We can have a look around while we drive to the work site and see if we don’t see something that’ll tell us more about the idiot and his or her spotlight, last night.”

“You’re the best.”

Lex couldn’t really understand why they were so reluctant to fix up the church. Now if they’d been panting everything black and adding in a few blood-red pentagrams, he could have understood but this didn’t really make sense. They were changing the windows, they were moving a few things around, they were fixing up a few more spot with heat, they were making sure everything was in tiptop shape. He knew the moving team itself wouldn’t be so easily bothered by the fact that this building, an old church indeed, was being transformed into a library. Chances it would see more people now than it ever had in the past.

While the workers were fixing things up in the lower level, he and Eoghan went upstairs to explore. They hadn’t actually looked up on the second floor, they didn’t really know what they had been expecting. In one area, almost a new room in itself, there was enough space for something big, it was a little dusty, as if it hadn’t seen anyone in a fair amount of time. The windows were stained glass as well but there was nothing in them that depicted Christianity in any of its form, they let it be.

The second floor, as it was, turned out to be much bigger than either one of them had really expected. Not really knowing what they would put up there yet, Eoghan decided that they would close off the access to the upper floor for the time being. It would have been a bad idea to chance anyone going up there and doing who knew what while there wasn’t anyone to keep track of things just yet.

As they settled back to the main floor, Eoghan pointed things left and right, letting his mind drift on the ideas he was having. That corner would be for the kids, that one area could be a reading room. This one over there would have the computers, they could even set up a sort of glass enclosure around it.

It would all come together beautifully, that was what he told himself and he believed it for all he was worth. He would pour his heart into this project, it was more than a little worth it and with some hope, it still would be there when everyone else currently alive on the planet, at least the mortals, had lived through their lives and new souls had taken their places.

Even after spending a full day at the work-site, looking things over, discussing this and that with the workers, even asking about the spotlight, they didn’t know what it had been about. They let it be, saw no need to really spend too much more time thinking about it. After all, it had only happened once and wouldn’t happen at again. At least, it was better if it was that way, if it happened again, they’d do something about it but for the time being, it didn’t seem as though it would be a real issue.


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