the colour yellow

“I will now and forever associate the colour yellow with evil.”

When he uttered those particular words, I mostly just stared at him, wondering what was going on through his head. It had been out of the blue, we’d all been just sitting in the living room, sitting quietly and peacefully, even Agni was with us. It was a strange change, usually he was busy in his room, playing his games but after he seemed to finally settle down a bit after his short ‘I don’t care’ phase, he left his games behind a little.

I don’t know who started the whole habit or why it was started at all but I can’t say I’m complaining about it. It’s nice, after we’ve come home from the library and after we’ve eaten some food, to settle in the living room, in front of the crackling fire, each with our book and we just read. I like helping them find new books to read and new worlds to discover.

Usually, of course, Mira prefers one particular genre though he reads through most anything that is fantasy or science-fiction based. Agni tends to prefer horror books or thrillers but now and again I get them to read something out of their so-called comfort zone and it doesn’t really seem to do anyone any harm, it just broadens their horizon.

“Should I ask to know why you will now associate that particular colour with evil?”

“It’s this book.” He answers, holding it up. I look at the book cover and read the title. I don’t recall seeing this book before, I suppose he might have found it on his own, that’s even better honestly as it means he’s branching out into other things all on his own. “There’s this villain in there and she’s just dressed in yellow from head to toe and I don’t know, the idea of yellow now makes me cringe somewhat.”

Mira looks up from his book, putting his finger where he’s at and closing it temporarily. It’s one of those habits he’s picked up when he only pauses in his book but doesn’t want to close it completely. “Canaries are yellow.”

“Canaries are evil.” Agni’s answer is calm and to the point, I still stare at him, trying to see how serious he is and I can’t honestly read his face. Mira tilts his head to the side, pushing up small glasses a little on his nose. Those are recent, I assume he’s had a long talk with Eoghan and they went to see someone about it. He only wear them when he’s reading. I think they look pretty good on him.

“Most baby ducklings are yellow.” I have a feeling I know where he’s going with this but it’s amusing to watch at this point so I let it happen, I’m pretty sure Agni will eventually cave in at something.

“Evil.” He shrugs, looking down to his book before he looks back up to his brother, almost as if challenging him to find something else.


“Evil and sour.”

Mira laughs at his brother’s answer and I have to admit that he has a mock-point on this one. Well, lemons aren’t evil but they are sour.


Agni pauses at this one as he starts to rethink his decision on yellow’s evilness. I’m doing all I can to not laugh, this is amusing me more than it should. I’m just glad these two are talking. Things have been tense during Agni’s little phase and they’re settling now, slowly but surely.

“Well he’s always bouncing around and annoying the other guy so I guess that makes him evil.”

A little far-fetched but still plausible, I can imagine, I don’t watch that show, myself. Agni looks around a moment, as if trying to draw some inspiration from what is surrounding us. He’s quiet for a few moments before his lips quirk into a smile that I know is more than likely there for a reason, I can only imagine that Agni is about to cave in.

“Pikachu is yellow. So are his evolutions as far as I know about that game.”

There goes Agni’s mouth, hanging open a little and he looks like he wants to say something but almost as if he’s not sure of how to utter it. I know that he’s started playing one of the many Pokémon games that are out there, I don’t know which exactly and I suppose it doesn’t really matter that much. If he likes the game, then it’s all that really matters on that subject. He frowns, looking down to the book, then back up to his brother, then to me. His eyes are almost begging me to come to his aid but I shrug at him lightly. This is his battle, not mine.

“Well pikachus aren’t real and so it doesn’t count.”

“You’re sorta contradicting yourself, Agni. If these little yellow balls of electricity aren’t real, then Spongebob isn’t real either and yet you said that he was evil. You can’t have one be evil and the other be ‘not real’, that’s not how it works.”

Agni falls silent, pouting as he looks long and hard at the book in his hands. I know that this is just one of those things. I’ve acted that way before. I’d finish reading a particular book and call a dislike of one particular thing for a few days up to a week. It’s just how I was though I’d been much younger. These two haven’t known how to read that long so I’m not all that surprised by this in the end.

“Okay, fine, yellow isn’t evil but this woman was and Pika isn’t evil.”

“I’m glad to know we agree on something.” Mira murmurs, his lips settled into an amused smile as he then ever so simply turns his attention back to his book, opening it up where he’d settled his finger. Mira really is the kind who will devour his way through most any books he’s handed, at least if they catch his attention. Who knows, maybe I can have him read Agni’s book to see what the yellow fuss is all about. That or I could just read it myself.

I look down to the book in my hands, more a manual than anything else. I suppose I’ve been trying to find a way to see if my family can be saved at all. My parents don’t much care now that we’re all of age and they weren’t around all that much while we were growing up. Magali’s cancer seems to come and go, though now it’s mostly gone and I can only hope she stays in remission until the end of her days, she deserves that much. Niall is an asshole who thinks the world owes him everything and if the twins’s sister Zora is dating him, then I pity her unless somehow he treats her better than the last girl he was with.

I’m just me though I know I have my issue and Élodie seems to have her own issues, one of them being that she can’t keep her legs shut. At least she’s steady about using protection, unless she’s not and she’s had a few different trips to the clinic. I’d rather hope that isn’t the case though, it wouldn’t really be right. Not that I’d want her to raise a kid in this kind of environment, I’d feel as though I’d have to take the little one under my wing or something and I’m not ready for that.

I shake my head, breathing a sigh before I set the bookmark where I last was and I close the book completely. It hasn’t really given me any answers I might need so far and I don’t know that it will but unless I give it a good read, I won’t know. It helped one of my older friends with her family problems and I’d think that if she can find answers in that book about her problems, I should be able to find answers for my own issues in there too.


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