This is one of the reasons why I don’t much care for technology though I know it makes most of our lives easier. Now and again though, this will happen. I was preparing to transfer a few new bought movies, I connected to the movie drive and nothing happened. I had to muck around with the thing for a while, rebooted it several times and only once did my computer ever manage to connect to it. I did the only thing I could. I left it online, knowing that, at least, that way, I would be able to read my stored files from it.

The issue I have is that this equipment is nearly brand new. Nearly. I suppose it might be a couple of years old so in terms of technology there’s nothing new but it annoys me that it would decide to stop working just now, without so much as a warning. It isn’t dusty, there’s no clogging of dirt in there, the ventilation is good, I just don’t get it. I tell myself that maybe it didn’t like being shipped from the states to France but honestly, that would make no sense. I would have bought it here but I didn’t find the one exact model I wanted. Plus, that was a couple of years ago now already so it couldn’t have been that.

I looked online, searched for another hard drive like the one I had as it had, up to that point, done an absolutely beautiful job. I found one, tried to see if I could find it here in France, found no close by retailer though I found one seller in England. Bought it and now I was left with a wait-for-it case. I didn’t know that I’d be able to use the drive for our next shared meal if it wasn’t replaced by then but I could only cross my fingers.

If it came down to it, I could get us reservations in a big restaurant somewhere and we’d go watch a late-evening movie. It wouldn’t hurt and it could be interesting, depending on the kind of movies that were playing in the theatres at that point of course.

I was still tinkering with the drive when Lex stepped into the brightly lit movie-room. We usually never had all the lights on in this room and I could only assume that he had been curious as to what I’d been doing in there.

“I might have a somewhat slighter drive that I don’t use in my things, it can still hold a pretty good amount of data, might want to try to migrate it from yours to mine, just in case? You can unplug it then and see if there’s something physically wrong with it?”

I was more than a little grateful that he’d offered that much, I really was. I hadn’t thought to ask him if he had anything left from his moves. I had known him to have a few different laptops before, for his works, but nothing that had the capacity of the drive I was using to store all those movies. “That might actually save my life. The power keeps on trying to flicker off and I don’t know if I’d be able to get it back online if that happened. I don’t want to lose all those movies. I know I could just get them all over again but there are years of buying and collecting in that movie.”

I’d spent a lot of time on this. When movies first started coming out to be watched at home, I bought those that way. The VHS, then the DVD type, then the Blu-ray. When computers came about and the ability to ‘rip’ a movie to the computer became available, I saw about transferring all of my movies, at least the ones I had in format that could be transferred. The rest I bought directly online. I knew I wasn’t doing anyone any harm. I owned all the movies I had ripped into my computer and I wasn’t letting anyone else borrow them or take them from me in any way, it was for my own viewing pleasure.

Lex stepped back out of the movie room, off into my own studio, something that surprised me as I hadn’t expected him to put any of his electronics in there though it made sense since he couldn’t really keep anything in his refrigerated work room for safety purposes.

He came back out with an external hard drive. I hooked it up to the main computer, the one I used for the movie database and instantly the machine saw it, installed the drivers and connected it properly. Once that was done, I selected the whole collection of movies I had and set to copy them. I didn’t really want to chance moving them and something crashing, files getting corrupted and whatnot.

This whole deal made me realize that I should have paid more attention, I guess. I went back to the website where I’d ordered the new hard drive from and sent them an email, asking them if they could add another one to the order. Double the order but at least that way I could back everything up. If one failed, I’d still have the other one on hand and I hoped to everything that might be willing to listen to me that it wouldn’t honestly be fair or right that both new drives might fail at once, that would just be absolute bad luck.

With the email sent, I went back to the movie room, just to make sure the copying process was keeping up a fair pace. I’d expected Lex’s external drive to be slow to transfer the stuff but it was working at a pretty fair pace, I was glad for that. Of course it would take a few hours to copy everything but I could live with that, so long as everything was copied without a fault.

Now that the older drive was being in use and not just in standby, it seemed to be holding steady, not trying to shut itself down. I uttered another slight prayer that it would keep up that wonderfully good work and I let it be. My hovering nearby would certainly not fix anything and it wouldn’t get the files out and about in the external drive any faster.

When I checked my computer an hour or later, I’d received confirmation that the second drive was going to be added to the shipment, I was sent another invoice and I confirmed everything. They already had my credit card and I knew they’d cancel the first order and set in the second one. At least, that’s how most places worked and I hoped that much. If they tried to scam me, I’d just work that out then but the people I’d written with so far at this point had seemed honest enough. Of course I can’t really read honesty through emails and typed words but I’ve been around a lot of people who tried to scam me and some of the tiny little details never really change, they can be picked up on well enough.

It took well into the evening before the files had been copied over into the external drive. I checked the file size and the number of files on both drive and they matched, I knew at the very least that there hadn’t been any issues with the copying of the stuff. It was comforting.

I unhooked the external drive then let the movie drive power down. I didn’t even try to see if I could power it back up again, I saw no point. I’d hook everything up with the new drives whenever they were delivered and I’d work with that. There was nothing else for me to do but wait at this point and though I hated waiting for these particular things, I tried not to focus too much about it. They’d be delivered in time.


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