a castle

“What about this one, Quentin?” Yael was looking through a few different books on castles, mostly the castles they had around in the country. None of them where anywhere close to where they lived and would require at least a little trip out but maybe, just maybe they could make it a one-day trip, leaving early in the morning and coming back more than likely rather late at night. So long as the food distributors worked and the litter-boxes were cleaned before they left, there really wouldn’t be any issues.

“It doesn’t look like much of anything if you ask me.” Quentin put his own book down, a magazine more than a book, and he looked over. “Isn’t that in the United Kingdom too?”

Yael blinked and looked down at the little label under the photo. “It’s in Ireland, actually. I was sure I was still in the local castles chapter, I must have moved past it without really realizing it. Guess none of the ones around this place are really appealing to me.”

He shook his head, a wry smile offered to his companion as he went back a few pages to at least get back up to the beginning of the chapter on the castles found in France.

“We don’t have to visit a castle, you know. We could just head back to the spa or just book up a carriage ride. That could be something, just the two us, a blanket on our lap, the guy up front with the reins and the horse or horses, just a quite ride in that huge park out there, I bet it’d be pretty sweet.”

“We could. It’s just I recall that visiting a castle was the first thing that ever made it onto our joined traveled list.” Yael shrugged, looking down at the book on his lap a moment before he was simple closing it and putting it down on the low table in front of him. “I don’t know anymore.”

“Here’s to another idea. We just enjoy ourselves a whole day of doing nothing. We wake up, we eat a nice, warm breakfast and we head back to bed or we head up top and watch the snow fall for a while. Maybe we can have a swim. Later at night, we can have ourselves a bubble bath to just relax. Just no worrying about the garden, no fussing about anything.”

Yael still didn’t look convinced but he managed a chuckle when Quentin flopped down across his lap. Worry replaced near immediately with amusement as the younger demon shook his head and looked down to his mock-lap warmer. “I guess we could do that. Just spend an evening cuddling by the fireplace, the tree up there in the corner, all beautiful and decorated, the gifts under it, hot tea or hot cocoa depending though we both know chocolate isn’t such a good idea for either one of us.”

“We can work out every little detail as the time draws nearer. I know our trips out there are a little limited right now because of our rather fluffy company though we both know we could ask the twins or even Eoghan to look in on them every day. I know I don’t feel good leaving them behind for more than a day or so and I’m sure you feel the same. We have our whole lives ahead of us. We can just take things slow for now, stay home, go out now and a gain and in a decade or two we’ll travel the world and see what it has to offer us.”

He still wasn’t moving from that lap at this point, comfortable and mostly amused by his position. It usually was Yael in this position, settled close and nestling up though never quite across the lap this way. This was new and it was different, it was amusing.

Yael reached out, his nimble fingers working loose the headband Quentin wore to keep his hair out of his face and set it down and out of the way. He then worked those fingers into his companion’s hair, massaging the scalp with slow, precise motion. Quentin breathed a deep sigh of content, letting his eyes flutter shut.

This was just one of those things, he knew Yael felt the same, hair being played with this way and scalp being massaged was wonderful though rare enough. He relaxed and let himself melt under the gentle care of his not-quite lover, feeling any tension he might have felt up to that moment vanish and melt away from him.

He murmured mindlessly for a few moments before he quieted down, letting their shared silence surround him. It was hardly a bad sort of silence, it was a silence he was more than a little comfortable with.

After some time, neither one of them much caring to keep track, Yael moved to tip Quentin’s head back lightly, just barely, he eased closer then, pressing his lips to his companion’s own in a soft, gentle sort of touch. He broke their contact, just a hair’s width, after a few moments. He smiled against Quentin’s lips, breathing out a soft chuckle. “I love you.”

The words, not often offered though always heartfelt earned another sweetly pleased sigh from the flopped one who reached out and snagged his hand to Yael’s shoulder, tugging himself back up and seated on that lap. This too, was unusual, it usually was Yael, despite his height, who was settled on Quentin’s lap.

“You’re my world. I don’t know how I survived without you in my life before.” Quentin’s words were murmured as close to Yael’s ear as he could get before he was settling just so, nuzzling against that throat and closing his eyes. He knew they didn’t need fancy dinners, didn’t need castle visits or spa trips though they were always a nice extra. Just being able to spend time together was all that he really needed and he hoped it was the same for the man he adored to no end.

Yael squeezed him, his arms about that waist, just hugging him tightly before he sighed and closed his eyes as well. “Let’s not move for some time yet.” It was so quiet in their home, no cats running amok, no kettle on the edge of boiling, no storm outside, just the soft and slow fall of a light lair of snow. The fire in their fireplace was crackling and that was the loudest thing around, they didn’t even have music playing.

Quentin hummed his answer against that throat as he relaxed right where he was. This was perfect, this was just the kind of thing he needed and wanted, he could never have asked for anything better in life.

Blindly, he reached out, fingers brushing across Yael’s chest, down his side and along until he found that hand he had been seeking. He curled their fingers together and breathed another sweet note of content. This was it. Castles could wait until they were all in ruins so long as he could have some time like this now and again, a little every day would have been perfect but he knew that might have been asking for a bit too much, he didn’t mind.

Eventually they would untangle, release one another and do something else, get food more than likely but for the time being, the quietness of the moment settled utterly, unbroken. Even when they were joined by one, then two, three then, eventually, seven little balls of warm and purring fur. Settled either next to them on the couch or curled around Yael’s feet on the ground, one even settled near shoulders and head at the top of the couch. Izar’s favourite spot.

Seen from afar, some might have seen the whole scene as corny but for those who had been able to be part of their not always rosy lives, they knew that this was just right, it was perfect and wonderful.


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