small animals

As he looks around his apartment, he knows that the place is quiet, he knows that there is nothing to disturb his peace. A peace he finds suffocating now and again. The idea of getting a pet has crossed his mind but with his way of life, the way he has to be careful of how he moves because of his leg, the fact that he knows he more than likely would not be able to take out his dog on walks or that he’d more than likely not really know what to do with a cat, though he rather likes Yael’s own, he knows he would have to go with something small, something that wouldn’t require a lot of care.

That, in a general sense, shortens the potential list of life-bringing pets quite a bit. He could get fishes though he knows he’d have to clean their tank now and again as he’d have to clean up after any kind of pet. He could get a rodent but the thought gets pushed away quickly enough. He remembers the hamster that had been his class’s pet when he’d been in something akin to third grade. Though its case had been cleaned very often, the smell of ammonia had always been very present. Though perhaps that had been because he’d also been sitting at the back, right in front of that cage, maybe.

No, a pet that he could look at but wouldn’t really have to handle was bound to be best. Perhaps a bird could have been nice.

Armin shakes his head with a sigh, looking to the door as Eoghan knocks. At least he assumes it is the taller demon since no one else in the building really comes his way unless for issues as Agni had when that blackout had happened. He’s still grateful that the teenager had woken up from a relatively deep slumber, his apartment had started to cool down from the lack of heat, the fire had warmed him considerably.

Moving away from his bedroom, Armin eases his way towards his door, tugging it open with a gentle smile to Eoghan as the man steps inside. “Were you busy?”

Armin shakes his head, knowing exactly what was being asked. Usually he gets to the door faster and only when he’s in the bathroom does it take him a few minutes more to get the door, but no, he wasn’t busy. “No, I got lost in my own thoughts, I guess. I was thinking about how empty my apartment feels at times. Quentin and Yael have their cats, they have one another. The twins are together and they have Cyrille around, I can imagine it’s not often overly quiet. Up there you have Lex with you and Adela though I don’t imagine she’s very noisy. I don’t know, I guess at times I feel a little lonely.”

He motions towards the living room where he settles at his armchair and Eoghan settles on the loveseat. Usually they talk while at the kitchen table though he doesn’t mind. Anywhere is comfortable in this apartment, so long as they can talk.

“A cat, maybe?”

“I don’t know, I don’t think I’d know what to do with it and then there’s the whole litter box thing, I’d have to kneel down to empty it. I know I can do it but repeated and daily kneeling down makes my bones ache in a bad way. I thought about a dog too but I tell myself, how am I going to walk it? Hoop the leash around my good wrist and hope it doesn’t feel like pulling me around? I don’t know. I know I’m not weak, my bones are not brittle but we all know I’m not all that steady on my feet and I just don’t know. A dog would also need some sort of fencing and I don’t want you guys to have to do that just for me.”

He shrugs, a wry smile to his lips. Eoghan chuckles softly and reaches out, patting the top of Armin’s hand gently. “It’s not like we’d mind setting up a fence system around the yard but I can see what you mean about the dog and the cat. Something smaller, a hamster?”

Armin shudders at the top and shakes his head, telling his story as he recalls it, with how it was when he’d been in school. That has left a scar on him and the idea of a hamster just isn’t a good one.

“We could get you fishes. Most of them require minimal care and now and again when the tank needs cleaning, I certainly wouldn’t mind coming down here to help you, you know that.”

“Maybe I’m just not supposed to have a pet.”

“Now don’t talk that way, Armin. Everyone should have company in some way, I can’t begin to imagine how you must feel now and again, here you are, alone in this huge apartment and we’re all paired up in some ways, be it with friends or lover. It isn’t really all that fair to you.”

Armin shakes his head, a soft sigh escaping him. “I have no right comparing my life to yours, Eoghan. It’s no fault of yours or mine, I know, that my life is the way it is. I suppose fishes might not be a bad idea though I’d thought a bird but then I told myself, that cage is going to need even more cleaning than a fish tank and I don’t know that I’d spend enough time here to take care of a bird and begin to try to get it to respond to me in some positive way. Fishes might not be a bad idea.”

“We could start you up with a siamese fighting fish. You’d just need one and a slight enough tank, it could give you an idea of what it would be like. Though I know some guys over in the States who do huge customized fish tanks that don’t need a whole lot of care, you mostly just have to feed the fishes in there. I’m going to look them up and show you a few examples of their work, maybe that would interest you and it certainly would bring some life into this apartment.”

Eoghan’s eyes are bright, as if he’s just had a stroke of genius and Armin merely blinks at him. “Customized fish tanks. I think I might have heard something about them or seen a photo or something in a magazine, they were standing next to this huge wall that was nothing but fishes and this other picture they were standing next to this really big gum ball machine but the top was filled with fishes with a large tube in the middle with gum balls, the text said something about how the machine was actually functional.”

“I’m pretty sure that’d be them. Now this is a great idea, that could be so cool.”

“Eoghan, you really need to stick to one project at a time, plus, these guys are in the States, I don’t see them flying all the way here to France for one particular project, especially if they build these tanks from the ground up.”

“Oh hush. I can too work on at least two projects at once though you’re right, I should finish getting the work on the new library first though it’s coming along really well and then I can see about getting in touch with these guys. I’m sure we could work something out. If they’ve flown equipment from one state to another before, I’m sure we could get them to fly stuff here. I’ll see about that.”

“Eoghan, don’t I get a say?”

Eoghan looks at his friend for a long moment, studying him, his face absolutely serious. After a few minutes, he grins and shakes his head. “Nope, you don’t get a say at all, none.”

“Usually I’d say I’m screwed but I’m pretty sure you’d look at me wide-eyed and ask to know who’d done it. So I’m not. I’m doomed.”

“In a very good way and you’re an absolute spoilsport!”

“I’ll be the judge of that, mister big projects and I suppose I just know you well enough.”

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