flip a coin

I don’t know that I ever expected that kind of thing to happen. I admit it amuses me more than it should. They’re both standing in front of the bathroom door, not budging and I suppose this is a case of trying to decide who gets to go first. I shouldn’t really be laughing, since I’m sleeping in the master bedroom now, not by complete choice since it was the only room left, I have myself an en-suite bathroom so I don’t really have to wait to have my turn in the shower or the bath.

These two don’t usually do this but I guess this morning might be different. The air outside and in, to a point, is a bit chilly so I guess that they both want to warm up under a steaming shower. I’d offer for one of them to make use of the shower in my bathroom but I don’t know that it would fix the issue. They might not want to use it.

They’ve been standing there for a good fifteen minutes now, not really moving from their spot. They’re not even yelling, they’re just staring at one another. It would have been a lot less complicated if one of them would have just let it go. They could have settled in front of the fire, keeping toasty warm while waiting for the bathroom to be free for use.

“I swear, you guys. There is the shower in my bathroom but I know you two aren’t comfortable being in there, which seems a little foolish but I won’t really judge. How about we flip a coin to decide who gets to go in first? At this rate, you’ll both still be here in an hour and you’ll both still be cold.”

Mira is the first one to look at me and Agni seems to seize his chance, he steps into the bathroom and closes the door. I blink, roll my eyes and curl my fingers about Mira’s wrist, tugging him away from the door. I don’t head for the fireplace in the living room, I head for my bedroom and in turn my bathroom.

He follows, not complaining, not arguing. He only sighs and follows ever quietly. I feel him tremble slightly beneath my curled fingers so I stop once we’re in the bedroom and I turn to him. I rest my hand gently on his forehead, no fever. He’s just cold, I imagine.

I tug him into the bathroom, sit him on the small stool there and I get the shower going. I know both showers can run at once, we’ve done it before.

“What’s flipping a coin?” He finally asks, hugging himself lightly and just now I notice how he’s only wearing his boxers, not even his bathrobe the way Agni’s taken to wearing around the house when he wants to stay warm. No wonder he’s cold, I can’t even understand how I hadn’t noticed before.

I turn my back on him once the shower is going and steam begins to fill the bathroom. “A coin has two sides, when you flip it into the air and you catch it, it lands on one side or the other. Before flipping it into the air, the folks who are flipping it call a side, heads or tail. If it lands on my palm with heads facing up, whoever called heads win, thus that person would have gotten into the shower first.”

I hear him ease to his feet, tugging off his boxers and easing into the shower, the door sliding shut. I try not to let my imagination get the better of me. These two are good looking, it would be stupid to not feel attracted to them. To keep myself from wanting to look in on him though the windows are frosted, I sit with my back against the side of the shower.

“What Agni did there was a cheap shot, I’d consider it cheating honestly. I know you guys don’t like using this bathroom but I don’t mind it one bit. It’s spacious and it’s comfortable, I honestly don’t even know if there’s even a bit of dust left from when your sister was using it.”

I close my eyes, listening to the water as it falls against him, against his skin. I imagine things I know I shouldn’t and I sigh a little. One of these days, I swear, I might do something I will regret. I try not to but it’s so tempting now and again, so absolutely tempting.

The soft scent of the shampoo I use reaches my nose and my lips quirk slightly. “So really, Mira, whenever I’m up and around or even if I’m still sleeping and Agni is in the other shower, you can come in here and use mine, okay?”

“Okay. Though I don’t know about coming in when you’re asleep.” His words are a little muffled and I know my own words must be muffled to him since we’re talking through the glass and through the falling water. We fall quiet then, or at least, I find nothing else to say and I can’t imagine he’s all that interested in talking through the shower door. I’m not even sure why I’m still here, I suppose I wanted to make sure he wouldn’t run off and refuse to make use of the shower if I didn’t say.

After a little while, he turns the water off. I take my cue and ease to my feet, going for one of my fluffy and oversized towels. I know he didn’t have his and I’m certainly not going to just let him drip all the way to his room or the other bathroom, there’s no saying if Agni is done in there. I walk back to the shower door and he slides it open. I can’t help but look him over briefly before I look away. I hold the towel out to him, open wide, for him to pretty much just step inside.

I don’t hear him move yet but I still don’t really dare look at him again. Finally I hear him step closer, his body heat all there as he steps into the towel and wraps it around his shoulders with a soft sigh.

“I float in this thing.”

I finally look at him, taking a step back to be able to take all of him in. I laugh softly. He has part of the towel up on his head for his hair and it still pools just slightly at his feet. These towels are almost blanket-sized, I love them that way though they take forever to dry. “Better float than not have enough to cover you. You can pretty much just wear it to head back to your room, I don’t mind.”

He smiles and leans closer, he kisses my cheek, I stare at him, in confusion. “Next time though, I think you might need to come in and help me, it’s always hard to get my back and Agni used to do it for me.”

I blush and he laughs softly, not a mocking sound, just an amused one. “I’ll think about it, Mira. I don’t want you to think I might be trying to take advantage of you if I do that.”

I just want to cover all my bases after all. I don’t want him suddenly freaking out because I’m there with him in that shower, both of us absolutely bared and whatnot, that’d just be bad.

“Thank you for letting me use your shower, Cy.”

I nod and watch him wander off to his boxers to pick those up before he’s out of the bathroom, out of the bedroom and then down the hallway into his room. I think I might just need a bit of personal time before I head back out to get through with the rest of my day, whatever the rest of my day might turn out to be like. Though I could just think of something very unpleasant, like Niall wearing a speedo. Ugh. Okay, I’m good and fine.

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