a great discovery

On their way home from buying just a few small extra things they needed both for their pantry to for decoration and wrapping purposes, Mira had noticed a small book in the yarn section of the store. It had yarn on the top but the woman pictured wasn’t holding knitting needle, she seemed to have been holding little hooks. The title had been about crochet, whatever that had meant. Intrigued, Mira had taken it and wandered back towards his brother and their friend as they exited one particular aisle.

He kept the book in his hands, keeping behind the pair when they emptied their cart to pay for everything and get it bagged up. Once they were done, he set his book down, paid for it and set it to his own secured bag, putting it atop the other bags in their cart.

The season was colder now and the twins were more than a little glad to have a place to call home as well as Cyrille at their sides, trips to the store were so much smoother now that they didn’t have to wait for the bus to come by and drop them off where they needed to go. It was all so much easier to handle now.

Once home and everything brought inside. Mira stopped by their decorated tree to look it over for a long moment before he headed off to his room to try to skim through a few of the pages to see if he might not have an easier time of this crotchet thing than he did knitting.

A couple of hours after they had come home and Mira had disappeared into his room, Cyrille looked in on him. The older teen knew Mira was still trying to figure out how to knit his way through his yarn and it was usually the only reason he kept to his room since they otherwise all spent their time in the living room for the most part.

“Mira?” He knocked on the door gently, to let the youth know it was just him and not his brother so that he didn’t have to rush to hide whatever it was he was doing. “Can I come in?”

“Huh huh, sure, this is great, wow.” Surprised, Cyrille stepped inside, closing the door behind him. There was Mira sitting on his bed, a large width of what he could only assume was the blanket in the work on his lap and a book closed beside him.
“Either you’re a knitting prodigy or you’ve discovered yourself a talent for something else altogether.”

“Isn’t it great? I found this book on crocheting at the store and I thought it wouldn’t hurt if I gave it a try, look at this? This is great! It’s so much easier than knitting!”

Mira’s happiness was contagious and Cyrille found himself chuckling softly as he stepped closer and looked at the growing blanket. It was wide already and he figured that all that Mira had to do was work on its length now. It did look better than the knitting had. He couldn’t really spot any snags or any holes so far in what Mira had managed.

“Think you’ll be able to get it done before Christmas?”

Mira looked down at how far he’d gone, not that far but still far enough though he knew he had a lot of work still ahead of him. “I’m not sure, but I bet I can give him a small something I bought on Christmas if I’m not done and I can give him this on New Years.”

His voice was quiet and thoughtful though there was a huge hint of hopefulness in his tone. Cyrille smiled down at him, reaching out to muss his hair lightly. “I’m pretty sure he’ll love it whenever he gets it, Mira. I’m going to let you keep on working on that, no point in disturbing you much longer. Just don’t forget to have little breaks now and again so you don’t wear yourself out completely though, okay?”

Nodding, Mira beamed up at his friend and turned his attention and focus back on the work in his hands. He knew he couldn’t get it done by Christmas, it was unlikely he’d manage, unless the library was closed for the holidays and he could spend most of his waking hours on his project.

Cyrille eased back and out of the door, closing it behind himself. As he turned, he came face to face with Agni and blinked at the red and black haired teen looking up at him with those curious eyes.

“Can I help you?”

“What is he doing in there?”

“It’s supposed to be a surprise, Agni and you’re not supposed to look in, now shoo. We leave him be.”

By supper time, Mira appeared out of his bedroom. He was flexing his fingers lightly as he walked. His stomach announced his presence before he even could utter a single word by gurgling loudly to remind the whole world that he hadn’t eaten a whole lot today yet. He blushed, shaking his head as he stepped into the kitchen where the smells of curry found his nose and settled securely in there, making his mouth water.

They didn’t often eat curry but when they did, he found himself often asking for a second serving, it never failed to amuse both his brother and Cyrille. He couldn’t help it. Any and all preparations of curry made his mouth water and his stomach always decided it hadn’t had enough so more had to be had, that really was all there was to it.

“There he is, my long lost brother.” Mira rolled his eyes at Agni as he sat at the counter. He reached for one of the fresh, warmed buns waiting there and bit into it without waiting to be given the okay. He found himself to be absolutely starving and no one was going to stop him from eating at least a little before the meal was served.

“Give him a break, Agni, I’m pretty sure that if you were trying to make some handmade gifts for Christmas, you’d be locked into your room most of the day too.” Cyrille teased gentle, Agni sticking his tongue out as an answer. From the corner of his eye, Cyrille noticed Mira looking at him with a somewhat amused glance. “I swear Agni, you stick your tongue out against I might just have to kiss you to show you how you’re supposed to use your tongue. It’s not nice to stick it out.”

Agni’s face coloured into a bright red within a few seconds and Mira grinned, amused to know that he wasn’t the only one being ‘threatened’ with this kind of thing now. It seemed only fair that both of them learned similar things though he would have been fine keeping that kind of thing between himself and Cyrille. He didn’t mind sharing the knowledge.

“He’s threatened me with that one before too, I haven’t done it again because I bet he’s a terrible kisser.” Mira smiled at Cyrille, to let him know he was joking and Agni looked between the two of them, his eyes still wide and startled, his cheeks adorably red.

“You guys are so weird. Kissing someone because they’re sticking their tongue out, I swear.” He grumbled gently, going back to stir the pot he was keeping an eye on. “I mean, it’s not weird to kiss but you guys are weird for wanting to kiss someone because they’re sticking their tongues out.”

“Huh huh, sure, whatever you say, Agni, just say it, you’re dying to get yourself a kiss from these lips.” Cyrille grinned as Agni only blushed deeper. He didn’t push further though, not wanting to test his luck. Teasing was one thing but only so far, there was no point in hurting anyone’s feelings, after all.

“Bah, you just keep serving the rice so I can finish plating everything before Mira eats all of the buns and leaves none for us.”

“I’ve eaten one, oooooone.”

“I know, just teasing.”


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