in the mirror

He had been staring at his reflection for a good fifteen minutes now which had, in turn, led his brother into using that bathroom he still wasn’t sure he cared to use but honestly, when showers were necessary morning routines and the main bathroom was used, one had to turn to the other bathroom.

Agni frowned at his reflection, leaning closer to see if he could see anything that might look different from how he’d been just a year ago, not even a year ago at this point but so close. There wasn’t much. Sure he’d started shaving though it was minimal but he didn’t much care about that, it didn’t change a thing in his life.

With a sigh, he stepped back and then out of the bathroom, shaking his head as he went. He stepped into his bedroom and went right to the far wall where a few lines had been marked with a pencil. They all seemed to be more or less at the same height with very little difference in between and he stared at them for a long moment. He shook his head, went to his desk, located his pencil and went back to the wall.

He set one finger to the highest mark and then turned carefully around, pressing his back to the wall so he could rest his head as close to his finger as possible. When he was settled, he straightened, holding himself just so and he rested the pencil along the top of his head, the tip against the wall and he scribbled a little line to his height. Once he was done, he stepped away and looked at the line, still just barely a smudge above the very first one he’d drawn there. He sighed and shook his head.

“What are you gloomy about? We’re home, we don’t have to head out into the cold, we’ve got food and we’ve got Cy with us!” Mira’s voice was bright and pleased though he looked as though he needed more sleep, there were a few blurred lines beneath his eyes.

“I just wonder if I’ll ever grow. I feel tiny next to everyone and it’s annoying!”

“I personally think you guys are adorable.” Cyrille’s words were quiet though not without a teasing hint to them.

“I don’t want to be adorable and this just sucks.”

“I’m sure you’re taller than you were when we first met, Agni, hell I’m pretty sure you’re actually a little taller than Mira and if it hadn’t been for your hair when I met you guys, I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to tell you apart, you were absolutely identical.”

“Really?” Hope blossomed in Agni’s heart and he stood up, snagging his brother’s wrist and tugging him away from his plate despite a soft ‘hey!’ from him. He made Mira stand just so and stood with his back to his brother. “Am I taller?”

Cyrille was doing his best not to laugh though really it was adorable in its own way. He could understand a desire to be taller. It wasn’t always easy to accept your height when you were shorter than everyone else around you. He recalled Zora, she’d had a few inches above her brothers and he could only assume that they’d grow into it. He hadn’t met many families where the brothers stayed short while sisters grew taller, though maybe it was a demon thing.

He eased to his feet, stepping closer. He studied the twins a moment before he chuckled and mussed both their hair. “You do seem to have at least an inch or about on your brother, Agni. You two are fine as you are though, so you know. I’m sure you just haven’t hit your growth spurt yet.”

“Dad was huge!”

Mira looked at his brother a moment as he finally went back to his plate. He shrugged, rubbing the back of his neck slightly. “I don’t recall much of dad or mom. I try to think back and all I see is Zora and she’s always been tall. I don’t mind so much of I’m short, it doesn’t change much in my life honesty but I can understand that you’d prefer being a little taller, I’m sure you’ll grow.”

“Well, if Agni seems to recall that your father was a tall man, I’m sure you two will grow up just fine, some folks only get their spurts when they hit eighteen or even twenty.” Cyrille shrugged gently, going back to his own plate after a few moments. “You shouldn’t worry so much about it though Agni, honestly.”

“Staring at your reflection is not going to help you grow, Agni. Though there are means that are supposed to be good to help teens grow a bit longer, I could get you the information if you want. Most of the stuff is stretching and I’ve heard plenty of good stuff about it.” After breakfast, things had been put away and Mira had disappeared back into his room. Cyrille knew well enough the reason behind it but he worried that his friend was working too hard and not resting enough, he would have to do something about it.

Agni stopped staring at his reflection, looking to Cyrille a moment though he sighed. “I suppose it might not hurt to try a few exercise. I just can’t help it. I look at Alexis and Eoghan and just, they’re tall as can be.”

“They’re also very old, from what I’ve gathered of little bits and pieces I’ve heard when they talk, they’re long done growing up and it’s likely that their parents were also very tall. It’s all in the genes, you can’t just wish yourself tall and tell yourself to grow up for your body to grow. I’ll get you the information I have about the stretching thing, give me a few minutes and they’ll be all yours to study through and work through.”

With that said, he disappeared off into his room and booted up his worn laptop. He hooked up the printer, a small, almost handheld thing he’d gotten lately since they’d been needing to print recipes, and he looked through his bookmarks to try to find that one particular website where he recalled just distantly finding the information about how certain stretches could help in the growth process.

Eventually, he found what he was looking for, set it up nice and neat in a document since the webpage was heavy with photos, videos and extras, and printed it out. He stretched as he eased out of his chair and went back out to the living room where Agni was sitting in front of the crackling fireplace.

“Here, try these on for size. You could settle into a routine with those and I’m sure they could help in some way. Now while you do this, I go to make sure your brother doesn’t work himself to an early grave on these handmade gifts he’s wanting to get done because he looks like he hasn’t been sleeping much.”


Rolling his eyes slightly, Cyrille stepped away from one twin and headed off to check on the other. Mira had looked as though he hadn’t had a decent night of sleep in more than a few days at this point and it worried him. He felt like a mother with these two at times and the thought actually amused him somewhat. He hadn’t had the best examples of motherhood while he was growing up, so comparing himself to a mother seemed rather farfetched, really.

He glanced down to the living room one last time before he knocked on Mira’s door, listening for a moment before he let himself in with a soft sigh. “You look like you’ve been working too hard and you need a rest, I think I’m going to have to kidnap you to my room to make sure you nap a bit before you get back to work on your blanket.”

“But I’m almost done.”

“And you’re also exhausted, I’m worried about you, Mira. Come on, just an hour or so, please?”

“Okay, okay, I guess so.”

“Thank you.”


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