“Eoghan?” Lex stared at one particular container in their fridge, curious but not opening it yet. He knew they tended to have different things in the fridge now and again when they were preparing for that one weekly meal but this one confused him somewhat. He couldn’t recall where his lover had decided to take them in the world as far as the meal was concerned, that or he simply hadn’t been told.

“Yes?” The answer came from somewhere in their little room where the washer and dryer were. Eoghan looked out a moment, a shirt in his hands, half-folded.

“Is that watermelon in the fridge?” It looked like watermelon, even sliced into sticks as it was. He couldn’t begin to imagine where Eoghan had had to go to get it, they never could get watermelon in the winter and he loved the stuff. Still he was keeping himself from reaching for it since he had a feeling it was on a ‘don’t touch’ list at this point.

“That it is, it’s for tonight. We’re eating African food.”

“Watermelon is from Africa?” That was news to him.

“Well the information I found states that yes, it is from Africa but instead of doing African-style cuisine, I decided I’d find out what fruits, vegetables and whatnot came from Africa and then I’d prepare us a meal with that. I was thinking of starting the new year with this new method but when I got my hands on this watermelon, I couldn’t help myself” He paused then, and before disappearing back into their laundry room, he added, “and you can have a couple of pieces but no more. I know how much you love that stuff but I want everyone to have some tonight.”

“Thank you.” Of course he was going to be grateful and thankful that he could have at least some pieces before the meal. It really was just one of those things he really appreciated as far as fruits and vegetables were concerned, it was his one favourite thing. He was well aware that most people cared little for it, claimed it was just water but he could taste the subtle notes from the thing when he bit into it.

“What is that?”

“Agni, you’re in the dining room and I’m in the kitchen, I can’t see what you’re looking at so unless you tell me what ‘that’ is, I can’t tell you what it is.” Eoghan shook his head, a soft chuckle escaping him as he continued preparing the bigger portions so he could bring it all out to the dining table.

“How am I supposed to tell you what I’m looking at if I don’t know what it is?”

“How about you tell me what it looks like? Honestly Agni, at times I think your exam scores are as good as they are because you somehow manage to copy your brother’s own answers.” He teased with a laugh as he mixed up the contents of his bowl, just moments from taking it to the other room.

“The pink squares in the salad bowl on the end of the table.”


“Zora always walked right past it when we were shopping with her, remember?” Mira offered the words, his voice quietly thoughtful. Eoghan had expected the three of them to have come in early but he’d only really heard Agni so far and had then thought that just maybe, only one of three had already made it up. “The huge green things, some had seeds, others didn’t. She said it wouldn’t be good for us and we wouldn’t like it so she’d never really gone near them.”

“I don’t recall that we’ve ever even eaten melon in any way.”

“We had honeydew in the fridge last week.” Cyrille laughs as Agni blinks at him, a soft frown touching his lips.

Eoghan stepped into the dining room then, a large bowl in his hands and he set it in the middle of the table. “Honeydew is a type of melon, I’m surprised you managed to find some, we usually don’t even find it again until spring. I was lucky I found that one watermelon when I did.”

“They seem to be getting stuff in lately that we tend to not have at this time of the year, I can’t say I’m really complaining though, it’s nice to be able to eat fruits in winter that we usually can’t get.”

“I hear you. One of you wants to help me in the kitchen? I have a few extras that I can’t fit in the bowls.”

“I’ll help!” Agni disappeared into the kitchen without anyone having much time to offer their own help. Mira shook his head, an amused smile on his lips as he moved into the living room so he could step to the windows to simply gaze out. It was dark out but a few lights were already beginning to glow in the cool evening air. It was beautiful.

“Did anyone ever find out more about the spotlight issue?” Cyrille called out the words, just loud enough that he could be sure he’d be heard in the kitchen from where he stood next to Mira, gazing outside almost thoughtfully.

“I haven’t seen anything in the news and I haven’t heard anyone say anything about it. There hasn’t really been any gossip about it either.” Lex joined the pair, moving to settle on the couch instead of at the windows. He shrugged, leaning his head back against the couch for a few moments.

Mira turned to look at their host a moment, his head tilted lightly to the side. His voice was ever soft as he spoke, thoughtful almost. “You look like you didn’t get much sleep last night, Alexis.”

“Like you have any room to talk, Mira.” Cyrille chuckled gently to let him know he was teasing and Lex straightened somewhat, looking at the pair after a moment.

“I tend to have issues sleeping around this time of the year, just so many accidents because of the snow and so many issues, my gift tends to make me feel a little restless, even after all of these years. It’s not bad, I don’t really lose sleep over it but I don’t sleep as well as I could. It seems though as if I’ve gotten more sleep than you in the last while, Mira.”

Blushing, Mira ducked his head somewhat and shrugged.

“He’s been working on a handmade gift for someone and he’s pretty much been pouring his whole heart and all of his time on it. He’s doing all he can to get it done before Christmas and I think he’ll manage but he’ll have lost sleep over it. I tried to get him to nap earlier today so there’s that, at least.”

“Never work yourself to exhaustion that way, Mira. Even if it’s for something you believe is absolutely special and needs to be finished before that one important date. You’re always more likely to make mistakes on what you’re working on if you don’t take some more than necessary breaks.”

Mira nodded, rubbing his eyes lightly. “I’m almost done, I think just a couple more hours. Once that’s ready, I’m going to sleep for a whole day or two.”

“And I’ll be making sure that he does sleep that long and that he doesn’t do anything else once he’s done. Since we all are pretty much off work until the new library opens in the new year, it’s all I have to really worry about and it’s what I do.”

“How is your sister doing?”

“She’s enjoying her time with Joana, when I last spoke to her she said that since I was so comfortable here, she might stay out there longer, probably permanently. She’d send in whatever gift she’s seen fit to either make or find for me. I’ll do the same for her.” Cyrille smiled lightly though he looked back out the window with a soft sigh.

“And the rest of the family?”

“I had a talk with Élodie a few days back, she wanted me to come home because she was lonely and I wouldn’t have any of it. I can’t give her what she wants anymore, it’s not healthy for me. My parents, well they’re celebrating somewhere out there though they might be around for New Year’s even and I’ll see about maybe dropping by at that point, otherwise it’s all just stuff I don’t want to think about.”

“Meal’s about ready, let’s get everyone settled!”


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