the phone is ringing

Something was ringing.

It was ringing loudly and it was annoying the hell out of him. He really was trying to focus on catching the butterfly that had landed on- he was out in the wild forest of he couldn’t tell where, why was there something ringing?

Groaning, Cyrille rolled over on his bed, one hand reaching out blindly along his bedside table for the ringing offender. His hands found several things, most of them hitting the ground as he swept his hand about to try to find the phone, it had to be his phone. He barely paid attention to whatever it was he was throwing to the ground, that didn’t really matter, it wasn’t even important.

Eventually, his fingers curled about the slim object and he brought it closer. He rolled over and stared at the screen. A number he didn’t recognize sat there as it kept on ringing, as if taunting him, as if telling him that he had to wake up now even though it was way too early to be awake.

He stared at the phone for another long moment before he answered it.


“Congratulations, you’ve won a trip for t-“ Click.

He dropped the phone back somewhere on his bedside table and he rolled back over, hugging his pillow over his head to try to ignore the light beginning to filter through his curtains. He wanted to still be asleep, he wanted to still be far away into the world of dreams. He was sure he’d been having a wonderful dream though he couldn’t even remember what it had been about now.

After a few heartbeats during which sleep proved to be absolutely elusive, he sat up and rubbed his eyes. He turned his gaze to the other beside table and squinted at the numbers on there. Six fifteen. Way too early. Even if he’d had work, he wouldn’t have been up this early.


He knew he wouldn’t be getting any more sleep at this point so he did the only thing he could think of. He went into his bathroom, had himself a nice, hot shower and dressed. He stepped into the living room, book in hand and started reading.
Cyrille knew better than to wake the twins, Mira especially. He needed all the sleep he could get and staying as quiet as possible was the one necessary step to this.

After a couple of hours, Agni joined him in the living room, still rubbing his eyes and still wearing his bathrobe, something they’d all taken to wearing late at night or early in the mornings when the air still felt chilly.

“You’ve been awake long?” He blinked, rubbing his eyes again. Cyrille made a soft shush noise, looking down the hallway. Agni followed his gaze before he nodded and rounded the couch to flop down on it. He was hungry but he could wait a little while more yet.

“Couple of hours, my phone was ringing this morning, I swear I’d turned it off or at least set it on vibrate but it rang loud and clear. So I answered it, got myself a scam call and that was it. I tried falling back asleep, couldn’t. So I just washed up and came out here to read.”

“That stinks. Think we can get away with preparing some food without waking up?”

“Well I can check his door to make sure it’s shut and I’m sure that so long as we keep the noise to a minimum we should manage something, I am starting to feel pretty hungry at this point, I admit.” He chuckled softly, not daring to laugh by fear of waking Mira.

“M’kay, I’ll go see what we can prepare that doesn’t require a lot of fussing about and you do the check up on mister hand-made gifts grumpy pants.”

“He’s just trying to give you and the rest of us something he’s made with love, don’t be childish, Agni.”

“Sorry, sorry.” He shrugged, heading off into the kitchen to check on what they might have on hand as far as food was required while Cyrille carefully made his way back towards Mira’s open bedroom door. He peeked in a moment and his almost maternal side took over as he noticed that the teen had kicked off most of his blankets.

Keeping as quiet as he could, he stepped inside and closer. He moved to cover Mira with his blankets once more and refrained from kissing his forehead though it was tempting. He smiled down at the sleeping down and tip-toed back towards the door.

“What’s for breakfast?”

Cyrille froze in the doorway, a soft sigh escaping him. “Aw hell, Mira, I was just trying to cover you back up so you’d be warm, I’m sorry I woke you.”

“I woke up a while ago, I think I heard your phone ringing. I rolled over and settled against, I think I was in-between when you did the tucking in.”

“Shit. I’m sorry about the phone, it woke me up too and I was sure I’d turned it off for the night. How are you feeling?”

Mira shrugged gently and Cyrille stepped back inside, sitting on the edge of the bed. He reached out, brushing his thumb ever gently along the underside of Mira’s eyes.

“Still a little sleepy but I’m okay. I fell asleep in the middle of the movie last night, huh?”

“More like after the first fifteen minutes you were out like a rock. Even during a few of the louder moments you didn’t even budge, it was actually pretty cute in its own way.”

Mira rolled his eyes and yawned. He looked out towards his windows a moment and then to his alarm clock. “It’s still early, I guess I could try sleeping again but I don’t know that I’d manage. That and I’m honestly hungry.”

“Well Agni is trying to see what we can prepare for breakfast, we were going to try for something really quiet so we didn’t wake you. I guess we can see about whatever we want at this point, you ready to get up?”

Cyrille went to the back of that bedroom door, taking the bathrobe that hung there in hands. He walked back to the bed as Mira stretched and got out of it. The robe was settled on those shoulders and Mira tightened it securely about his waist. “Thanks for trying to let me sleep, Cy, I really appreciate it.”

“You needed it, you do look a tiny bit better than yesterday, I’m sure if you get done with the project today, you’ll finally be able to get more sleep than you’ve been getting and we can all appreciate that. Agni is starting to feel a bit left out, he’s wondering what you’ve been doing and why you haven’t asked for his help. I told him some of what you were working on was for him and you very well couldn’t ask for his help. I didn’t tell him what it was and it seemed to be enough for him.”


With a nod, Cyrille walked back to the door, looking back to Mira to make sure the teen was following him. They stepped out and then to the kitchen. “Looks like he’s awake so we can prepare the usual if we feel like it.”

“Thank goodness, I was looking through all we had and the only non-noisy stuff we could have prepared was cereal and that’s the last thing I feel like eating right now. I could do with watermelon though.”

“Looks like someone’s found a new favourite food for a while. I don’t know if we could even find watermelon at the store but we could look, it wouldn’t hurt. I can prepare us some eggs while you guys get some toast done?”

“Egg sounds fine, thank you Cy.”

“You’re so polite lately, it’s weird, Mira.”

“I’m just trying to be nice, Agni.”

“Let’s not get started on this, guys. We all need a good breakfast before any arguing about niceness starts, so bread on one side and eggs on mine, yes?”


“All right, let’s have ourselves some breakfast.”


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