street people

“So we’d be a bit like street people, just not on the street because we have no other choices but because that’s what we chose.” They’d been looking over those pages of places to visit for a few hours now, looking at a big map that had been set up against one of the empty walls in the family room. They had set little markers, pins to all the places they absolutely wanted to visit.

“I guess it’s one way to look at it. We could live out of expensive hotels and make sure we have all we need but I don’t think we’d really get the kind of travelling we’re trying to achieve.” Quentin looked down at their side by side notebook, chuckling softly at the sight of it all Here they were, plotting out a trip around the world and it wouldn’t happen for at least another decade or two. It really depended on how well and healthy their cats were and how long their beautiful lives would keep them about. They had no desire to rush that.

“If we travel like tourists, we’ll be treated like tourist. If we try to blend in though I know it’ll be hard in a few different places, we might just be treated differently.” He nodded, turning his gaze to the map after a moment. “I’ve been a street person, it’s not exactly a pleasant way of life though I suppose it depends on who lived it and how they lived that life. As far as I’m concerned, it wasn’t pleasant and I’m just glad I managed to get off the street and into a house. I’m aware that if it hadn’t been for that old man, I would still have been out there, like you I guess, and we probably wouldn’t even have met.”

“I’m glad you found him, helped him and that you found me then.” Yael closed his notebook, stretching with a soft yawn as he did. “My life on the street was not exactly a good one and I know I wasn’t about to last much longer with the way things were going.”

It had taken some getting used to and a lot of writing in his journals once he’d moved from the street to his new home, some would have claimed that he could have done with some therapy with someone for how easily some things set off his nightmares but he would claim that he handles whatever comes his way well enough, there really wasn’t a reason to involve someone else into his private life this way.


“A little, I think it’s all the sorta darkness. All these clouds, they make it hard to know what time it is and I feel almost as if I have the blues, it’s really weird. I mean, it’s not my first winter here with you but it feels as though this one is darker, I know it’s just the weather, I guess I can’t help it.” He shrugged, offering a sheepish sort of smile.

It was dark outside, the sky was covered in what seemed to be several layers of heavy snow-filled clouds that just weren’t ready to let go of their cargo. It had been dark out when they’d woken up and it still was dark out now, as if nothing might manage to break through the thick cover over their heads. Not that either one of them wanted more snow, what they had now was enough though more wouldn’t have hurt and it certainly would have helped the temperature to warm up somewhat.

“How about we had up to the garden and have ourselves a hammock nap?”

“And a few more sunburns?” Yael chuckled at the idea though he closed the other notebook and stretched with another yawn as he eased to his feet.

“I suppose there is that downside. We could set up an alarm clock?”

“Or we could go up to the mezzanine on the third and settle with a blanket up there. It’s not as toasty as the hammock but it is as comfortable and the view is beautiful, fewer chances of sunburns.”

Quentin nodded, that did seem like a good idea. A good, heavy blanket since the temperature was a little cooler up on the third floor compared to the garden floor and they could rest for a while, watch the clouds and see if they might get more snow or not out of them. The weatherman had only mentioned the heavy cover, not the snow fall.

“I’ll let you get the blanket and I’ll put all of this away, I’ll meet back up with you by the stairs unless you want to go up first.”

“I can wait for you.”

It was Yael’s turn to nod as he watched Quentin step from the family room, head off towards their bedroom where they kept all of their blankets. They could have gone for the pool as well, the thought hadn’t crossed his mind. It had actually been some time since they’d last been in the pool. They kept the water to a comfortably warm temperature so he didn’t see why not.

He took a moment to put away their pencils and notebooks, into a small dresser of sorts that sat against the wall under the map. Once that was done he wandered off to meet up with his companion.

Yael found Quentin still digging through the large chest at the foot of the bed. “I had a thought, why don’t we have a swim instead? It’s been a while. Of course we don’t have a view of outside but that might just be for the best. We can forget how cloudy it is for a while and have some relaxing time nonetheless.”

Quentin stopped digging, looking up to Yael as he did. He tilted his head to the side, a thoughtful motion that always made Yael smile. “Been a while since we’ve done more than have a brief dip in the pool, hasn’t it?”

Quite a while, usually their ‘dip’ was a slip in, swim one length and get out sort of thing, mostly so they wouldn’t feel as though they weren’t using the pool at all. It seemed pointless to have a pool if you didn’t use it. “Sounds like a plan, let’s change and head there.”

While they still had no issues with swimming bare, it seemed easier to swim with a bathing suit on in winter. It wasn’t that the temperature in the pool area was cooler, it was kept as warm as the rest of the house but there always remained that little bit of a chill when they got out of the pool since they kept the water a little warmer in the winter.

They each stepped to their dresser, digging about to find their bathing suit. Once found, they changed where they stood, used to being bared around one another. They located their fluffiest towel, set those about their shoulders and headed off towards the pool area all the way to the back of their home.

“Think the boys might try to jump in for a swim?” Yael hung his towel up, shivering briefly before he stepped towards the pool.

“They just might but that’s fine, they do have their own small pool off to the side and if they want to jump in the bigger one, I know they can swim just fine.” He’d left the door ajar, their two bigger felines loved to swim and took to the water at any given chance though they had taken to using their ‘own’ personal little pool instead of the big one after a bit of teaching.

“A few lap to warm up, then we just float around to relax or do we bring out the mattress?”

“I think a few laps to warm up and then the mattress would be fine, though I’d be good with just floating around with a few pool noodles, I wouldn’t be able to stay close to you.”

“You’re just trying to make me blush.”

“And it works every time, Yael though I’m honest. I like being near you when we’re in the water so a few laps and the mattress sound perfect.”

“All set, then.”


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