prancing ponies

There were horses and ponies everywhere. Some prancing, some standing still. Not a single one of them was looking at her and for some strange reason, the thought comforted her. Some of the animals were black, some had strange red spots and others strange blue ones. For a moment she wondered if this wasn’t supposed to be a sign but she ignored it. Zora wasn’t sure at all about what she was doing right where she was. She wasn’t even sure as to where she was to begin with.

Something beeped in the distance. She started walking in that general direction, trying to find out just whatever that beeping thing was but the closer she thought she was getting and the louder the beeping got, the more lost she felt. There was nothing left around her now, just vast plains, a few hills and a whole lot of red, blue and black flowers. There were some purple and lavender ones but they were a slight distance off from the others, as if they were not to mingle at all. She frowned, reaching out for a prettily blue flower and as she tried to curl her fingers around it, it vanished.

She slammed her hand against the alarm clock. It went quiet.

Zora rubbed her eyes, trying to focus on the blurry numbers that were flashing at her in that ugly green colour of theirs. Five thirty. Too early for her, this wasn’t her alarm, it was Niall’s. She couldn’t understand why he seemed to not want his own alarm clock, he could set it on his bedside table, at least there would be that less of an issue to deal with. She wasn’t due to get up for another hour and a half at least and this was just one of those things.

She loved him, she really did but there were just some of his habits that made things crumble a little more every day. She knew he was verbally abusive, it just didn’t really work with her, she could dish it as well as he did, he’d tried it over the first few weeks and it had badly backfired, they’d had a pretty bad fight but they’d made up. The make up sex was pretty great, really, then again the sex as a whole was pretty great.

Closing her eyes, Zora tried to think back on the strange dream she’d been having. The red, blue and black everywhere was pretty significative, now that she was awake. She did miss her brothers but there was no way in hell she would reach out to them first. They had decided to not come with her. It had been their decision to stay with that group of lunatics. They were old enough to take care of themselves and they knew her number if they did ever want to get in touch with her. She wasn’t at fault here, if that moron Eoghan hadn’t gotten in her way, they would be in this apartment with her and Niall, they’d probably be working a better job than at the lame library with the lame Armin and they’d be happier in general, she just knew it.

“You awake, babe?” She looked to the foot of the bed, shrugging her shoulders a moment.

“Your alarm woke me. I still don’t get why you don’t want us to get you your own alarm clock. I didn’t need to be up for another hour and a half at least and I know I won’t get any sleep again any time soon.”

He shrugged and she rolled her eyes. “Y’could come and make me some breakfast.”

“You never eat breakfast here, Niall. You’re always rushing out because you’re late. Which I don’t really get since you don’t need to get to work until seven. Your partner keeps on dropping by every few days because it seems as though he was supposed to pick you up and you’re already gone.” Her tone was quietly amused, it was an interesting sort of situation though she took plenty advantage of it. The sex really was great and she felt no remorse for it.
“How about I make it up for having woken you up then, mm?”

How could she refuse?

She waved him off as he drove out of his parking spot and left for work. It was Jed’s day, she knew, he’d come by in half an hour or so and she could have herself another reason to appreciate having been woken up.

Zora looked out the window, leaning against it gently. The sky was dark, heavy with clouds. For a few moments she wondered as to how her brothers were doing but she pushed the thought away without much of a struggle. She didn’t want to think about them, even if her dreams made it seem as though she was supposed to. This would be their first Christmas apart, not that they’d ever celebrated before. She couldn’t afford anything and most certainly didn’t want to. She’d given them the gifts she could manage on their birthdays, it had been enough.

When Jed’s car pulled up into Niall’s parking spot, she chuckled and shook her head. Right on time. At times she wondered why she didn’t spend more time with Jed instead of Niall. The man treated her better than her boyfriend did. Perhaps it was for that whole issue that they were partner and she didn’t want to cause any friction between them.

But honestly, who was she kidding? She already slept with both of them and Jed at least wasn’t the type who’d abuse her in any way. He was too sweet. At least that was what she’d learned from him during all the time they spent together. He even made sure she had utterly enjoyed herself, not something Niall much worried about during their sexual encounters.

She knew Jed had stopped coming around to pick Niall up months ago. At first Niall had gone with him but soon enough he’d started taking his car to head to work, leaving her to take the bus though it was how she usually made her way to work. Jed tended to offer her rides after they’d had their moments.

As he came up the steps and knocked on the door, she moved away from the window and went to let him in, a soft chuckle escaping her as he stepped inside, closed the door and swept her off her feet, swinging her carefully about, as if they were lovers finally reunited.

“I think we have something very important to discuss, Jed, something that might just change both of our lives though I don’t know how safe it will be for me.”

He set her down then, a frown to his lips as she led him to their usual spot. She had no issues with making use of that bed thoroughly as she needed, even with Jed. She sat on the edge and he settled next to her. The difference between the two men were so drastic that she wasn’t even sure what had pulled her to Niall in the beginning.

“I think I’m ready to take us to the next level. We both know I’m not happy here, this isn’t the kind of life I need and he keeps on trying to make me miserable.” This wasn’t new, they’d had this discussion before and Jed had offered to house her in his home for a while, until she got her feet back under her or until she decided that maybe they could be more than just a fling.

His face lit up though he knew it wasn’t really that good a thing to be happy about. The woman he wanted was finally opening him the door. At least in a way she was opening him the door.

“How do you want to work this out?” It was cruel to break someone’s heart before Christmas, as it was right around the bend but she knew he didn’t quite love her the way she knew she’d loved him at some point.

“I don’t have a lot of things. I could just pack it all up. If you have any time at all this morning we could drop my stuff off tonight and after work you could come and pick me up from work? I’ll leave him a note, tell him I needed some space, of course I won’t tell him where I’ve gone off to, if you want to tell him you can but I don’t really think that should be necessary.”

The man only nodded, his eyes were bright and happy. He knew he’d been more or less used just for the sex for those few months but there always had been hoped in him, always.


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