a yellow cloth

“That thing is absolutely ugly, Cy.” Agni looked at the yellow cloth his friend was holding out. He wasn’t even sure what it was supposed to be, else than it looked like someone had taken a lemon and used it to create that particular thing, it was very, very ugly.

Cyrille laughed softly, his head shaken though he offered his slighter friend a mock-evil looking grin. “Well, Agni, you’re out of luck because that’s what your gift is being wrapped up in this year.”

“If that’s what you’re wrapping my gift in this year, I’m not opening it and you can’t make me open it. That is absolutely ew.”

“You’re such a child, Agni. I swear.” Mira rolled his eyes, moving to stand next to Cyrille as he looked the swatch that was being held up. “I think it’s a nice colour. It would actually look pretty nice in your room.”

Agni stared, he blinked, looking between his brother and his friend. “You two are completely nuts!”

“And you’re still dead set on believing yellow is a bad colour because of that book you’ve read. You really should read the whole series, it’s just four books in all, it’s honestly quite good.”

“Wait, what? You’ve read your way through all of those books? When have you had time to even do that?” Cyrille blinked at his friend, startled at the news. Those books weren’t overly long but it still would have taken a couple of days at the very least to read through them all and that at a pretty fast pace.

“Well once I got done with what I was making for my Christmas gifts, I started reading. They’re really interesting books, sure, yellow could be associated with evil but I don’t think it should be like that. You can’t judge a colour from just reading a single book, Agni.”

“I won’t but that one particular colour still looks really bad.” He mumbled, turning his back to look at something else that more than likely didn’t even have his attention.

With Agni’s back turned, Cyrille flipped the swatches over, showing on in particular, a deep, metallic sort of red. Mira looked it over for a moment and nodded, it was perfect, really.

“Oh hey, by the way, I was thinking that I was due doing my hair for Christmas, I was thinking green and red, of course, in alternating stripes or something. What do you guys think?” He’d gotten into the habit of asking them what they thought of the colours he wanted to set into his hair. He still dyed it every so often and the pale platinum tresses took to the colours surprisingly well so he tried to get away with a lot.

“Just no yellow!”

“Well, blond is basically a sort of yellow and my hair is naturally blond, though it’s so pale it looks almost white in some light, so really, your request s invalid.” Cyrille laughed at Agni’s indignant huff, the teen having turned back around after a few moments of his mock-sulking.

“Any colour you pick will look good, Cyrille.” Mira’s words were softer and there was a bit of a blush to his cheeks. Cyrille chuckled softly but didn’t tease his somewhat younger friend. It was adorably sweet that Mira seemed to think such good thoughts of him, after all.

“Red and green it’ll be. Yellow isn’t Christmasy as a colour as it though I could ask my hairdresser to dye my tips that really pale blue I used last winter, it was frosty really, it came out pretty cool. I’m supposed to meet up with him in a couple of hours, we could all go together and he can marvel at how perfectly even your hair is split down the middle.”

“Your friends are absolutely perfect, you have to tell me how they manage their hair, I’ve never seen a separation done so perfectly well between two colours!”

“Secret of the trade, Andy, how about Christmas this time? Some red, some green, maybe a bit of frost blue like last year mingled with it at and along the tips?” Cyrille usually did most of his brighter colours himself but at times, when he wanted something a little more out there, as it was, he preferred seeing Fernando, the man knew his way around dyes and he could manage some amazing styles if given just a little bit of time and patience.

“We’ll be here for a while, guys, you might want to either just plug up into your players or read some.” Cyrille was half-watching Mira as the teen looked at dangling earrings on the walls. Most of them were long, obviously feminine in nature but some were somewhat shorter. Mira was rubbing his earlobe between his fingers gently, the motion, Cyrille assumed, was more than likely not even noticed by the teen. He recalled them discussing piercing a few months back, before he’d started living with he had figured it had been a passing thought more than anything else. Perhaps it hadn’t been.

He made note to stop by his favourite tattoo artist, he had a worker who did piercing as well as the inked art and he trusted them with that kind of thing. He’d see what they might have to say. He knew the teens weren’t eighteen yet but it couldn’t hurt to ask and they were mature enough to decide if they wanted to try it or not. He figured if it didn’t work out, the holes would heal up quickly enough.

“This is absolutely fantastic, Andy, it’s perfect.” Cyrille was staring at his reflection in the mirror and his mirror’s reflection in the hand-held mirror his hairdresser was holding out behind his head so he could see the results. It really was perfect. Streaks of red and green, a few streaks of blue so light it did look like frost, he loved it.

“It was my pleasure as always, Cyrille. We don’t see you enough, you’re a joy to work with. The offer for you to be one of our stars when we need folks to sit on the stages with us during the hair shows still stands, you know.”

“I’ll think about it, Andy. For now I need to go and see Dan about some earrings.”

“You getting more piercing?”

“No, I think I know someone here who might be interested in finally discovering the world of piercing.” He laughed and bid the waving man goodbye as he walked his two friends out of that one store and into the mall itself. It was one of the only reasons he ever came to the place as a whole, Andy and Dan. Two stores in the mall that he appreciated spending time in.

“Mira, I think we’re going to get your ears pierced. I noticed you looking at the earrings on the wall and I recall you two talking about it this summer. I thought you’d both just forgotten about the idea altogether but I think I might just have been wrong. Want to give it a try too, Agni? The worst that can happen is you guys don’t like it so you just take the earrings out and that’s it.”

Mira was staring a little wide-eyed, uncertain though he went with. Getting his ears pierced had crossed his mind a lot in the summer though he’d mostly forgotten about it until he’d seen the earrings on the display at the hairdresser’s place.


“Just the ears today, Agni. Anything else and you’ll have to ask Eoghan since he’s essentially your legal guardian and you’re not of age yet for that kind of thing.”

“Boo. I can live with that but that just sucks. I want to get my tongue done and my eyebrow and-“

“I’m sure that after Christmas, if you still want those, we can ask Eoghan about it and he might even take us here himself.” Mira’s words were softly thoughtful. Cyrille knew he wasn’t making a mistake with this simple thing. These two healed quickly enough that he wasn’t really afraid about how things would turn out. Earrings were simple enough and taking them out to let the holes close if it doesn’t work out was just as easy.

“Let’s go see Dan.”


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