file folder

“You know, I don’t even remember when I got this one particular movie. I’m not even sure what it’s about.” Eoghan calls out from where he’s been sitting in their movie room. Lex, in the process of bringing in a simple breakfast, shrugs lightly as he sets down one of their small, portable tables. More like a tray with long legs really but it does the job when he needs a steady surface to work on.

One the table the wooden tray keeping all of their food items safe from certain doom sits. Two bowls of cereal, two glasses of orange juice, toast, jam and a container of milk for their cereal. He doesn’t like his food to be soggy and cereals would have been soggy by the time they got to it if he’d set the milk in already.

“Maybe it’s one of my movies? I did bring in my own collection after we decided that we were going to stick together in a permanent way.”

Eoghan looks up at him a moment, confusion on his face until understanding seems to dawn as Lex finally sits down next to him with a laugh. “You didn’t think I had any movies of my own?”

“Well I guess it didn’t really cross my mind, I’m so used to just having all of my movies out in a folder and then split out in separate little sub-folders to keep them set down in certain ways. When I got started, before all this computer stuff, I used to keep a list of every movie I had in a little file folder. I’d keep them in order of the dates I bought them since that file was typed up with a typewriter. Couldn’t very well erase a line and add something in there then.” He laughs and Lex chuckles again softly.

“I did bring my own collection along after I moved in, I think I probably transferred it into yours one of those days you were out of the house, which I suppose might explain why you didn’t really know about it.”

“That’s sneaky.”

“You love me being sneaky.”

“On certain occasions, not on others.” Eoghan grins, he knows that this is hardly an argument, it can’t even be called that, they’re just playfully bantering.

“Now, what exactly are we doing this morning?”

Eoghan reaches for one of the glasses of juice, sipping from it before he sets it down on one side of the tray so he can have better access to it. “I realized, when we last watched a movie, that some of them weren’t where they were supposed to be. I guess some of the informational data might have gotten lost when I copied everything over into your external drive when the old movie drive was dying, so I’m going through the movie folders and pretty much just filling in missing information.”

“And you think you know what that information is without looking it up online?”

Eoghan laughs softly and shakes his head. “I’m taking the easy way out of that one. I could just select the whole database and click on ‘find info online’ and whatnot but I don’t know how long that might take and I know that I don’t want certain of my movies to be fixed up that way so I’m just doing that for the ones I find that aren’t where they belong.”

“So you don’t really need me?”

“I always need you, Lex, but I guess in this one situation, you might just get bored out of your wits watching me click from one movie to the next to check if their information are correct. I wouldn’t hold it against you if you decided to do something else while I’m trying to get this done.” He clicks through another movie, updates its information and clicks through the next. He knows it would just be simpler to update them all at once but there is just something about making sure some of his specially marked movies don’t get thrown back in with the rest.

“I don’t mind staying with you, you know that. Once we’re done with breakfast, I’ll go and spend some time with Adela and then, whenever you get done, we’ll decide on what else we do with our day. It still is boxing day for most folks out there and spending time out of this place isn’t all that appealing though a walk out in the crisp day might not be a bad idea.”

Adela is more than happy to see him, then again she always is more than happy to see him. Lex knows he cannot begin to understand how snakes think or if she really is happy to see him though she always comes his way when he steps into her room and not to squeeze the daylights out of him.

He cares for her, feeds her, pets her for a while before he is back out of the over-warm room. He wraps a blanket out about his shoulders and locks the door properly. There always is a chill in the air when he steps out of her room though Eoghan is the one who thought to have the blanket ready.

Lex looks in on his companion for a few moments, takes note of the movie title and nods. “You’re almost done?”

“Just an hour or so more and I’ll be done, this is going by faster than I thought it would.” Considering the size of his collection, that seems to be an understatement.

“While you do that, I’ll look through what I still have left in my work room that shouldn’t last the year, I might make a few different things and set them up online to be sold at certain prices. I don’t want these beans to go bad.” He doubts the roasted beans can go bad but he doesn’t really want to chance it. It doesn’t seem right to subject people to chocolate that could be of sub-par quality.

“All right, if you’re not done before I am, I’ll sit nice and quiet in the living room to wait for you.”

Lex chuckles and disappears off to his own work room, knowing it won’t take him much take to look through all he has left. Tomorrow he might decide to fill in a few moulds but otherwise, today, all he wants to make sure of, is that his working materials are still in good condition and still can be used.

“Remind me when it was the last time we’ve done this.” Eoghan stuffs his hands in his pockets, wishing he’d actually taken his gloves with him when they’d gotten ready to step out. The air is fresh, there is a certain crispness to it. He loves it, really but his hands are not really appreciating him at that point. He knows that sticking them in his pocket should be enough for the time being.

“Too long ago. We were still stuck in the other apartment last year at this time and I don’t much recall what the weather might have been like and before that, well.” Lex shrug, a wry smile to his lips though he closes his eyes and tilts his head back up to the sky. He knows that fresh air this way is something he hasn’t had in his life for some time. They live on the edges of their city, not quite in the country, the air is clearer.

“Let’s never go back to waiting so long to spend time outside in this kind of weather. I admit my fingers are cold but that’s my own fault, I should have taken my gloves before we stepped out, I just didn’t expect it to be this cold for how beautifully clear the day is.”

Lex chuckles softly and begins to walk. There are no pathways along their yards but it hasn’t snowed so much that they cannot make their own. In places he knows they might just sink down to their knees but that is part of enjoying some time outside in the snow. “We should totally try to convince the twins and Cyrille to have a snow-fight. I think that’d be a pretty sweet learning experience.”

Eoghan blinks at him but snickers. “I think you’re right. Everyone really, though I don’t know that Armin would join us, he could play referee.”

“He could. Maybe when the air isn’t quite so cold, though.”

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