moving away

It hadn’t felt right. He hadn’t really wanted to be away from the twins so soon after Christmas but Magali was family and she had wanted to talk to him and not on the phone. Talking on the phone wasn’t really the way she’d wanted to talk to him about whatever was on her mind.

They had set a date and an hour, he’d said he’d drive out to the country to meet up with her and Joana though she’d then told him that Joana would be out for most of the morning and that had been that.

On the morning of the day after Christmas, he’d told the twins that he had to head out to talk to his sister. Agni had asked if they could come along and Mira simply had asked him to tell her he’d said hello. He couldn’t take the twins with him, he knew. Magali had made it clear that this was one of those talks they had to have, just the two of them together. He promised Agni he’d come back with something for them.

Right as he had been preparing to step out of the house, Mira stepped up to him and handed him a little white crocheted rabbit. Cyrille stared at it a moment before he chuckled and kissed Mira’s forehead. “I’m sure she’ll love it. That is very sweet of you, thank you.”

With that, he had been out the door and onto the mostly snow-cleared streets. At least in the city they were cleared of snow, he knew he’d had to be more carefully in the country though it certainly wasn’t the first time he’d drive those roads in this weather.

After having managed his way on the roads without so much as a near accident, he knocked on the door to the slight house. He could see smoke coming from the chimney so he knew he hadn’t driven all the way out to this place without any reason. When Magali opened the door, he breathed a sigh of relief and stepped inside, glad to be getting out of the chilly temperature.

The place hadn’t changed much since he’d last seen it. It still had its rustic charms with the large fireplace, the old couches. There wasn’t much technology that he could see and he figured it was just fine for his sister who hadn’t cared much for technology.

“You can leave your boots and coat by the door, we’ll settle by the fire. I’m glad you managed to come, I didn’t really want us to discuss this on the phone.” He did take off his coat and boots, leaving them where he had been standing before he stepped further inside. As he did, he finally noticed those little details he hadn’t yet. There were boxes scattered everywhere and most smaller objects he recalled being out and about were gone.

“I almost forgot, Mira made something for you, he didn’t want me to go without it.” He held out the small rabbit, she looked at it a moment before curling her fingers around it with a soft note.

“This is precious, the blue and black haired boy, yes? The one who was so fascinated by my harp. Ah- yes, that’s something else we’ll have to discuss. Now come and sit.” She moved away, sitting comfortably on one side of the couch in front of the crackling fire. He followed her, sitting next to her, a little uncertain of where all of this was going.

“I imagine you’ve noticed the boxes. We’ve had a long talk last night, Joana and me. We’ve decided, though she mostly decided and then worked on getting me to agree with her. She’s moving further south, more than likely a little to the side too, we figured we’d head to Spain. It’s warmer there and I need warm weather, despite the remission. I still feel a little worn on most days and the cold doesn’t help. Now please just let me talk, I know this is likely to be very startling for you.”

Startling was the least of it but Cyrille kept his mouth shut. He was going to lose his sister? Well not so much, he knew they would keep in touch, it just felt strange to imagine she might finally do something for herself. At that one particular thought, he warmed up to the idea and nodded slightly.

“This house has already been sold, we’ve been looking at properties in Spain and we’ll be flying over there in the next couple of days to visit a few places we’ve found online that look as though they’d be just perfect. We’re packing up little by little. Once everything here will be all packed up, I’ll be taking her back to the house with me so we can pack my own things up.”

Cyrille only nodded, preferring to listen. This was good for Magali, even if she was moving away from him. It wasn’t about him, he knew. It was about her and her health, it was all that mattered.

“I know I could just pack everything up. All my instruments, all my music sheets. I don’t much play any of them anymore we both know this. Even the harp, I only really played last time because I knew you would love to hear me play. I don’t really feel like music anymore. So either I sell the instruments, I leave them in the house or maybe you could take them. I’m sure we could set them in storage somewhere otherwise.”

“I can take them. The harp might not get much use, Agni actually bought one for Mira for their birthday, you should have seen the look on his face, it was beautiful. We have room though, I have room, the bedroom I’m staying in, in their apartment, is huge, I could keep them in there until I decide what to do with them. Most of your instruments are old, they’re expensive and I can imagine some people might really be interested in them. I can take care of that.”

Magali nodded, moving to sit closer to her brother, a soft sigh escaping her. “Now understand one thing, Cyrille. I’m not doing this to get away from the family and I’m not doing this because I want to leave you behind.”

“You don’t need to explain anything, Mag. You need to think about yourself. I’m honestly really happy with the twins, I feel so good since I’ve moved in with them.”

She reached out, brushing her hand over his cheek and he closed his eyes. It felt as though it had last been too long ago that they had shared simple touches this way. “I can tell it’s been doing you some good. Your eyes were so dead before, you tried, I knew you tried so hard but I could tell how unhappy you were but now, now you look alive again. I love your hair too.”

She laughed at those words and he grinned at her. She’d been the only one to really appreciate what he did with his hair, even Magali had looked at him as though he’d been crazy before she started doing the same.

“Just promise you’ll keep in touch. I don’t want you to just fall off of the face of the earth because you’re moving away, Mag.” It was the one thing that mattered most to him, he wanted nothing else, needed nothing else.

She chuckled softly and kissed his cheek. “Sweet, adorable Cyrille Atticus Finnegan. As if I’d abandon you in a million years. I wouldn’t ever do that. I’ll keep you updated on the house hunt and I’ll even invite you and your friends to visit once we’re all settled in comfortable.”

Cyrille scrunched his nose somewhat at her use of his full name but he pushed it away, he knew it was just her way of teasing him. He blinked at the notion of visiting her once she was settled though. “I don’t even know if they have passport. There’s time yet.”

He looked out the window a moment, frowning as he saw snow starting to come down. “I should probably start in on my way back, Mag. I don’t want to be out here on these roads if it starts to snow.”

“That sounds reasonable. You tell these boys to keep on treating you well, or else.”

“Or else.” He laughed but hugged her tightly, almost afraid this was the last he’d ever see of her. He couldn’t help but worry.

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