a cave

He turns left, hits a dead end and turns back around to the fork. He turn turns right, walks along the hallway and comes to another fork. He groans in defeat and holds his flame up higher to try to see if he can find a way out. This labyrinth goes on forever so far and it isn’t pleasant. He has no natural light to help him see where he seems to be going, the cave ceiling above him keeps him in darkness. He knows he would be in even more darkness if it wasn’t for his gift.

Every time he approaches the labyrinth doors, he’s sees no torches, he sees no source of light. He doesn’t even bother with trying to walk around this huge obstacle to try to get around it, he’s tried it once and it hasn’t led him anywhere.

He looks back at the knock on his door, Mira peeking in somewhat. Agni pauses his game though he knows nothing will happen to him in there other than he’s going to starve to death, again, and he turns to his sibling. “What is it?”

“I didn’t mean to bother you.” Agni shakes his head at his brother and offers him a soft sort of smile, he knows he deserves the uncertainty but there’s nothing he can do about it else than give it a little more time still.

“You’re not a bother, that’s fine, this game is starting to get repetitive, I can’t find means to get out of the cave anyway so I’m just thinking I might set it down for a while and forget about it.”

“It’s almost lunch time, I was wondering if you wanted something to eat. Usually, it would have been Cyrille’s turn to prepare to meal but you know. You think he’s coming back?”

“Mira, he left everything here, he’s just visiting his sister and he’ll come back, don’t worry so much. Come on, we’ll go prepare ourselves something to eat together.”

Mira smiles, it brightens up his whole face and Agni knows he’s made the right decision. His game can wait. He knows his brother is worried, it is needless worrying but there is nothing he can do about that either. He knows Cyrille will come back to them, that he only went to see Magali after she asked him to. They are family after all and it only makes sense that he’d visit.

The thought brings a soft pang of pain to his chest as he thinks about Zora for a few moments. She stepped out of their lives almost completely, leaving them with nothing more than a number they could call though she had told them rather clearly that if was for emergencies and that she might even consider not answering them at all if they called. She blamed them for turning their back on her, in the end.

He shook it off, frowning at where his mind was heading. This was hardly one of those things he wanted to think about. It wasn’t right. It didn’t make sense. With a sigh, he eases out of his chair and joins his brother at the door. He slips his arm around Mira’s waist and walks him to the kitchen where there is already a large pot on the fire, warming up slowly.

Agni chuckles as he looks into it and nods, broth. Soup for lunch seems like a wonderful idea, it certainly would warm them both up. “That was a great idea for lunch, Mira. There’s plenty in there for three so we can set his portion aside and he can eat once he comes back. What are we adding to it today? Some noodles, a few veggies? Are we doing our version of it? A curry based soup could be nice, don’t you think?”

When the front door eases open and clicks shut, a few hours later, Mira is the first one to head over. Agni has gone back to his game though his frustration has grown and by the time Cyrille steps inside, shaking some snow off his hair, Agni has saved his game and turned it off. He can’t figure out the cave system and it makes the game less than pleasing in the long run. Games are supposed to be fun.

“Cyrille!” Mira nearly launches himself at his friend and Cyrille laughs as he catches the slighter teen, swinging him around once before setting him back down.

“You act as though I’ve been gone forever and you haven’t seen me in years, that is absolutely adorable Mira.” On cue, Mira blushes and ducks his head though he keeps his tongue to himself, despite how tempting it is to stick it out and have Cyrille ‘teach’ him how to ‘use’ that tongue. His cheeks burn deeper at his thought and he shrugs a little, sheepishly.

“I’m sorry, I just was worried and you’re the first friend we’ve had who wasn’t family in some way and I was just afraid, we’ve kept you some soup!”

“You really are adorable and I’m sorry you guys worried about me. Magali and Joana just had a long talk and they’ll be moving to Spain where it’ll be warmer year-round and she wanted to tell me face to face. I don’t blame her.” Of course not.
Agni steps up then, stretching with a wide yawn as though he’d spent the last few hours sleeping.

“Game still kicking your ass, Agni?”

“Something like that, welcome home.” He steps closer too, hugging his friend before stepping back. Cyrille finally takes that time to get out of his coat and boots. He shakes the melting snow out of his hair with a soft laugh though he shivers as some of it drips down into his shirt and down his back.

“I’ll go warm up your soup!” Mira wanders off and back to the kitchen, almost a bounce to his step.
“He kept on worrying you weren’t coming back, it was a little sad, to tell you the truth.” Agni chuckles softly as Cyrille steps further inside and into the warmth of his home. His heart is in this place and this is home, he calls it nothing else.

“Well, Magali said she was going to keep me updated and once they were settled in, she might just see about inviting the three of us to visit her. I don’t think you guys have passports though, we’ll have to ask Eoghan about that if we want to visit her in Spain.”

“I think that’d be pretty cool, visiting Spain that is. I’ll let you have your little oh-my-god-he’s-back reunion, I bet Mira stays latched to your side until tonight. I’m going to get a book and read instead.” With a grin, Agni wanders off into his room, Cyrille chuckling softly as he watches the teen go.

“Were you really that worried that I wouldn’t be coming back, Mira?” He steps into the kitchen, sitting at one of the stools set up at the counter. Mira, with his back to him, shrugs lightly, working the microwave to warm the soup up.

“You’re the first friend I’ve had who wasn’t family in some way, I mean sure, no one here is family but Eoghan took us in, Armin gave us a job, they all feel like family but you’re different. You’re my age and you could decide to leave, I guess they all could but I was just worried and I just, I can’t help it.” He finished with a mumble, a soft frown to his face.

Cyrille shook his head and moved to round the counter so he could stand in front of his friend. “Mira, I’m not going anywhere, I promise. This place is home. Home is where the heart is and that’s not going to change any time soon. Magali told me that she couldn’t remember when I’d last looked this alive.”

He settled his hands on the teen’s cheeks and bent slightly, kissing those lips just lightly, softly. “This is where my heart is, you and your brother are the two most important people in my life right now and that’s not going to change.”

Mira, with a warmer blush still, closes his eyes but sighs, a sweet, content sort of sound. “Thank you.”


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