ice cream

“That bread really only has two ingredients?” Mira, sitting in front of Cyrille, watches his friend as he seems to mix in those very two ingredients. It baffles him, he didn’t recall having ice cream in the freezer but there it had been, lost and lonely all on its own hidden behind a few other things.

“Yup, it needs ice cream and self-raising flour. You mix the two in until you get a good consistency and then you bake it. It’s like a cake bread of sorts. I recall Magali preparing one for me when we were so much younger, I just watched her, my eyes wide as could be, not really wanting to believe it was possible. I even sat in front of the oven until it was all done to make sure she wasn’t trying to trick me by replacing anything while I wasn’t looking.” He laughs at the moment, a content sigh escaping him as he finishes mixing up the ice cream and the flower. The consistency is indeed just fine at this point. He pours the contents of his bowl into the bread mould he’d prepared and sets it to the oven.

“I don’t even remember buying ice cream.”

“I don’t either, that means you guys have had it for a while now and while I know that ice cream doesn’t really go bad and it was delicious when I tasted it before dumping into the bread recipe, I figured it was about time to use it. Not a lot of folks eat ice cream in winter though it’s good still. A little bit of a chilly dessert while sitting out in front of a good and warm fireplace.”

He starts cleaning up the small mess he’s made on the counter, knowing that the timer he set up would tell him when the bread was ready.


“Yes Mira?”

“What are you guys doing?” Agni steps into the kitchen, cutting Mira off before the teen is able to ask whatever it was that is on his mind. Agni looks briefly to his brother, sticking his tongue out as he does before turning back to Cyrille. This is something he has done a few times over in the past days, cutting his brother off from asking whatever question seems to be on his mind.

“We’re baking a bread.” Mira answers, a little deadpan. He shakes his head but murmurs an apology as he slips from the bench and disappears off into his room. Cyrille watches him go and shakes his head.

“You need to stop cutting him off this way, Agni, honestly. It’s like you’re doing it on purpose.”

“I am doing it on purpose.” Agni shrugs, looking down at the oven for a few moments. “As I’m pretty sure I know what he might want to ask you and we, my brother and me, we’ve promised one another that we wouldn’t even ask you that kind of question because it’s not right.”

Cyrille looks at him, staring really, as confusion settles and he shakes his head. “Well to answer your own question a little more clearly, we prepared bread with what was left of the ice cream.”

“We had ice cream?”

“That you did, probably from last summer, it was still in pretty good condition when I got it out of the freezer.”

“Ice cream in bread.”

“Yes. Now scram before I decide to kick you for cutting your brother off this way. Whatever he wants to ask me, he will ask me, even if it goes against whatever discussion you two might have had on my subject about what is right or wrong to ask me.” He shakes his head, not really mad, knowing he can’t be mad at the twins at all. He is more than aware that this is something akin to rivalry. He doesn’t really care for the idea that they might be fighting over him.

The thought actually amuses him. He did, at one point, see them as potential significant others, they are good companion, they both have good spirit, they’re beautiful people inside and out but he is more than a little aware that if he did decide to go out with one, the other might feel left out and that is just one of those things that he doesn’t much care about.

“It’s nothing life-shattering, that question we said we wouldn’t ask you but for us, it would lead to uncomfortable situations, it’d be like two kids fighting over a piece of candy, one of those everlasting ones.”

The mental image makes Cyrille blink but he chuckles softly after a few moments. “Are you comparing me to an everlasting gobstopper?”

He has to ask, that is what it sounds like. Agni chuckles quietly and shrugs. “I suppose I am, in a way. Just look at it from the point of view of someone who is still trying to discover these things, Cyrille. After Élodie, I told myself that I didn’t want to chance a single thing if it came to spending time with someone on a level that was more than friendship. My brother and me, we both know that you’re probably the best thing that might ever happen to us but we can’t chance destroying our friendship just for a desire that is closer to primal than anything else.”

He pauses there and shakes his head. This is as eloquent as he’s ever been. Cyrille knows they must have spent a lot of time thinking about this. “Sure, I have days where I think my heart beats a little faster when you’re around and that I could love you the way Eoghan and Lex love one another but then I tell myself I can’t do that. You’re my best friend and I don’t want to lose that. I’ve talked this over with Mira, we’re both of the same mind when it comes to this, we don’t want to destroy our friendship, it doesn’t mean that we might not at times want to ask for something else despite our promise to one another.”

Cyrille remains quiet for a long moment, giving this almost speech a long moment’s thought. He does understand, really, he goes through the same thoughts often enough. He could care for these twins as more than friends, he knows he does on a certain level but not to the point of ruining things. Would he wish for things to become physical now and again? Certainly, that couldn’t really hurt. Well, or so he tells himself.

“There’s just one thing, Agni. You’ve been cutting your brother off several times a day when he’s moments away from asking me questions but you have no way of knowing that the question he’s after is the one you don’t want him asking. You can’t know what he’s itching to ask me and you can’t predict it. If you had Eoghan’s gift, as I understand it, you might but you don’t. I know that twins seem to have a deeper bond but I wish you’d give him a chance. I do want to know what he’s been itching to ask me.”

There, Agni sighs and shakes his head though he shrugs as he spares one last glance towards the oven. “It’s not fault of mine if this friendship is destroyed. I’m doing all I can to keep it strong, it’s all I want for all of us, a strong bond that will keep us going but I can’t be held responsible for what Mira might do. I suppose I can’t control everything though, I almost feel as though Zora takes over my when I do those things. It’s not all that pleasant.”

“We’ll work on that together, Agni. Thank you for having been honest with me.” The slighter teenager nods slightly though he simply turns around, heads back to the living room. It had been where he’d been headed before he had heard them talk and discuss in the kitchen so curiosity had gotten the better of him.

Cyrille watches him wander off and he sighs. He knows he can’t just go after him to hug him and tell him everything will be all right much as he knows he can’t go after Mira. He’d tried it once and the teen hadn’t told him anything.

“One day, then the next, no point in rushing.” He sighs, the words barely a murmur as he moves the timer to the middle of the counter so he can keep track of it.


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