no organization

Everything seems absolutely chaotic. I know it’s no one’s fault by my own at this point. I should have come by during the holiday break to make sure nothing was out of place. There seems to have no organization. There are boxes filled with books everywhere and when I look into them, I see no theme. Of course the books are all mostly together in the way they were on their shelves, that would have worried me but it almost seems as though they didn’t write down where they had come from and just put everything together.

This puts a dampener on things. Not much of a dampener but I had hoped to at least have the boxes set out by their respective shelves, it would have made things a lot easier to work with when the time came to unpack everything.

I know the working crew is due to come back in the next couple of days, I might just ask them to at least put the boxes in places where they belong, placing the books we can do ourselves. I might just take the whole gang here, I’m sure Lex will agree with the idea, and we’ll set books up into the shelves. For now, I guess I have myself one job. I look into the box and write down what’s in it, or at least the general subject of what’s in there. I’m sure if some books aren’t where they should be, they can be moved at a later date.

No one can expect a freshly transferred library to run perfectly on its first open days though there still is some time.

After a few hours of too long work, I can finally look at the mess of boxes and nod to myself. They’re all marked. Well almost. Some I looked at and I couldn’t honestly tell what the books that were in it were about so I let them be. Those boxes I’ll have them move to sit by the desk and Armin can look them over and make sure they get placed where they should. It is that simple in the long run.

I look over the whole floor from what I can see of it where I stand. I can see a kid’s corner, already set up nice and comfortable. An area for the computers that has been enclosed in glass walls, less to worry about where that is concerned. I know there are several reading corners and the area to the second floor is no longer accessible without a key and only Armin will have that key for the time being. No point in letting everyone up there when we haven’t even decided what we’d be setting up, after all.

This place looks fine. It’s warm and comfortable, the heat works well, there’s bright, clear sunlight streaming in through the bland windows. I was updated a couple of days back that the work was coming along at a good pace and that within a few more weeks or a month at most I wold have the stained glass for the windows. Not that I could have it changed then but that is aside the point, really. I’ll just put them somewhere safe, the second floor more than likely and that would be that, until the weather is warm enough to warrant switching the plain windows to the ones that would be there until the end of everything.

That’s how I see it, in any case.

The construction’s protective fencing is still everywhere around the place and I’m thankful for that. I don’t really want anyone coming around yet despite that everything is more or less completed.

As I step outside, I turn to the doors, locking them and putting the keys in my pocket. Those will belong to Armin once I bring him to see the finished product. I have a double, of course, but I don’t see that I’ll ever need it. At least I hope to never really need it.

I turn around and blink at the sight of Lex leaning against the car. He must have walked and I’m a little baffled by the idea. It’s a fair distance to cover and while the weather is nice, I hadn’t expected him to want to walk this far. He had told me that he’d wait for me back home so the sight of him, leaning against the long since cooled car worries me a little.

I hope walk down the stairs carefully, glad that I’d swept the snow off of them before I’d gone in the church else I get this feeling I would have slipped right on down and that wouldn’t have been exactly pleasant.

He smiles at me as I approach him and the worry begins to melt away. If there had been some trouble, he wouldn’t have been smiling at me.

“You’ve walked all of this way?” I have to ask him, it seems almost surreal. The buses don’t run yet at least not this early in the morning. He shakes his head, a soft laugh escaping him as he does. “Cyrille actually dropped me off.”


“Cyrille and the boys, they were headed in this direction and I figured I might as well see if they felt like dropping me off. So I got in with them and they dropped me off. I could have walked, the weather’s nice enough but I don’t think I’d have made it in one piece. They dropped me off a couple of streets from here and I nearly fell on my ass several times just walking from there to here. The sidewalks are icy and they haven’t dropped any salt down to help with that. I might have broken something on the way here if I’d walked.”

“I still don’t get it. Not that I don’t appreciate that you’re here but why?”

He grins again, his eyes bright and amused. He shakes his head with a chuckle. “I just wanted to? That and I want us to stop at one particular shop, there’s something I’ve been meaning to get from there and I need you with me to decide on which one is best. You do have better taste than me when it concerns some things.”

Most certainly not suit and ties. He knows just what to wear to look perfectly dashing in those and I almost drool every time I see him dressed up so perfectly well.

Finally I step him to him to steal a kiss. He chuckles softly against my lips and I nip at his bottom lip. “I take it you want to drive?”

“If that’s okay?”

As if it wasn’t. I hand him the keys and walk my way carefully around the car to slip into the passenger side. “That reminds me I need to buy stuff to take care of the church steps. The ice clings to them and they’re slippery. I’m pretty sure the wheelchair ramp is as bad, so we’ll need to get something for that too while we’re on the way.”

“I’m pretty sure that’s on the way to the store I want us to head to so I certainly don’t mind if we stop there to get some salt for the steps. We’ll have to keep a bucket out by the door of the library as it is, at least until the ice melts and the weather starts to warm up again. In a month or so of course but still.”

I nod, buckling myself up as he starts the car and drives us out of the parking lot. I don’t know where we’re going but I don’t mind. He’s never led me astray before and if he wants us to check something out and needs my help to decide whatever is best, I can only go with him. I’d go to the end of the world with him as it stands, even if that took me through hell and back. He’s my everything and I’d do it all to make sure I’d be at his side forever.

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