“I should learn to drive.” Yael huddles a little just outside the bus shelter, he hugs his coat a little closer and spares a glance into the shelter. They were inside until this one little old lady stepped inside, reeking of cigarette and who knew what else, they stepped out, unable to handle the scent.

Quentin at his side, straightening his scarf a little, shakes his head. “I suppose you could but in this weather it’s hardly the best time. If you want to learn, we both can go and take the classes, then the tests.”

“I just feel like we’re using him whenever we ask him to get stuff for us or we ask him to drive us around. When we take the bus it’s not as bad but heading off to get food for the cats in this weather, by bus, is a freezing pain in my butt.” Inside the shelter, he hears the old woman snort and he tunes her out. It is bad enough they’re not protected by the wind due to her smell, after all.

“If he minded, I’m pretty sure he would tell us, Yael.”

As the bus eases by and stops next to them, they both step to the side, letting the old woman get on first, despite that they know very few other people who would bother with that kind of respect. Old folks, even if they smell, should be respected to a point and old folks deserve to get on the bus first.

Something like that.

“At least this time we didn’t forget the buggy. Lugging that huge pouch of food back home was a pain on the hands, I couldn’t feel my fingers for a while after that, it wasn’t really pleasant.” Yael shakes his head as they step into the shop, a specialized pet shop that has more brands of animal food than the big chains. This is the only place they visit for their needs, or well, at least the needs of their cats.

“True. Litter box at the bottom and food on top? We should get a second bag, it would help us along.”

“Or we learn to drive.” Yael offers his companion a wry smile as they step into the food aisle.

“We could get one of these little kiddy-cart I’ve seen around, you just drag it around, the bus rarely has that many people when we take it because of the hour so I’m sure it wouldn’t be too much of an issue. We could even have heavy plastic sheet on there to cover the stuff with if it rains when we’re out.”

Yael blinks but laughs softly, startling another patron one row over. “It sounds as though you’ve given this plenty of thought. I suppose we could give it a try. It’s no worse than folks with these huge strollers. Though honestly, I really think I should try to learn to drive.”

“We’ll give it some thought, they’re no rush yet but we won’t just ignore the idea. At least we’ll wait until spring though I guess we can start the learning part as far as all the books and knowledge is necessary. The car-driving part can wait until spring. Sounds good?”

“Sounds good. I found the food. Let’s get that in the cart and we’ll get the stuff for the litter box. Once that’s all paid for we’ll figure out how we get these settled in out the buggy. I could carry one of the food pouches since we need two of them, I know I can’t carry that litter sand anywhere for how heavy it is. I guess a second buggy couldn’t hurt until we either get licenses or that kiddy-cart, as you call it.”

Quentin looks at the two large pouches of food in their cart and shakes his head though there is clear amusement in his face. “So many mouths to feed.”

Once everything is paid for, they step to the side to allow any other clients to pay for their things and they start to carefully layer things into their buggy. The box of litter sand at the bottom, the two pouches of cat food set on top though one does fit almost perfectly next to the sand. They tug the cover over to keep everything as dry as possible and start on their way back out of the store and to the couple of blocks they need to walk along to get back to the bus stop so they can go home.

“I don’t even know if I’ll be comfortable with the idea of driving but I guess that unless I give it a try, I won’t know.” Yael looks up to the sky as they step out of the bus, waiting for it to drive off before they cross the street to get back to their side of the road.
“I tried driving once, just once. It was on an abandoned road, not a thing or person in sight and I just don’t know. I felt a bit as if everything was too complicated, like I had to focus on too many things at once.” Quentin shrugs lightly and releases the handle of their buggy as Yael settles his hand on it. They do share the dragging duty most of the time.

They cross one street, then another and turn to their door, opening it and then closing it once they are inside. The inside heat pulls sighs from both of them as they tug gloves off, hats, scarves and boots. They hang their coats up and then pull the buggy inside though it stays on the rug that sits right by the door so it doesn’t bring any wet snow inside.

From it they pull the two bags of food, a few bags of treats and a couple of toys before working together to pull the box of litter sand out of it. They set everything aside and Quentin takes a moment to roll the buggy back into the entryway where it will finish drip-drying. He closes the door again behind him and picks up one of the bags of food, knowing he can already transfer its content into their sealed box. It seems easier to feed them from a box that only needs to be opened instead of struggling to open and close a bag that has no closing mechanism day in and out.

“I think we deserve some sitting time in front of the fireplace after that.” He grunts as he drops the bag next to the container since Yael is already emptying the first one into it.

“I was going to head up to work in the garden, we could sit under the spotlights or step into the tropical side for a little while to finish warming up?”

Quentin rolls his eyes and sticks out his tongue with a somewhat amused glance. “If I have to drag you by the ankles to get you to sit in front of the fireplace with me. I will.”

He knows better than to offer the fake threat of dragging the other his hair. Yael’s hair is sacred in its own way and doing anything bad to it is, well, terribly bad.

Yael blinks at him, staring for a heartbeat as he tries to make his mind on whether or not he should take the threat seriously. He laughs after a moment and shakes his head. “All right, fine, how about you get the box of litter sand in here while I transfer these food bags and then we’ll see about some fireplace cuddling for a bit to finish warming up, you caveman.”

Grinning, Quentin disappears out of the cat’s room and back to the front door where he lifts up the box of litter sand with a soft grunt and slowly makes his way back to his companion. The box is heavy, the two opened finger slots cutting slightly into his joints so he sets it down when he’s halfway there to flex his fingers lightly. He picks it back up after a few moments and finishes his slow trek into the cat’s room to drop the box off carefully.

“We can transfer this one later, it’s not about to go anywhere and we don’t need it this very instant. Now come and cuddle, or else, no cuddling.”

“That’s a bit redundant if you think about it. If I don’t go cuddle I don’t get cuddles?” Yael laughs as he stands and stretches, his head shaken lightly. “Let’s go warm up by the fire.”


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