he walked by

“They keep on looking at you, you know.” Agni’s voice is softly amused as he sits on one of the benches just inside the mall. Next to him, Cyrille sits, looking at nothing in particular, he’s thinking. Though he blinks and looks up at Agni’s words, letting his gaze sweep in the general direction his friend is motioning to. He sees two young women, both a little under-dressed for the weather though they’re inside so he figures it’s not such a bad thing, and they’re looking their way. As soon as they see him looking they look away, giggling.

“I suppose I attract a few looks with my hair.” Still streaked red, green and frosty blue. He has no issues with people staring, he’s pretty used to it at this point. He looks to his other side where Mira is looking down at the almost empty glass of lemonade in his hands. He nudges the teen a little, a bit of worrying nipping at him. Mira has been quiet and almost a little distant since his last attempt at asking him whatever it was that was bothering him, with Agni cutting him off right at that precise moment where the question would have come out.

Mira looks up to him, his eyes wide, a little startled as if he’d been surprised doing something he shouldn’t have been. “How about we head to the theatre now, see what’s playing so we can decide which movie we’re watching?”

Mira’s eyes brighten just a little and he offers the barest hint of a smile. This alone is enough to begin erasing some of Cyrille’s worries though not many of them. He eases to his feet, the twins following him and he walks away, right past the two women, not sparing a glance their ways though he hears them giggle as they go and he rolls his eyes.

“They’re following us.” Agni snickers softly as they head further inside, to the movie theatre to see what movies were playing. It had been one of those decisions. The day had started out as being absolutely chilly and there had been nothing to really interest any of them in their home, so they’d decided on an outing.

“They can follow us anywhere, really. I’m not interested.” Cyrille shrugs as they stop in front of the theatre. He looks up to the large panel with all the currently playing movies displayed on it.

For a moment, they all stay silent, looking through the titles before Mira points one title in particular, a slightly hopeful look on his face. Agni looks over, lips quirking to a grin as he notices the title and Cyrille only chuckles with a nod.

“That sounds like a good idea, Agni, you want to get the tickets? I’ll split the cost of the snacks with Mira and we should be about even.” Agni snickers, knowing he’s the one paying for their movies since he’s the one carrying around the pass, allowing him a lower ticket cost for the movies. He just has to have it scanned three times and voila, he has himself his tickets at nearly half-price.

They step inside, each with their tickets, and once all their tickets are checked, they move past the doors and further into the warmly lit area. “They’re still following us.”

Cyrille rolls his eyes as they hear the giggle of the two women just a few steps away from them. “Agni, care to go save us some seats so we can be together, we’ll join you as soon as we have the snacks, popcorn and something to drink?”

“And some of those sour candies!”

“Mira, I turned your brother into a sour candy addict.” He snickers as Agni walks off towards the back and the couple of steps that will lead him to the hallway of doors. Behind him, he can still hear the two women talking to themselves and he rolls his eyes. He steps closer to Mira, slipping his arm about the teen’s waist to pull him as close as he can.

“Just go with it, let’s get out snacks and I can only hope they get the hint.” He murmurs those words into Mira’s ear, kissing the teen’s temple before he straightens slightly. Mira leans against him, as if the motion is the easiest thing in the world and Cyrille tightens his hold gently on that waist.

He knows he can’t really give Mira what the teen might want though he sees no real harm, they simply would need to talk it through after all, all three of them talk things through.

“So we’re getting some popcorn for your brother along with a bag of sour candy, some popcorn for us and something to drink, anything else that catches your attention?”

Mira looks into the counter where candies are settled, he studies them for a moment before shaking his head. “Just the popcorn and some juice will be perfect. I honestly don’t know how Agni can handle eating these sour candies. I mean, I like them but only if I eat one or two every now and then.”

“I know what you’re saying. I honestly only bought them that time as a gag, I was curious to know how you two would react to them but I guess he really likes them. I guess we all have one food-based weakness.” He chuckles as they order and pay. By then, he no longer can hear the women behind him and he lets relief flood him a bit. “Wish I could walk this way all the way to our movie but I think we’re going to need all of our hands. They should have trays, I swear.”

“Well they do have trays for the drinks, see?” Mira picks it up, the three drinks settled in there and he drops the bag of candy between them. “If you want to carry the popcorn, I can carry the drinks?”

Cyrille chuckles, moving to pick up the three small bags of popcorn. He knows they could have gone for a single large bag but it always seems so complex to eat from the bags unless only one person is using it. Now being at home, one very large bowl filled almost to the brim was perfect, they could all eat from it but this was different. “Lead the way.”

Mira grins, the first real sign of happiness Cyrille has seen on that face since the other day and they head up the couple of steps and into the door marked with a big 3. On the very first row at the back, they notice Agni, settled dead center with his coat set out two chairs to his left. They make their way into the row and settle, Mira handing his brother his coat back so he can set his own to his chair.

Each of the drinks are set into the cup holders the chairs all have and the bags of popcorn are handed out when the twins are settled. Mira holds onto two of them while Cyrille finally takes off his coat and sets it behind him. When he sits back down, Mira hands him his bag of popcorn back.

“I guess you two managed to get rid of the women following us around, what did you do?” Agni tears into his bag of sour candy, seeming to care to eat those first and foremost.

“Just kept on ignoring them. There wasn’t much more for us to do, really. We just walked right on past them and I guess they got the hint.” Cyrille lightly touches Mira’s arm, a thank you for having gone with his little game to get the women to leave them back. The teen leans his head against Cyrille’s shoulder for a moment and that’s enough. Cyrille knows that whatever the issue is, between the three of them, they can talk it out, make it work.

“If we’re not all bloated from the popcorn once the movie is over, we can have ourselves some lunch at the food court and then we can either just keep on walking around the mall or we can head home. We can see about that after the movie.”


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