in the shed

Most of what he keeps in Adela’s room is alive. The setup of the room has been done following a very strict design. Digging into the soil, one will eventually find the ground but there is a thickness of earth, the water is clear and natural, it flows through a filtration system the way pool water does.

This, as a whole, means that now and then, a bit of pruning is necessary when some of the bushes and the one tree decides to sprout branches where they shouldn’t. The pruning usually only happens twice or three times a year at most, and this is one of those first times where it has happened in winter, at least as far as Lex can recall.

Wherever he has lived to this point, he always kept Adela—though her joining him as a pet is recent, there have been other pets before—in areas where snow was rare so he could make sure to keep the temperature as they should. Florida, southern California, Spain, Greece are all places where he’s lived with animals around. Now, as he looks into her room from the outside, through the large glass wall that separates her from the rest of the apartment, he notices it is about that time when pruning is required.

He frowns softly, trying to recall where the pruning shears have been left last and a soft groan escapes him as his mind gives him exactly the information he requires—except that this information is not the one he wanted to have. Lex steps away from the thick glass and makes his way towards the opposite end of his shared home, to Eoghan’s slight office. Gently he knocks on the door and steps inside when he hears the soft rustle of paperwork.

“Please tell me we haven’t left the pruning shears in the shed.” He already knows the answer to his question but still he feels the need to ask it. As though asking that one question now might get an answer different from the one he knows is the truth.

Eoghan blinks as he puts his papers away, turning his gaze to his lover. His lips quirk into a wry sort of smile and he shakes his head. “I’m pretty sure they’re in the shed, why?”

With a groan, Lex shakes his head and leans slightly against the frame of the door. Eoghan looks at him with certain amusement in his eyes. This is a rare behaviour out of Lex and it certainly is interesting.

“I guess we’ll have to go out and buy some, that or I bundle up and I shovel to clear a path to the shed and then I clear the snow in front of the door. Buying one would be less problematic but I know that’s the cheap way out.”

“You still haven’t told my why you seem to need the pruning shears, though.”

“I need to do some pruning in Adela’s room?”

Eoghan laughs softly, his eyes bright and amused as he moves to his feet and stretches with a soft yawn. “Poor darling, you don’t want to be out in this weather but at the same time you know you’ll have to. Here, I’ll bundle up too and we’ll both clear a pathway to the shed and the door. That way if we need something else from there we can go and get it.”

“So long as we don’t get any more heavy snow falls or bad snow storms.”

“Both are possible and rather likely but really, I’m sure it can’t be that bad. That or we take the easier way out even, we bring the plower out of the garage.”

Lex blinks then, a frown finding his lips as he seems to think that one particular bit of information. “We have a plower?”

Eoghan snickers, far too amused by the whole situation though he calms down after a few moments and nods. “I bought it late last fall, I figured we might not really have any use for it since we pay someone to plough the snow out of the driveway but I told myself that maybe, just maybe we might end up using it.”

“And you just tell me this now, after watching me struggle with the idea of having to shovel all that snow to get to the shed.”

“Struggle? Honestly Lex, you weighed the idea for a few moments and I could see it in your eyes, you were more tempted by the idea of heading to the store than shovelling. Come on, let’s go and see how this plower works and how well, quickly and efficiently it can get the job done.”

“You do it, I’ll stick by.” Lex shakes his head, a wry smile to his lips. Eoghan steps to him, stopping to steal a brief kiss before he walks past and heads to the door to get his coat and boots from the wardrobe.

“I know, new machinery doesn’t like you on the first use, this isn’t new, love. I certainly don’t mind. I can get it going for the first few feet and you can try it a little, see how it handles your gift.”

Dormant or not, well controlled or not, strife is a troublesome gift to have when it comes to most things that run on a motor of sorts. Knives are fine, spoons, pots and pants; cars on the other hand, computers, radios, their stove. All of those need to be ‘tamed’ before he can use them.

Twenty or so minutes after they’ve stepped outside into the thick, heavy snow, the pathway to the shed has been cleared, Eoghan is bringing the plower back into the garage since it seems like an idiotic idea to leave it in the shed and Lex is going through said shed to find the shears.

While in there, he snags the bag of bird seed that he didn’t recall they had, bringing it outside along with a feeder. He sees no harm to leaving food out for the birds in the winter, it even relaxes him to watch them come and go, peck at the seeds, steal some and then fly away as if caught in a terrible act of thievery.

“Do you remember buying bird seeds?” He calls out as Eoghan shoves his hands into his pockets after stepping back out of the garage. The cold is somewhat biting and he’s less than thrilled about it. He shakes his head at the question, looking at the bag of seeds for a moment.

“These might no longer be edible? Though they look dry enough and I don’t smell anything coming from there that shouldn’t be. We can fill up the feeder and hang it up, bring the bag into the garage so we can keep it closer. Got everything you needed from there?”

“And then some. I even made sure to lock the door, it was only closed when we got to it, I was sure we’d locked it.”

“It’s not all that surprising, I recall the issue with the ghost rooster and Yael had trouble with garden ghosts so who knows, we might just have company.”

Lex shakes his head as they step back to their building, moving to stand against one of the walls, the wind blocked from their position. They fill in the feeder and Eoghan locks the top of it shut before he moves to hang it up carefully. “Now maybe we’ll see a few of our winter birds come around.”

“Time to get back inside?” Eoghan’s gaze ever hopeful as he looks out briefly and then back to Lex who nods with a soft chuckle.

“We bring in the bag of seeds into the garage and we can head back inside to warm up. You can go back to taking care of the paperwork and I can do the bit of pruning I need to get done. I swear though, we should probably have a second pair of shears we keep in the house, just in case.”

“They’re fine in the shed, really.”


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