Not much progress had been made since their trip to the theatre though Mira had stopped shying away from him and refusing to look at him. It was better than no progress at all. Despite his best wishes, Cyrille hadn’t managed to have the talk he wanted with the twins together, to make sure things were clear between the three of them.

There was no tension between them and he supposed it was the only reason that hadn’t pushed him into really trying to have that conversation. There seems to be no point to it just yet when things did seem to be going well. At least, that was what he was telling himself, so why did he still feel the desire to have that conversation to make sure the twins understood that nothing would tear him away from them?

Shaking his head, Cyrille watched as Mira shivered slightly, hugging his blanket a moment. He was barefoot, a blanket clutched close and a few different pieces of paper held in his hand. “Mail’s in!”

His teeth almost clattered as he uttered those words, he wasted little time standing around, moving to sit in front of the fire, the mail dropped on the low table a few feet from him. He wiggled his toes in front of the crackling heat of the fire and Cyrille chuckled faintly though it was a sound tinged with worry.

“I wish you wouldn’t head out to fetch the mail without any shoes on, Mira. One of these days you’ll get sick. Now if it were Agni, I would only half worry, I know he can warm the ground under his feet and keep himself from frostbite but not you.” Agni shot him a look as if to remind him that he was crazy to think he would go out there to get the mail barefoot, even if he could thaw and melt the snow where he stepped.

Mira shrugged, a sheepish smile tugging at his lips as he looked back to the pair sitting on the couch. “I was expecting something in the mail today, I guess that’s why I rushed out to get it. Nothing for me though there is an envelope for you in there, Cy.”

Curiosity piqued, Cyrille leaned to the low table and riffled through the small pile of mail. He found the one that has his name on it and he smiled as he recognized Magali’s handwriting. “I bet she’s going to tell me about how she found the perfect house down in Spain. She doesn’t care much for computers so letters and printed photos are usual with her.”

He chuckled at the memory of his sister indeed taking so many photos when they were younger, bringing them to the store to get them printed out while everyone else was starting to go gaga over digital cameras and everything else. She still used a good old fashioned film camera, or most of the time when she could get away with it, a Polaroid type with instant results.

With a smile, Cyrille carefully opened the envelope, recalling when he last opened one too quickly and had nearly ripped the letter in half. That had been a near disaster. Onto his lap tumbled several Polaroid snapshots and a single piece of folded paper. He went for the paper first, wanting news of his sister. He read it silently, taking in all the little details she described and every time she mentioned a photo, he looked through the ones on his lap to find it to look at while he reads further on.

“This is great, they’ve looked at a lot of different houses but they found one on a hill, a little outside of the city where they’re at, there’s a pool and large rooms and even Ophé seems to like it out there. It’s comfortable and well within their price range. Not that Magali usually has a price range since we can afford a lot but I know that Joana keeps a good budget.” Something he tried to do as well, even though he had plenty of money on the account his parents had set up for him when he was young. He preferred using money he worked hard to earn as often as he can.

He handed the photos over to Agni who looked them over, awe visible in his eyes as he took it all in. Finally, Mira scooted over, curious though he waited until his brother handed him the photos in turn so he could look them over.

“I’ve been to Spain before, just once. It’s beautiful out there. I think we should totally go some time this summer. I bet we could talk Armin into talking Eoghan into letting us have at least a week off from work, all of us.”

Mira finally offered the photos back over before scooting right back to the fireplace. He no longer seemed to be shivering but he still looked to be appreciating the heat of the fireplace on his toes. “I know this is a completely different thing from the current subject but I feel like swimming. We could go up top?”

Agni blinked, looking out the window a moment then back to his brother with a ‘are you crazy?’ look on his face. Mira rolled his eyes in turn as Cyrille put the photos back into the envelope. He would put it somewhere safe for the time being. “Agni, the door opens straight into the solarium, in case you forgot and it’s kept to a summer temperature in there. I think it could be interesting to swim while there’s snow everywhere.”

Cyrille, stretching, chuckled softly at the idea. “It’s not such a bad plan, I haven’t had a swim in some time and I think it could be nice to head up. If you’d rather stay down here, no one is going to force you to come up to the pool though, Agni.”
“YAY!” That was all it took for Mira who was on his feet in a flash and heading off to his bedroom to change into his swimming clothes.

Agni watched him go for a moment and shook his head. “You two go and have a swim, I want to finish this book and see if my dislike for the colour yellow is founded or not.”

“I swear, Agni. Next time you’ll be reading a book where the antagonist is wearing red or something and you’ll start to think red is evil, which is bound to be amusing as hell all things considered.”

“Red can never be evil, I’m too cool to be evil.”

“Cyrille!” Mira almost huffed from his spot by their door, wearing a long shirt that was far too big on him, it fell down so low it nearly hid his swimming trunks, all that could be seen was a hint of blue barely dropping below the hem of that shirt.

“I’m coming, Mira.” Cyrille laughed, shaking his head as he went into his room to change. He dropped the envelope onto his small desk and located his own swimming trunks. He changed into them, found his towel, put on a shirt, some sandals and he joined the nearly bouncing teen at the door.

“If you change your mind, you know where we’ll be, all right?”
Agni nodded, shooing them off with a soft yawn. He figured he was bound to have himself a nap before he could finish reading the books, his nights had been short and he knew it was entirely his fault for playing too late into said nights, almost to early morning and then getting up when the rest of his household did. He would settle back into a proper sort of routine once they were back in the library.

It wouldn’t be too long now. Eoghan had mentioned how much progress they had made with all the books being brought over from the old place to the new one last they’d had their shared meals so within the next few days, he would gather everyone willing to help so all of said books could be unpacked and set up.

He could hardly waited, he did badly want to see the new library.


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