an open magazine

“Did you buy the whole store or something?” Scattered over their living room table, there seems to be dozens of magazines, some open, some closed and some actually looking rather old, so old Eoghan isn’t even sure in what year they might have come out.

“Lex?” Eoghan looks around their living room, the air is still, as though it hadn’t been been disturbed in quite some time. Something that wouldn’t make sense. These magazines hadn’t been there the night before and Lex had only gotten up about half an hour before him. Unless they had some midnight visitors, things felt a little off at that point.

The front door eases open and closes with a soft click. “Lex, is that you?”

“Arms full, a little help might be nice.” He calls out softly from the door, managing a step, then two before he steps. He honestly can barely see where he’s going and knows there are obstacles that will appear in his way in a few more steps and he’d rather not deal with more bruised shins.

Eoghan, curious and relieved at once, walks away from their living room and to the door where Lex is standing with two boxes stacked in his arms. Eoghan reaches for the topmost one, pulling it to his arms with a slight grunt, not quite having expected its weight. “What’s in there?”

“Magazines. I was looking through our private library out back when I noticed these boxes sitting in a corner. I honestly couldn’t even remember leaving any of them there but I guess we must have and for a while if I didn’t notice them until now. They’re all old magazines, I guess I might have been a bit of a magazine junky when I last returned into the law world. Most of these have articles about certain attorneys or certain cases or just about anything that has to do with law. I figured it was time to do some cleaning.”

“For a second there I thought I’d fallen through into an alternate dimension. You weren’t there, these magazines were there and it felt as though they’d been left there a really long time ago.” Eoghan mutters softly as he walks back to the living room, putting the box down next to the low table and to the other, mostly empty box, that he hadn’t noticed again. “I’m going crazy, I didn’t even see that box when I stepped out.”

“A lot of these magazines are old, I suppose there’s some strife in them for how long they’ve been around me and my things so it’s possible you didn’t see them. You do have this slight habit of blocking certain things out, it’s like your brain is wired for it. I’m still here, this is still the regular universe and I’m not going anywhere.” Lex chuckles softly, setting the second box down on top of the first one Eoghan had put on the floor.

“I don’t really feel like doing this right now but I don’t want to see any more boxes. I figure this is a good exercise for tomorrow.” He laughs but shakes his head, looking through the magazines already scattered on their low table. He doesn’t know whether or not he wants to keep any of them. Even if by some surprising twist of fate some of these articles are about his own past, it doesn’t matter much, he knows.

Eoghan kneels down next to him, looking a few magazines over and piling some up on the side to be dropped into their shredder, it would do go in their composting bin. “You don’t have to come tomorrow if you don’t want. I know you’ve had a few good commissions come in and if you would rather stay here and work on them, no one is going to accuse you of not helping out.”

Lex quirks a brow but shakes his head as he piles up the magazines that were on the low table, setting them aside himself as he opens one of the new boxes and pulls out another pile to riffle through, to see if anything catches his attention. “I’m going with the group tomorrow to help with the library, it’s not that I don’t want to, it just feels strange to be digging through boxes when I was sure I was done. I never want to look at a box ever again if I can help it.”

“Unless it’s for something new we’ve bought, yes?” Eoghan’s grin seems to be contagious as Lex grins as well moments later. He shakes his head with a soft chuckle as he keeps on briefly looking at the magazines before setting them down on the growing pile on his left. Only a couple have been put to his right and his face is plastered to them, it makes it easy to know why they’re on that pile. At least, for now they’re on that pile.

“At times I tell myself I just don’t like unpacking stuff but unwrapping things is different. I love unwrapping you, tugging every last article of clothing away from your body so I can explore it again and again with my hands, map every little bit of you to memory.” Lex grins again, keeping his gaze on the magazines in front of him though he knows Eoghan is more than likely blushing at this point. They have been together for a long, long time but some things still pull these almost timid reactions to the surface.

“Stop trying to make me blush and keep on looking through these magazines. What are we looking for exactly?” Eoghan clears his throat, willing to blush to leave his face though he sighs and leans back somewhat against the armchair settled behind him. He craves these moments when he knows it is simply the two of them, only during these brief respite from the world can he let Lex get away with saying those things.

“At this point I’ve only put to the side anything that has my face on it. I’m not vain, mind you, I just figure that I know there are articles about me if my face is on these covers and once I know that, I can look through them to see if said article is worth keeping or not. I’m sure most of these magazines will end up in the shredder but looking won’t hurt.”

Eoghan nods, going back to looking through the magazines, setting to the side the rare few that do have Lex’s photo on them. There are more than he had expected but he’s not all that surprised. When out working in the world of law, Lex is world known, those who have not heard his name have no access to world information.

“There are more magazines with my face on it than I had honestly expected.” They stare at the pile left on the low table. The rest of the old and worn magazines have been put back into the boxes and these boxes dropped just outside their door to be taken down and outside to the garage where their shredder sits.

Eoghan laughs at those words, tapering off to a chuckle. “The world love you, you should be glad for that. They adoooore you!”

Lex rolls his eyes, rolling up one of the magazines and bopping Eoghan on the head with it lightly, playfully. “There’s only one person on this planet whose adoration I need and we both know who this is.”

At those very words, Eoghan’s eyes go wide, mock-hurt by those very words, he gasps, putting on a show. “There’s someone out there in the world whose adoration means more than mine? Now you’ve gone and broken my heart! You’re so heartless! Oh how am I ever going to survive this tragedy?”

He sniffles, flopping down on the ground with a heavy sigh. Lex leans over the low table to look at his lover. “You’re not much a good actor, love. Though I suppose with some practice you might convince a few folks that you are but really, that wasn’t very good.”

“You wound me with your words of evil.”

“And you love me for it anyway.”

“I must be crazy in some way, I suppose, because you’re right, I do. Now, let’s look these magazines over and see just how many we keep and how many got details wrong about your life, yes?”

“Sounds like a plan.”

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