There are soft gasps all around as the little group steps into the new library, or at least, the first room of it, the building is brightly lit, thanks to proper light fixtures and the sun pouring into the wide windows. On their left, in a little alcove that Armin can’t really recall seeing there when Eoghan had brought him in to show him the place, there now seems to be an area fit to be used as a wardrobe.

The air is warm as it is bright as they pass coats over to the front of the group, Eoghan and Yael hanging up everything that gets brought up their way. “Usually, I would say we can bring all of your coats deeper in, there’s an area not far from the front desk where workers can drop everything that belongs to them so it doesn’t get lost in with the rest of everyone’s things but for today, since it’s just us and only us, I figured that we could drop our things here.”

“I don’t know that many people will feel comfortable leaving their coats up here but that is a pretty nice idea, Eoghan.”

“Thank you, Armin. I just figured, you know. People in restaurants will leave their coats in places like these when it is coat season so why not here in the library? Keep people from having to lug it around. I’ve also had rugs set up, they can be rolled up and away once the cold season is over, there’s room on the second floor for them. It’ll help dry up boots before folks make it to the library proper, so less tracking of dirt and wet stuff.”

There are little nods and murmurs from the group as they move away from the alcove and past the second set of doors. “If it helps in any way, I did have a couple of cameras set up here in this section since you can’t see into it from the library proper, there are cameras everywhere now as is, you can keep track of what’s happening everywhere.”

Yael holds one of the door open and they all file through, murmuring thank yous in passing as they do. Once everyone is inside, he steps within as well, carefully releasing the door, afraid it might smack shut but to his surprise it eases closed slowly on its own, clicking shut with a quiet sound.

Now there are wide eyes all around as those who had not yet seen the new library—every single one of them but Eoghan had seen the near finished product—saw the new place as it really was. Well the structure was reminiscent of a church, there was nothing to let anyone believe that it had ever been used as such before. There were rows as far as they could see, stacks of boxes everywhere, a small area not far from where they stood designed for comfort where people could read.

Lex groans softly at the sight of all those boxes, having expected quiet a few of them but not that many. He shakes it off, knowing this is for a good cause and that this isn’t about looking through things to check and make sure everything would be kept, it really was just about unpacking everything.

“Now, you’ll notice that there are a few boxes up here by the front desk, those have books that I honestly wasn’t sure about. I didn’t know where they might go in the library and I didn’t want to have them brought out to particular shelves without being sure that this was where they needed to be. I figured Armin would be able to look through those while we started unpacking everything else. It will take us some time and I hope that everyone knows how grateful I am that you all came in to help, it means a lot. There are little step stools every few aisles for those who might need it but when I ordered the new shelving system, I made sure to get shelves that wouldn’t keep books out of the reach of most people. No one honestly wants to have to climb up to get their books.”

Eoghan honestly had expected that it would take them more than a single day to get all the books in place but by early evening, after a light snack has been bought and shared, all the books are where they belonged. Perhaps not in perfect order but they are in their proper area and he knows that will a bit of work over the next few weeks, everything would be exactly as it should have been.

As their group gathered back around the front desk, groans of exhaustion escaping most of them, Eoghan chuckled softly. “I’d like to thank everyone again for coming out here to help with the unpacking, I’m sure we all feel the same way. Today has been absolutely exhausting but we’ve done something great for the community.”

He pauses, surveying their worn faces. He rolls his shoulders lightly to ease the settling stiffness of sore muscles. “As a thank you, I figure I can get us all some take out. We just need to figure what you guys want to eat so that we can call it in to have it prepared. We can either eat it here or head out there, head home.”

“I vote for eating here, whatever it is. That way we don’t have to go anywhere. I ache in ways I didn’t think I could ache anymore and I do this book placing and moving around for a semi-living at this point.” Agni waves his hand lightly, to make sure people know he’s the one talking. He huffs softly at having to do so. Being the shortest one in their group sucks on some days.

“Well usually I’d say no food in the library but I think we can do an exception at least for this once. Though we don’t really have the necessary surface for food.” Armin yawns, rubbing one of his shoulders lightly as he looks around the area. There are tables and chairs in the dead center of the library, shelves of books on either side but he doesn’t really care for the idea of food going anywhere near those tables.

“There’s the table in the middle of the reading corner by the door? There’s room for all of us and we can use one of the empty box and put it down on the table as protection from whatever it is we’re going to eat.”

“That might not actually bad a bad idea, Cyrille.”

“Okay, so we’re set on where we’re eating, what about the food itself?”

There is a silence for a few moments, people thinking about what they could eat though not a word is spoken before Mira seems to break through that moment of quiet. “Pizza?”

Quentin looks to Yael for a moment, a soft snicker escaping him as he remembers that discussion they had had while walking home about why people ate takeout, especially pizza when it was so easy to make home.

There is a moment more of quiet before little nods and agreements come from the rest of the group. “Okay, so pizza it is. I’ll call it in and then get it, unless you’d rather drive down there and get it, Cyrille? It’ll be paid for already and you might just get there faster in your car?”

Cyrille rolls his eyes, a soft chuckle escaping him as he shrugs. “I don’t mind driving to the pizza place to get our order, I’ll go start the car and kick the heat up so it’s toasty warm and our food stays hot while I get there and back with it.”

“Much appreciated, thank you. Now what kind of pizza are we going for?”

Silence again falls and Eoghan shakes his head with an amused sigh. He supposes it can hardly be helped, the whole thing is amusing more than anything else. He blames not a single one of them, the day has been long, after all, rather long.


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